Can the PS5 Play 4K Movies?

No matter if you’re into gaming or want to stream your beloved movies on PS5, this gaming console lets you do so in 4K video quality. Both types of the PlayStation 5, the Standard and Digital versions, support 4K gaming and movie streaming. In addition to that, the Standard edition goes a step further by being able to play 4K Blu-ray discs. In this detailed guide, we have covered everything you need to know about 4K on the PS5.

can ps5 play 4k movies

What is 4K Resolution for Movies? How is it Better Than Other Resolutions?

4K resolution is a video or movie display format that has about four times the number of pixels as Full HD (1080p). It is also termed an Ultra High Definition (UHD) video format, giving the perfect video quality to movie lovers. In practical terms, a 4K movie contains approximately 8 million pixels to provide more detailed images. Moreover, the standard resolution for 4K is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which offers stunning clarity and realism. 

If you compare 4K to lower resolutions like 1080p or 720p, it will have a clear advantage in terms of image quality. Additionally, this quality difference is much clearer on larger screens, where you can notice every detail more distinctly. It’s worth noting that to appreciate 4K resolution fully, you’ll need a compatible 4K TV or monitor. Also, the content you are watching should be made and delivered in 4K movie quality.

what is 4k resolution

Can PlayStation 5 Play 4K movies?

Yes, you can play 4K movies on PlayStation 5, which provides a ray of features that let you play movies in 4K. PS5 has a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive, providing excellent visual quality. If you can pair it with a compatible disc and a 4K television, you can enjoy movies in stunning resolution.

Furthermore, the PS5 serves as more than just a gaming console. It also has multimedia capabilities, enabling the seamless 4K HD Blu-ray content playback. This means you can watch your favorite movies in stunning 4K resolution across diverse platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, expanding your entertainment options beyond gaming experiences.

What are the Requirements to Play 4K Movies on PS5?

PlayStation 5 can support 4K movies, but some requirements need to be met to enjoy such movies. Here are some of the requirements that you need to make for an excellent cinematic movie experience: 

  • 4K resolution TV: You need to ensure your TV is compatible with 4K resolution. It should display 3840 x 2160 pixels for high-quality visuals. This is required to ensure you can enjoy 4K movies on your PS5.    
  • HDMI 2.0: Your TV must have an HDMI 2.0 port. The port is required to transmit movie signals from the PlayStation 5 to the television. 
  • High-Speed HDMI cable: To enjoy a 4K movie experience, you need a high-speed HDMI cable that can support 4K for a smooth transmission. In case you have low-quality HDMI, you will not be able to watch movies in this ultra HD quality. 
  • Blu-ray discs in 4K: If you plan on watching 4K movies on solid media, then make sure you have 4K Ultra Blu-ray discs. The regular Blu-ray disc does not support a 4K movie. 
  • Internet connectivity: The Internet is the basic requirement to stream 4K movies through your PlayStation. Whether you want to watch 4K movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime, a strong internet connection will fulfill your wish. 

How Do I Get My PS5 to Play Movies in 4K Quality?

You must follow these simple steps to play 4K movies on your PlayStation 5. These steps help you enjoy movies in super-clear 4K quality on your gaming console. So, follow these easy instructions, and you’ll have a fantastic 4K movie experience. 

Step 1: Enter the Screen and Video Tab 

After starting your PS5, tap the “Settings” icon in the upper-right corner to begin the process. Then, scroll down and choose the “Screen and Video” option to access the resolution settings on your PlayStation.

choose screen and video option

Step 2: Access the Resolution Settings to Set 4K Movie Quality

Once you have accessed this settings window, navigate to the “Video Output” tab. Here, you must click the “Resolution” button to set the movie quality. Typically, the quality will be set to Automatic. You can switch to “2160p” resolution to ensure 4K quality.

change resolution to 4k

Step 3: Turn On the HDR Option

Within the “Screen and Video” settings, scroll down to the HDR settings. If your TV doesn’t support HDR, it will be automatically turned off. However, if your TV is 4K-capable, be sure to switch it on to optimize your 4K experience.

enable the hdr feature

Why is My PS5 Not Playing in 4K?

So far, we have learned how to set up 4K resolution on your PS5. However, if users follow all these steps and fulfill the requirements, they may still need help to play 4K video on PS5. Multiple factors can affect the function of PS5 for playing games and content in 4K quality, and these factors are discussed below. 

  • In-Compatibility of Media: The in-built quality of the video content can be a significant factor in not showing 4K video on PS5. We have observed that specific videos are not optimized for high resolutions. Some streaming platforms offer 4K resolution in videos but require users’ subscriptions to play it. So, you may need to pay extra to view videos of 4K quality. 
  • Display Device Not Suitable: You might have a monitor or TV that does not support the 4K resolution of the video. In some cases, the display settings may require manual adjustments to display videos in ultra HD quality. 
  • Wrong Use of HDMI: HDMI cable plays a crucial role in playing videos of high quality. If your PS5 is not playing 4K video, there might be a case that you do not use the HDMI cable with the suitable bandwidth. The older designed cables do not function properly with the high-quality resolution video. Also, the length of the cable hinders the transmission of the signal for playing 4K movies. 
  • Faulty PS5 Configuration: You need to access the configuration setting of the PlayStation 5 to enjoy a video in high resolution. It might be the case that your PlayStation is set for default settings and is not permitted to play video in 4K. In order to solve this issue, you can follow the steps given above for playing movies in 4K resolution. 

FAQs Related to 4K Movies on PS5

Q1. Why do certain videos on my PS5 appear in lower resolutions even when my console is configured for 4K resolution?

You may face this issue if the videos are unavailable in 4K resolution. In addition to that, it is possible that the streaming service or source does not support 4K for that particular content. The quality of your internet connection can impact the resolution of streaming videos on your PS5.

Q2. Do I need any specific HDMI type for displaying movies in 4K quality?

Yes, you need HDMI 2.0 for proper transmission of signals, as we have seen in cases when TV and HDMI cables are 4K-compatible, but PlayStation does not display 4K content. The reason behind this issue could be the use of inappropriate cable. You have to ensure that you are using HDMI 2.0 or higher. Also, check for the TV portal for an HDMI cable that will show 4K video.

Q3. What are some common use cases of PS5? 

The PS5 is primarily used for gaming to offer you a wide range of video gaming experiences. It also serves as a multimedia hub, allowing users to stream movies and TV shows in 4K. Additionally, the PS5 supports virtual reality experiences to provide immersive gaming and entertainment options.

Final Words

As discussed throughout the article, PlayStation supports 4K quality while displaying movies. However, you must make some adjustments to ensure you enjoy the videos in the best quality possible. So, if you plan to buy any multimedia to enjoy movies, consider using PS5 to save some extra money. Moreover, follow the instructions provided in this article to enable the 4K feature of your PlayStation 5. 

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