How to Download Shows on YouTube TV

In the age of streaming, convenience is key in entertainment. YouTube TV has revolutionized the way we watch television by offering a wide range of shows and on-demand content. One of the most appreciated features is the ability to download shows, enabling viewers to enjoy their favorite content without the need for a constant internet connection. Whether you’re planning a long trip or just want to save your data plan, downloading shows on YouTube TV is a practical option. The process is straightforward, and once you know how to do it, a whole world of offline viewing is at your fingertips.

how to download shows on youtube tv

Access Your Library

Before you can take your favorite shows on the go, you need to know where to find them. YouTube TV categorizes your saved content in a section called ‘Library.’ Here is where your downloads will live once they’ve been saved for offline viewing.

Detailed Steps

  1. Open the YouTube TV app on your device.
  2. Sign in with your Google account if you’re not already logged in.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Library’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Your recorded shows and movies will be displayed here.


Accessing your Library simplifies the process of keeping track of your downloads. However, it’s important to remember that your ability to download content may be restricted by the storage capacity of your device.

Record a Show

If you want to download a show, you first need to record it to your YouTube TV Library. The cloud DVR feature is a powerful tool that ensures you never miss an episode.

Detailed Steps

  1. Search for the show you wish to download using the search feature on YouTube TV.
  2. Select the show from the search results to visit its details page.
  3. Click on the ‘+ Add to Library’ button to start recording the show to your cloud DVR.


Recording a show sets you up for future downloads. While the upside is having your shows ready when you are, it does require a bit of foresight since you can’t download content that hasn’t been recorded.

Locate Recorded Shows

After recording, locating your shows is essential to initiate the download process.

Detailed Steps

  1. Go to your ‘Library’ after having recorded the show.
  2. Your recorded shows will be grouped under the ‘Shows’ tab.
  3. Select the show you want to download to view all available episodes.


A smoothly organized ‘Library’ allows for effortless browsing of recorded content. Yet, if you have an extensive list of recordings, it might take some time to find the specific episode you’re looking to download.

Select an Episode to Download

Each show may have multiple episodes available for download. You’ll need to choose which ones you want to watch offline.

Detailed Steps

  1. In your ‘Library,’ navigate to the desired show.
  2. Tap on the show to view all recorded episodes.
  3. Find the episode you want to download and select it.


Selecting an episode is simple and user-friendly, enabling you to pick and choose your entertainment. However, downloading multiple episodes at once can be time-consuming.

Start the Download

With your chosen episode in sight, it’s time to begin the actual download process.

Detailed Steps

  1. After selecting an episode, look for the download icon, which usually looks like a downward-facing arrow.
  2. Tap the download icon. The download will start immediately.
  3. Once the download is complete, the icon will change to indicate that the episode is available to watch offline.


The ease of starting a download means you can have your entertainment ready quickly, but this is also dependent on your internet speed and the size of the episode.

Check Download Progress

Keep an eye on your download to know when you can start watching.

Detailed Steps

  1. After initiating the download, a progress bar or status notification will appear.
  2. You can continue to navigate the app or even leave it as the download continues in the background.
  3. You will be notified once the download is complete.


Monitoring progress is straightforward, yet it’s crucial to ensure that the download completes before you go offline.

Manage Downloaded Content

It’s important to keep your downloads organized so that you can easily find them later.

Detailed Steps

  1. Return to the ‘Library’ tab where all downloaded content is stored.
  2. Your downloads will typically be found under a ‘Downloads’ or ‘Available Offline’ section.
  3. From here, you can select and play your downloads directly.


Organization is key, especially if you download frequently. Be aware that downloads usually have a time limit before they expire.

Play a Downloaded Episode

Now, it’s time to enjoy your downloaded shows.

Detailed Steps

  1. In the ‘Library’, go to the ‘Available Offline’ section to see your downloads.
  2. Tap on the episode you want to watch, and it will start playing without the need for an internet connection.


The ability to play content offline is invaluable, especially during travel or in areas with poor connectivity. Just remember to watch your downloads before they disappear.

Remove a Download

After watching, you might want to clear up space by removing downloads.

Detailed Steps

  1. Find the episode in your ‘Available Offline’ section of your Library.
  2. Tap on the options menu (typically three dots or similar) next to the episode you want to delete.
  3. Select ‘Remove Download’ or ‘Delete’ to free up space.


Removing downloads is just as easy as saving them, helping you to manage your device’s space. However, you’ll need to redownload episodes if you want to watch them again later.

Download on Multiple Devices

Detailed Steps

  1. Ensure you are logged into the correct YouTube TV account on the new device.
  2. Follow the same steps as before to find your Library and download episodes.


Watching across different devices is extremely convenient, although you have to be mindful of each device’s available storage.

Understand Download Limits

YouTube TV may have limitations on how much content can be downloaded depending on the package you subscribe to.

Detailed Steps

  1. Check the YouTube TV policy or help section for details on download limits.
  2. Plan your downloads accordingly, especially if you are sharing the account with others.


Knowing these limits helps manage expectations and avoid frustrations if you hit a download cap.


Downloading shows on YouTube TV is a feature that brings additional flexibility and control to your viewing experience. It’s designed to be user-friendly, catering to those who prefer their entertainment served on their schedule. However, being aware of device storage, download limitations, and expiration is crucial to fully benefit from this feature.


Q1: Can I watch downloaded shows on YouTube TV when I’m not connected to the internet?
A1: Yes, once you’ve downloaded shows to your device, you can watch them offline without an internet connection.

Q2: Is there a limit to how many shows I can download on YouTube TV?
A2: Yes, there may be limitations based on your subscription level or the terms set by YouTube TV. Check their policy for specific details.

Q3: Do downloads on YouTube TV expire?
A3: Yes, downloaded content on YouTube TV usually comes with an expiration date after which it will be removed from your device. Be sure to check the details for each download.

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