How to Play Recap on Netflix

Have you ever found yourself ready to dive into the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix, only to realize you can’t remember where things left off? You’re not alone. Netflix includes a handy feature that allows you to watch a recap of previous episodes or seasons, bringing you up to speed before you start your binge-watching session. Below you will find a series of solutions, as well as tips and tricks, on how to make the most of the recap feature on Netflix so that you never feel lost in your favorite storylines again.

how to play recap on netflix

Accessing Recaps Automatically

When a new season of a series is released on Netflix, the platform often provides a short recap of the previous season to catch viewers up. This feature can kick in automatically, but it relies on certain conditions.


  1. Open Netflix on your streaming device or browser.
  2. Navigate to the show you want to catch up on.
  3. Start playing the first episode of the new season.
  4. If available, Netflix should automatically play the recap before the episode begins.
  5. Watch the recap to refresh your memory about the key events from the previous season.


The automatic recap feature is convenient as it requires minimal effort and delivers a quick rundown of past events. However, not all shows provide this option, and some viewers may inadvertently skip these recaps without meaning to.

Manually Finding Show Recaps

Sometimes recaps are not automatically offered, or you may want to revisit a recap of a specific episode or season.


  1. Search for the show’s title on Netflix.
  2. Look at the episodes list for the latest season.
  3. Often, the first episode or a separate clip is labeled as a “Recap.”
  4. Select and play it to watch the summary of past events.


Manually searching for recaps gives you control over what you watch and when. The downside is that it requires a bit more navigation and recaps might not be clearly labeled or available for all shows.

Using Netflix’s “Trailers & More” Section

Netflix often includes recaps and additional content under a section specifically for trailers and extras.


  1. Find your show’s main page on Netflix.
  2. Navigate to the “Trailers & More” section.
  3. Look for any content labeled as a recap.
  4. Select and play the recap of your choice.


This section provides a centralized place to find recaps and other special content, offering a deeper dive into your favorite shows. However, not every series includes this section, and the recaps may not cover every past season.

Adjusting Playback Options

If you find the automatic recap too fast or too slow, you can adjust playback speed to better suit your needs.


  1. Start playing the recap on Netflix.
  2. Access the playback settings (typically found at the bottom of the screen).
  3. Adjust the speed by selecting the option to increase or decrease it.
  4. Continue watching the recap at your preferred pace.


Controlling playback speed personalizes your viewing experience, allowing you to catch more details or save time. The downside is that changing the setting each time could be inconvenient for some viewers.

Skipping Recaps

If you have a strong memory of events and prefer not to watch recaps, skipping them is also an option.


  1. When a recap starts playing automatically, look for the “Skip Recap” button.
  2. Click this button to bypass the recap and start with the new episode content immediately.


Skipping recaps can save time if you’re eager to get to the latest episode’s content. On the flip side, you risk missing out on key reminders that could enhance your understanding of new developments.

Checking Your Viewing History

Sometimes you might need to remind yourself of where you left off before you even think about recaps.


  1. Go to Netflix’s website on a web browser.
  2. Access your account settings.
  3. Navigate to the “Viewing Activity” section.
  4. Review your watch history to pinpoint where you stopped watching the series.


Reviewing your viewing history can provide context before watching a recap. It’s especially helpful if you’ve watched multiple episodes or series since your last viewing. The limitation here is that Netflix doesn’t provide history details on mobile or TV apps.

Using Episode Descriptions

Another way to jog your memory is by reading episode descriptions for previous seasons.


  1. Navigate to the show on Netflix.
  2. Scroll through the episode list, reading the synopsis for each episode.
  3. This can help you recall specific events and characters without watching a full video recap.


This method is useful for those who prefer reading to watching video content. However, descriptions may not be as comprehensive as video recaps.

Creating a Custom Watch List

Organizing your shows into a custom watch list can remind you to view recaps.


  1. Click the “+” icon or “Add to My List” button on any show you wish to watch later.
  2. From “My List,” prioritize watching recaps before starting new episodes or seasons.


A customized watch list can be helpful in planning your viewing schedule, including recaps. The drawback is it requires a proactive approach and doesn’t help with finding recaps.

Exploring Netflix’s “New & Popular” Section

Netflix’s “New & Popular” tab sometimes features sections dedicated to updated shows, which could include links to recaps.


  1. Go to the “New & Popular” section on Netflix.
  2. Browse to see if there are any highlighted recaps or updates for your show.
  3. Select any recap options presented to catch up quickly.


This method offers a chance to find curated recaps for trending shows. However, it relies on Netflix’s editorial choices and may not cover all available shows.

Contacting Netflix Support

If you’re really struggling to find recaps, Netflix’s customer support can guide you.


  1. Visit the Help Center on the Netflix website or use the customer service option in the app.
  2. Reach out with your query about finding recaps.
  3. Follow the guidance provided by customer support staff.


Direct help from support staff can answer specific questions about recaps. This approach, though, may feel more time-consuming compared to the self-service options.


Netflix recaps offer a flexible and user-friendly way to stay up-to-date with your favorite series. Whether integrated automatically or accessed through manual search, these summaries provide a valuable tool for enhancing your viewing experience. As each series and viewing preference is unique, remember that there are multiple options available to suit different needs. Should you encounter any issues, a wide array of Netflix resources is at your disposal to ensure you don’t miss a beat.


Q: Can I rewatch a recap on Netflix?

A: Yes, recaps can usually be rewatched as many times as you like. Look for them under the show’s episode list, in the “Trailers & More” section, or contact Netflix support if you can’t find them.

Q: Are recaps for all Netflix series automatically available?

A: No, recaps are not automatically available for every series. Availability can vary depending on the show’s popularity, release schedule, and if the creators have provided one.

Q: Is there a way to personalize the recap experience on Netflix?

A: While Netflix does not offer personalized recap creation, you can tailor your recap experience by manually searching for the recaps, adjusting playback settings, and using the “Trailers & More” section to choose the content you want to review.

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