How to Use Xbox Controller on PS5


Gaming is all about comfort, preference, and sometimes, playing with a bit of style. If you’re an Xbox controller enthusiast but also own a PlayStation 5 (PS5), you might wonder if you can get the best of both worlds. Well, you’re in luck! While not straightforward, it’s possible to use your trusty Xbox controller on your PS5. This guide will walk you through various methods to connect your Xbox controller to your PS5, offering practical tips and tricks along the way. Let’s dive in and unlock the cross-console gaming experience.

how to use xbox controller on ps5

Using a Third-Party Adapter

Connecting an Xbox controller to a PS5 involves using third-party accessories, as the two consoles have different wireless communication protocols.


A third-party adapter acts as a bridge between the Xbox controller and the PS5. These devices convert the signal from the controller into something the PS5 can understand.

Detailed Steps

  1. Purchase a Compatible Adapter: Look for adapters designed to work with PS5 and Xbox controllers, like the Brook Wingman XB or the Titan Two.

  2. Update the Adapter Firmware: Before use, connect the adapter to a PC and ensure it has the latest firmware installed. This guarantees optimal performance and compatibility.

  3. Connect the Adapter to PS5: Plug the adapter into one of the USB ports on your PS5.

  4. Pair the Xbox Controller: Follow the adapter’s instructions to pair your Xbox controller. This usually involves pressing a button on the adapter and the sync button on the Xbox controller.

  5. Verify Connection: Once paired, the Xbox controller should be recognized as a PS5 controller. Check that all buttons are functioning properly.

Benefits and Downsides

This method lets you use your preferred controller with the PS5, which can enhance your gaming experience. However, adapters can be pricey, and there’s always the risk of input lag or other performance issues.

Assign the Xbox Controller as a Generic Gamepad

Some adapters may register the Xbox controller as a generic gamepad instead of a PS5 controller.


Using the Xbox controller as a generic gamepad may mean some PS5-specific features won’t be available. Still, for many games, this setup is more than enough for a great gaming session.

Detailed Steps

  1. Initiate the Adapter’s Gamepad Mode: Consult the adapter’s manual to see if it supports a generic gamepad mode, and how to activate it.

  2. Pair the Controller: Connect your Xbox controller to the adapter as you would in gamepad mode.

  3. Configure Game Controls: Within the game settings, adjust the controls to match the layout of the Xbox controller for better familiarity.

Benefits and Downsides

While this method may allow you to play more games, the absence of certain PS5 controller features, like haptic feedback, can detract from the immersive experience of some games.

Use Remote Play with an Xbox Controller

Remote Play allows you to stream your PS5 to another device and use any compatible controller connected to that device.


By streaming your PS5 to a PC or mobile device, you can use any controller supported by that device, including your Xbox controller.

Detailed Steps

  1. Set Up PS Remote Play: On your PS5, enable Remote Play by going to Settings > System > Remote Play and turning it on.

  2. Install the Remote Play App: Download the PS Remote Play app on your PC or mobile device.

  3. Connect the Xbox Controller to Your Device: Use a USB cable or Bluetooth to connect the Xbox controller to the device with Remote Play.

  4. Start Remote Play: Open the app, sign in to your PlayStation Network account, and select your PS5 to start streaming.

Benefits and Downsides

Remote Play lets you use your Xbox controller without additional hardware. However, your gaming experience may suffer due to network latency, and the PS5 must be turned on and connected to the internet.

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