How to Pair Onn Remote [Step by Step]

With its universality and advanced technology, Onn has simplified the seamless control of up to six devices. From television to soundbars and gaming consoles, it efficiently elevates the user experience with simple command and control features. After pairing and programming, the remote enables you to control diverse devices regardless of their models.

However, one critical aspect of a successful connection is pairing the remote efficiently to avoid the associated risks. With different Onn remote models, the method is applicable universally because of its universal nature. 

How to Pair the Onn Remote?

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The diversity and universal nature of the Onn remotes is the reason to connect and control multiple devices with simple commands. For the Android remotes, the remote can be secured by pairing it with the device. 

However, Onn universal remote controls need to be programmed initially before a seamless connection. Hereunder enlisted the most straightforward step-by-step guide for efficient pairing and minimizing the issues.

Step 1- Preparing for the connection

  • Onn automatically sends signals near the compatible device to develop a connection.
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  • However, to enter the remote into “Pairing Mode,” hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds until the pairing window appears on the television.
  • For the ONN stick, insert the “pin” carefully inside the side hole for a few seconds until the pairing mode window appears on the screen.

Step 2- Pairing the Remote

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  • After that, press two connection buttons, the “Home button and Back arrow button,” simultaneously.
  • The remote must be facing toward the source and keep holding for a few seconds until “connected successfully” appears on the screen.

Step 3- Testing the Remote

  • Ensure that your remote is working smoothly by testing the volume and changing the channels. 
  • If it’s not working, unpair your remote and repeat the procedure. However, programming of the remote becomes essential after pairing the remote.

Note: The key to a successful connection is always ensuring that you have premium-quality batteries. Often, one or both batteries become dead, or just taking them out for half a minute will refresh them and remove connection problems.

After pairing the remote, it’s essential to develop a connection between the remote and your device by setting the programs. Because of their diversity and versatility, they require crucial codes whenever working with a newer link.

How to Program the ONN Remote?

Whenever connecting a new device compatible with the Onn universal remote, it requires simple programming. With this, it develops the connection to connect and control multiple devices with a simple step. For this, specific codes are required that can be entered manually or automatically.

Note: Before pairing the remote with the device, navigate and separate the code according to the model. Also, these codes can be used for every brand’s model and different remote types, which develop their universality.

  1. Direct Code Entry

Before programming, keep the set of specific device codes separately because if any of them do not work, then it’s best to switch to the next. After locating the code, it can be added simply by following the step-by-step guide:

Step 1- Set up the device

  • First, turn on the device like a TV or DVD, then point the Onn remote toward it.
  • Also, ensure the device is not on standby mode and works efficiently.

Step 2- Set up the remote

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  • After that, please enter the name of the device you are trying to pair by clicking it from the remote.
  • Press the “TV” for television, and the power button will blink, describing that it’s ready to pair.
  • Then press and hold the “Setup” button for a few seconds until the power button LED red indicator appears.
  • For some models, the Indicator light will make the device’s button blink twice.

Step 3- Entering the code

  • After ensuring the device is ready for connection, enter the first four digits of specific brands, such as LG 1840.
  • Then, the light will blink twice after entering the correct code, and if it’s incorrect, you have to repeat the process.
  • To check the code’s validity, aim the remote towards the device and click the “Power” button or “Play or Pause” button.

The remote will save the code, and it can be seamlessly connected to the same device after unpairing the device. 

  1. SimpleSet (or Code Searching Method)
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Onn SimpleSet or automatic code searching method makes them premium if you cannot navigate or codes not working efficiently. So, it follows the same procedure but with fewer modifications:

Step 1- Set up the device

  • First, turn on the device that you want to connect and ensure that it’s not in standby mode.
  • Point the remote toward the source and click on the appropriate button if connecting “TV,” then select the TV button on the remote.

Step 2- Setting the remote

  • Then press and hold the “Setup” button until the device’s button blinks twice, or, for some models, the “Power Button” LED indicator light pops up.
  • Click on the “Input” button at the top of the remote and select “Category,” and it will start sending the codes.

Note: For the SimpleSet method, there is a definite set of compatible devices and sub-categorized as models. For instance, if connecting the TV, there is a list of brands like LG or Apple TV with their numbers.

Step 3- Using the Code

  • After selecting the models’ compatible numbers, it will send the codes every three seconds.
  • When appropriate codes appear, the TV will show the signs by blinking and immediately press the “OK” button.

Step 4- Check the code

  • “TV” will quickly power off with the correct code, but for Apple TV, “play or pause” the streaming to check the remote’s control.
  • If the remote cannot completely control the device, it’s better to switch to the first step until the perfect code comes.

The Onn universal remote has different models, and some types have no numbering digits, which makes it difficult to enter the codes manually. However, it can be understood by the following images when entering the code for developing the connection.

image 101

Note: Whether you are using the SimpleSet or Direct Code method, Onn provides a set of codes to change the code for better functionality. 

During the whole process, ensure that you have working batteries because if there’s an insufficient power supply, the remote will stop working. Also, the error will pop up when entering the codes, so it’s necessary to change or keep batteries out for some time before pairing.

How to reset the Android Onn TV Remote?

It happens that the Onn Android remote stops working, and it blinks a red light when clicking on the button. It’s specifically designed to connect with televisions, and it will disconnect automatically because of the above-enlisted issues.

  • Overheating the Onn Box is the primary reason, making it easier to reconnect the remote if the problem is resolved.
  • Unstable or damaged batteries will stop the working of the remote control.
  • And, if using two connected remotes simultaneously, then Onn will stop, and other TV remotes will take over the control.

So, fixing this problem requires following the methods for seamless and uniform device control. 

Method 1- Solving the Overheating issue

  • First, disassemble the Onn box unit and remove the dual-purpose BT/ Wi-Fi assembly.
  • With this, it will remove the issue with solder joints and start working efficiently without any problems.
  • However, remove the ONN box, cover it with an ice pack, and place it around it, then wait for a few minutes and let it cool.
  • After that, pair the remote again with your device, and it will stop the red light indicator issue.

Method 2- Unpair and Pair 

Intentionally or unintentionally, when using two different universal remote controls simultaneously, it will switch the Onn Box to “Safe Mode.” Also, the remote status will still appear as “Paired” but will not function, and a red light will pop up. So, it’s recommended to “Unpair” and then forcefully pair again from the following method:

Step 1- Unpair

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  • From your TV settings, click the “Remote & Accessories” section.
image 103
  • Then click on the “Onn-Remote” and select “Unpair” the remote.

Step 2- Pair the Remote

  • From the Onn Box, press and hold the side key for a few seconds until the “Pairing Mode” screen appears on the TV.
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  • Then press “Home and Back Arrow Key” for five to ten seconds and leave it after “Successfully connected” appears.
  • And start working with the remote to check for its controls, and if it is still missing the functions, then repeat the process.

Method 3- Change the batteries

The remote’s power source is an important aspect, and if the batteries are not supplying efficient power, then it will not function. Sometimes, taking them out for about twenty seconds will solve the problem, but it’s best if the current batteries are changed with premium brands.


Onn remotes have cherished flawless communication between technologies by allowing the control of multiple devices. Their transformative way of pairing and programming with compatible devices develops their universality. However, connecting this seamless technology with devices requires understanding them efficiently to avoid associated risks.

Getting an Onn remote provides endless power with its diversity and reliability to control your devices precisely. So, understanding their working ability and solving the related issues will unlock the full potential of your home entertainment.

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