Why Can’t I Deactivate My Instagram?

Social media is quite addictive, which results in people spending too much time on platforms like Instagram at the expense of other vital activities. You may want to regain control of your time by deactivating your social accounts. In addition, constant exposure to these social platforms compels you to idealized versions of other people’s lives on Instagram. 

Deactivating your account in such situations will save you from a negative impact on your mental health. Considering all such situations, many users delete or deactivate their Instagram accounts to give themselves a break. Numerous individuals encounter difficulties when attempting to accomplish this task because of errors or technical glitches. This article will explore these issues in detail and provide simple solutions to resolve them.

deactivate the instagram account

Does Instagram Prevent Account Deactivation?

Instagram doesn’t prevent you from deactivating your account, but you might encounter difficulties when trying to temporarily step away from this social media platform. All these problems may arise because of the interface of Instagram or technical issues in the platform system. 

Recently, people have reported some issues while trying to deactivate their social handles. Some individuals have encountered glitches and problems that hinder their ability to deactivate their accounts. Conversely, others struggle because they have trouble locating the “deactivate account” option.

Why Do People Disable Their Instagram Accounts?

As discussed earlier, many are struggling with the addition of social media nowadays. However, some decide to go against the flow and break this chain of addiction by deactivating their social handles. Let’s analyze some common reasons why people choose to deactivate their Instagram accounts. 

  • Privacy Concerns: Some users may become concerned about their privacy and decide to temporarily deactivate their account to limit their online presence. By doing so, they will save themselves from the eyes of the hackers trying to ruin their image. 
  • Mental Health Break: Social media can be overwhelming, and people may choose to deactivate their accounts to take a break from the constant stream of content. All the pretentious lifestyles shown on Instagram can ruin your mental health, so deactivating is the way to go.  
  • Online Harassment: If an individual encounters harassment or bullying on Instagram, they may choose to deactivate their account to avoid the harmful interactions.
  • Temporary Reason: Users may choose temporary account deactivation during time-sensitive periods, such as exams or vacations. This provides them with an opportunity to minimize digital distractions to concentrate on the work at hand. 

Reasons Preventing Deactivation of Your Instagram Account

In case you are also trying to deactivate your Instagram account, you may face one of the following challenges while doing so. 

1. Pending Posts or Comments on Instagram 

Deactivating your account won’t be possible if you have any posts or comments that are still pending. Hence, you have to clear all pending posts and comments before proceeding with the deactivation of your account from Instagram.

2. Violation of Instagram Terms and Conditions

If you’ve breached Instagram’s terms of use, your account might have been disabled. During this period, deactivation won’t be an option available for you. Thus, you should first address the reasons behind your account’s disabling before trying to deactivate it.

3. Account Hacked from External Source

If your account is hacked, you might not have the ability to deactivate it. Therefore, users have to secure their accounts before attempting deactivation.

4. Instagram Servers Down

At times, users may face technical glitches that put challenges in front of the deactivation process. In such a situation, you should wait until the servers are operational again before retrying.

5. Connection to Other Social Platforms

The issue you’re encountering during the deactivation of your Instagram account could be attributed to the integration of other apps with your Instagram account.

How to Fix the Instagram Deactivation Issues? 

If you are not able to deactivate your Instagram account due to any of the reasons explained above, we have the right solutions for you. Let’s go over these common fixes to deactivate the Instagram account successfully:

Fix 1: Wait for Some Days if You Have Previously Deactivated Account

If you’ve previously deactivated your Instagram account, you may face trouble deactivating it again. Instagram has restrictions in place, allowing you to deactivate your account only once a week temporarily. Therefore, Instagram won’t permit another deactivation just a week after the previous one. If you want to resolve this issue, you’ll need to wait for a full seven days from your last deactivation. 

Fix 2: Make Use of Instagram Website 

If the Instagram app is experiencing issues, you can use the website of the platform to deactivate your account. 

Step 1. First, you have to log onto the Instagram website on your laptop or computer to start fixing this issue. Afterward, you can tap on the “Profile” icon on the left side of your screen and then on the “Gear” button to access the “Settings and Privacy” option.

tap settings and privacy

Step 2. Then, from the settings option, tap “See more in Account Centre” and access the “Personal Details” settings. Next, click on the “Account Ownership and Control” option and choose the “Deactivation or Deletion” feature.

choose the instagram account

Step 3. Following this, enable the “Deactivate Account” option and press the “Continue” button. Instagram will ask you to enter your password to continue with the process of deactivating the account.

press the continue button

Fix 3: Disconnect from Other Integrated Apps

Your difficulty in deactivating your Instagram account could be due to linked apps. These apps often require your Instagram account to remain active, hindering deactivation. To resolve this, you should disconnect these third-party apps and websites by following these steps. 

Step 1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile to kickstart this process. Then, access your profile section and tap on the “Three Horizontal” lines in the top-right corner.

tap the more icon

Step 2. Now, tap on the “Settings” option and navigate to enter the “Privacy” settings. Finally, enter the “Apps and Websites” option to remove each app linked to your Instagram account.

choose apps and websites settings

How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Instagram Account?

Temporarily deactivating your Instagram account hides everything on your profile, such as photos, likes, and comments. They’ll remain hidden until you reactivate your account by logging in again. It’s like a short break from Instagram to enjoy the offline world. The steps below will make this process easy for you.

Step 1. First, open the Instagram app on your mobile and tap the “Profile” icon in the lower-right corner. Then, press the “More” icon to reach a new pop-up window containing several options. On top of this menu, you will see the “Settings” option to access the Instagram settings. Then, tap the “See More in Accounts Centre” option from the “Accounts Centre” section.

 access see more in account centre

Step 2. After reaching this new window, hit the “Personal Details” section and choose the “Account Ownership and Control” option to reach a new window. Here, you will be able to see the memorialization and deactivation settings.

tap account ownership and control

Step 3. Now, you can choose the “Deactivation or Deletion” option to reveal a list of accounts associated with the Instagram app. On this window, select the account you wish to temporarily deactivate by tapping on it. Then, check the “Deactivate Account” option and click on the “Continue” button to proceed with other verification processes to deactivate your Instagram account.

continue with account deactivation

FAQs Related to Instagram Account Deactivation

Q1. Can I reactivate my Instagram account?

If you’ve recently deactivated your Instagram account and wish to rejoin the platform, Instagram does offer this option. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Instagram recommends waiting at least 24 hours after deactivation before attempting to reactivate your account.

Q2. Will Instagram notify my followers after the deactivation? 

No, your followers won’t receive notifications if you deactivate your Instagram account. Deactivation secretly hides your profile, photos, comments, and likes from other users, including your followers.

Q3. Does my Instagram get deleted after 30 days of deletion request? 

Yes, once your Instagram account is deleted for 30 days, all your profile content will be permanently erased, and recovery becomes impossible. During this period, your content remains invisible to other users on the platform.

Q4. What else can users do to take a break from Instagram without deactivating their account?

If deactivation isn’t your choice, consider muting unwanted accounts or using an app limiter to control usage. You can also temporarily delete the app without risking your account; just make sure to save your password for reinstalling.


You all deserve a little break from the stressful environment promoted on social media platforms. Now that you know everything related to the Instagram account deactivation, apply this knowledge to avoid any issues in the future. With the help of these simple methods, anyone can avoid the challenges they are facing while deactivating their account.  

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