Duplicate Sweeper Review: An Affordable and Easy to Use Duplicate Finder

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Effectiveness (4.2/5): Find and clean duplicate files quickly.

Price (4.5/5): $20 for lifetime use is affordable than most similar software.

Ease of Use (4.5/5): Only a few clicks are needed to complete the task.

Support (5/5): Support for contact forms and live chat customer service.


What should I do if there are a great number of duplicate pictures, videos, and documents on my computer? Is there a tool that can quickly clean up duplicate files? Today I will introduce a duplicate file cleaning tool that can satisfy most users.

Duplicate Sweeper is a duplicate file cleaning tool developed by Wide Angle Software. It’s perfect for the novices to clean up duplicate documents, pictures, videos, and audio. The software is easy to use and affordable. I have conducted an in-depth review of this software, so let’s take a look at it.

What is Duplicate Sweeper?

It is a simple and easy to use duplicate file cleaning software. It can quickly find and clean duplicate files on your computer. It supports both Windows and Mac. It offers a user-friendly design that allows even novices to quickly get started with it.

Besides finding and cleaning duplicate files in local folders, it even supports Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox folders.

It uses an advanced duplicate finding algorithm, so the search results are very accurate. And it’s fast.

What I Like

Easy to use.

Affordable prices.

Support for quickly adding common folders.

Supports file preview.

What I Don’t Like

There are fewer options for quickly selecting duplicate files.

Scanning entire partitions is not supported.

Who Should Get It?

This software is more suitable for home users who clean up less important pictures, documents, videos, and music files. On the one hand, it is easy to use and has friendly customer service, if you have any problems, you can always get help from the official customer service. On the other hand, it is affordable, costing only $20 for permanent use.

If you are an office worker, video editor, or photographer with more needs, it is better to look for a tool with more options, such as Easy Duplicate Finder, which supports advanced filtering options.

Is Duplicate Sweeper Free?

No, it’s a paid software, it costs $20 per PC for lifetime use. This price is affordable. However, if you only consider the features, there are some free duplicate file cleaners on the market to choose from such as dupeguru, but it doesn’t provide any customer service, if you encounter any problems, you may have to fix them by yourself.

Is It Duplicate Sweeper Safe?

Yes, this software is safe, first of all, Wide Angle Software is a British software company with a long history. Then I scanned it with Virustotal, an online virus scanning tool, and it passed all the major antivirus tests. Also after downloading and installing I ran a scan through my computer’s Windows Defender and it showed that it was safe.

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Besides, this duplicate file cleaner will only scan your files, and it will not make any modification operation on them. You don’t need to worry that this software will accidentally delete some of your important files, after all, you can still get them back in the Recycle Bin.

What’s In It for You? Hands-on Testings

First, you download Duplicate Sweeper from the official website and then install and launch it, the whole process is very easy. Once you get to the main interface of the software, you can drag folders to the main area in the middle or click the Add Folder button to scan and clean them.

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Note that in use I found that clicking the Add Folder button only adds folders individually, so if you have multiple folders, your best bet is to drag them directly into the main interface. This is one thing I found inconvenient.

Another thing is that this software doesn’t support scanning the whole partition, like C or D drive. You can only add folders, otherwise, it will show a warning error window.

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On the right side of the main interface, you can check and quickly add Desktop, Favorites, Documents, Pictures, Music, or Contact folders.

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Once you have added them, you can click on the Start Duplicate Search button in the upper right corner and the software will automatically scan these folders, as well as all the files in their subfolders. The scanning is fast, and for thousands of files, it is done in a dozen seconds.

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Once the scan is complete, a wizard window will pop up and you can click on the video play button in the middle of the window to learn more about how to clean up these duplicate files. Or you can close the window and start the cleaning process directly.

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Considering that the software is simple, you can just skip the part of the video on the playback and go directly to the process.

The main area of the scan results screen will have three columns, the first column will show the disk space occupied by each file type. The first column shows the amount of space occupied by each file type and a pyramid-shaped visualization.

Then in the middle, it will show the groups of duplicate files. After you click on any group, the files contained in that group are displayed in column 3, and there is a file preview window at the bottom, but I found that I can only preview some common image and audio/video formats, such as jpg, png, mp3, wav, etc.

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Okay, next you can perform some quick selection. You can either click the Keep All Newest Files button on the toolbar, or you can do a quick selection under Duplicates in the menu bar.

The Duplicates menu supports the option to keep the newest, oldest, earliest modified, and latest modified files.

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In addition to the quick selection, you can also do it manually, by manually selecting the checkboxes for each grouping, that is, in column 3.

After selection, the number of files that will be cleaned in that group is displayed in a red block to the left of the file name in the duplicate file grouping column. The number to the right of the red block indicates the total number of files contained in that group.

Finally, you can click on the Recycle Selected Duplicates button. Then the next screen will show you a list of all the duplicate files that you have checked.

You can review these files further and once confirms, you can click the Recycle Duplicates button. These files will be moved to the Recycle Bin, so you can also retrieve them in the Recycle Bin.

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Then let’s look at some of the additional settings that this software offers. In the General tab, you can also make some language selections, 4 languages are supported here.

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Then the Search Options tab provides two duplicate file finding modes, one identifying the content and the other identifying the file name. However, the file name based recognition is not recommended here, as it can lead to many false identifications.

For example, an image and a document with the same file name will be recognized as duplicate files.

You can then also choose to limit the size of the files searched and add some specific file types.

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Then in the Exclude File Types tab, you will see that some uncommon file types have been added by default, of course, if you wish to exclude more file types you can enter and add them here on the right.

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Then in the Removing Duplicates tab, you can choose to delete empty folders and the location where these duplicate folders will be cleaned up, the default is Recycle Bin.

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The software is easy to use and can do basic cleaning of duplicate files. It is particularly suitable if you do not need to do complicated filtering or if the files are not particularly important.

The Reasons Behind My Ratings

Effectiveness (4.2/5): The entire duplicate file cleanup was done in basically three steps. So it’s efficient. However, for the quick selection of duplicate files, there are few options, and more often than not I need to make further manual selections. I think this piece can be improved.

Price (4.5/5): $20 for lifetime use is still a good deal. Although it is not particularly feature-rich. But for many ordinary users. Basically it can meet the needs.

Ease of Use (4.5/5): This software is suitable for novice users. For most people, you can use it smoothly for the first time. But a few small designs can be further optimized, such as the final cleanup operation, which you have to confirm twice.

Support (5/5): Its customer service is excellent, as its website has not only a detailed guide but also a YouTube video guide. The official support page also provides a lot of guidance, including registration and activation and software tips, and you can also contact it through the contact form and social media. For more pressing questions, you can even contact it through the live chat customer service.

Duplicate Sweeper Alternatives

AuslogicsDuplicate File Finder: This software is a free duplicate file cleaner developed by Auslogics. It supports folder or partition scanning. It also supports filtering options for file size and type. It’s easy to use. But this software bundled other products from Auslogics, so you need to remember to uncheck the options when you install it, otherwise, it will also install these software at the same time.

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Easy Duplicate Finder: This software is one of the best duplicate cleaners I have found in the market. It offers many powerful features. The design is user-friendly, supporting not only one-click cleanup mode but also an advanced mode to meet the needs of both novice and advanced users. The only drawback is that the price will be more expensive, $39.95 per year.

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DuplicateCleaner Pro: This software is the most powerful and complex duplicate file cleaner on the market today. It has sophisticated file filtering options that can quickly help you to filter all kinds of duplicate files. It also supports finding similar images and music fingerprinting. The only drawback is that it is not friendly for novice users, you need to spend some time reading its guide to get started more smoothly.

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In general, it is a moderate duplicate file cleaner. The software is easy to use overall. For cleaning duplicate pictures, videos, music, and documents, it can basically meet the needs.

However, there are a few improvements that can be made, such as the quick selection option for duplicate files, which is still less compared to similar software. The interaction logic and small designs could be improved.

For example, it does not yet support scanning of the entire partition and the interface style is a bit outdated. But considering its price it’s still advantageous, as many similar software are paid annually and are much more expensive than this. So if you are just doing some basic cleaning and want good customer service, then this is the one you need.

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