How to Bypass Family Link

Google’s Family Link is an app that allows parents to monitor and control their children’s device usage. While it offers a suite of tools for managing screen time and content, there might be legitimate reasons why someone would need to bypass the restrictions—such as gaining access when you’ve come of age or in cases of emergency where access to certain features is essential. It’s important to note that the ability to bypass Family Link should be exercised responsibly and usually with the consent of the family member who set it up.

how to bypass family link

Use the Device’s Built-In Settings

In some cases, the solution might be as simple as using the settings already present on your device.

  1. Access your device’s settings. Navigate to the settings icon typically found on your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Find Users & Accounts settings. Scroll through the settings menu to find ‘Users & Accounts’ or a similar section.
  3. Remove the Google Account. Try to remove the Google Account associated with Family Link to sever the link between the device and the app.

Summary: This method may not work for newer versions of Family Link or Android, but it can be a simple, non-technical way to attempt bypassing Family Link. The downside is that it may not be effective for everyone.

Factory Reset the Device

A factory reset will erase all data on the device and can remove parental controls, but it’s a drastic measure.

  1. Back up important data. Ensure photos, contacts, and other important data are backed up.
  2. Access the Recovery Mode. You’ll typically do this by holding down certain buttons while the device starts up.
  3. Select ‘Factory Reset’. Use the volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select.

Summary: This method will bypass Family Link but results in the loss of all data. It’s effective but should be used as a last resort.

Install a Third-Party App

Certain apps claim to disable or bypass parental controls like Family Link.

  1. Research reliable apps. Look for apps with positive reviews and credible recommendations.
  2. Install the third-party app. Follow the app’s instructions for installation and use it to attempt to disable Family Link.
  3. Monitor the results. See if the app successfully bypasses the restrictions set by Family Link.

Summary: Third-party apps might offer a solution, but they can also pose security risks or harm the device’s operation. Use with caution.

Use Safe Mode

Safe Mode can temporarily disable apps, which may include Family Link.

  1. Enter Safe Mode. You often do this by holding down the power button and then long-pressing the ‘Power Off’ option.
  2. Use the device without restrictions. In Safe Mode, check if the device’s restrictions are lifted.
  3. Exit Safe Mode. Restart the device to return to normal operation.

Summary: While Safe Mode can provide temporary respite from Family Link, it’s a short-term solution and restrictions will resume upon restarting the device.

Update the Child’s Age

Google may automatically remove Family Link controls when the child reaches a certain age.

  1. Update the child’s Google Account information. Log in and modify the birth date to reflect an age above the applicable limit.
  2. Wait for Google to update. It may take a little time for Google’s systems to register the change and remove restrictions.

Summary: This method relies on Google’s protocols and is dependent on the account settings updating appropriately, which may take time.

Remove the Device’s Profile

Removing the profile associated with Family Link may disable it.

  1. Navigate to Settings. Find the ‘Users & Accounts’ section.
  2. Select the profile to remove. Choose the profile associated with Family Link and remove it.
  3. Confirm the removal. Follow prompts to remove the profile entirely.

Summary: This method can have mixed results, especially if Family Link’s settings prevent the profile from being easily removed.

Create a New Google Account

By creating a new Google Account, you might sidestep Family Link.

  1. Create a new Google Account. Follow Google’s process for account creation.
  2. Add the new account to the device. Go to ‘Users & Accounts’ and add this new Google Account.
  3. Switch to the new account for device usage.

Summary: This method bypasses Family Link by moving to a different account not monitored by the app, potentially negating parental controls entirely.

Uninstall Family Link

Directly uninstalling Family Link can remove restrictions, though this may not always be possible.

  1. Access the Family Link app settings. Navigate to the app setting in your device.
  2. Attempt to uninstall the app. If the option is available, select ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Disable’.
  3. Follow any additional prompts to complete the uninstallation process.

Summary: This straightforward approach is often blocked by the app’s built-in protections, but it’s worth trying.

Contact Google Support

Seeking out Google Support can provide a legitimate solution.

  1. Reach out to Google Support. Navigate to Google’s support page and request assistance.
  2. Explain the situation. Provide a clear reason for why you need to bypass Family Link.
  3. Follow the given instructions.

Summary: This method ensures compliance with Google’s policies and can effectively remove Family Link with proper justification.

Parental Permission and Supervision

Ultimately, the most straightforward way may be through open communication with the parent or guardian who set up Family Link.

  1. Discuss the need to bypass Family Link. Present your reasons to the parent or guardian.
  2. Gain permission. Obtain their consent to make changes.
  3. Bypass Family Link together. Follow any of the previously mentioned methods with their help.

Summary: This is potentially the safest and most legitimate method, fostering trust and open communication. However, it depends entirely on the consent and cooperation of the parent or guardian.


Exploring methods to bypass Google’s Family Link can range from simple settings adjustments to more involved processes like factory resets or seeking support from Google. Each option comes with its own set of benefits and potential drawbacks. Users must carefully consider the implications of such actions and strive for a responsible approach, ideally involving the consent of the parental or guardian figures who originally set up the Family Link.


Q: Can I bypass Family Link without my parents knowing?
A: While it may technically be possible to bypass Family Link without parental knowledge, it is generally not advisable due to the potential breach of trust and violating the intended purpose of the app.

Q: What happens if I uninstall Family Link?
A: If you successfully uninstall Family Link, the restrictions it imposed on your device will be lifted. However, if the app is not properly uninstalled, the device may still be subject to some restrictions.

Q: Will a factory reset remove Family Link from my device?
A: Yes, a factory reset will remove all apps, including Family Link, and their associated data from your device. However, note that a factory reset will also erase all other data and should be considered a last resort.

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