How to Change a Cell Phone Number for Free

Have you ever felt the need to start afresh, maybe because you’re receiving too many unwanted calls or simply seeking a change? Changing your cell phone number could be the answer, and it might be easier than you think. In the era of constant connectivity and growing privacy concerns, many people look to change their phone number as a means to maintain personal security or to avoid nuisance calls. Best of all, it can often be done for free, depending on your service provider and plan.

how to change a cell phone number for free

Contacting Your Service Provider

Most service providers offer the option to change your phone number. It’s a service typically reserved for times when you’re experiencing harassment, fraud, or a significant number of unwanted calls.

  1. Gather Necessary Information: Before you call or visit a store, make sure you have your account information, including your current phone number, account number, and any passwords or PINs that may be required.

  2. Contact Customer Service: Reach out to your carrier’s customer service via phone, live chat, or by visiting a retail store. Explain your reason for wanting to change your number.

  3. Follow Their Instructions: The representative will walk you through the process and inform you if there are any fees associated.

  4. Confirm the Change: Once the process is complete, make sure you can call out and receive calls to test your new number.


Changing your number through your carrier is often straightforward and can be done without charge, especially if you have a valid reason. However, there could be fees involved, and you will need to update your contacts with your new number.

Through the Online Self-Service Portal

Many carriers offer the ability to change your number through an online portal.

  1. Log into Your Account: Access your carrier’s online portal and enter your account details to log in.

  2. Navigate to Services: Look for a section related to your phone or plan services where number changes are managed.

  3. Request a Number Change: Follow the prompt for changing your number. You might be able to choose your new number from a list of available options.

  4. Confirm and Activate: Confirm your selection and follow any instructions to activate your new number.


Using the online portal is convenient and can be done at any time. It gives you more control over the process, but it may be a bit confusing if you’re not tech-savvy. Be prepared for a brief service interruption as the new number is activated.

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