How to Change the Chat Theme in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is not just about sending messages; it’s about personalizing your chat experience too. A key part of this experience is the ability to change the chat theme, which can reflect your mood, personality, or the topic of conversation. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to customize your conversations with different themes, taking your chat game to the next level.

how to change the chat theme in facebook messenger

Customize Your Chat Color Palette

Changing your chat theme in Facebook Messenger allows you to modify the color palette of your chat interface. Whether you want a vibrant color to match your energetic conversation or a calming hue to reflect a more relaxed dialogue, changing the color palette can enrich your messaging experience.

Steps to Change the Color Palette:

  1. Open a conversation in Facebook Messenger.
  2. Tap the name of the person or group conversation at the top.
  3. Select “Theme.”
  4. Choose from the color options available.


Opting for a new color palette can visually signify the tone of the conversation or simply spice things up. While this feature is generally well-received, some might find the color choices limited.

Embrace the Emojis

The Emoji theme lets you set a specific emoji as the chat theme, surrounding your conversation with a chosen emoji to set the mood or celebrate an occasion.

Steps to Set an Emoji Theme:

  1. Open the conversation in Facebook Messenger.
  2. Tap the name at the top of the chat.
  3. Go to “Theme.”
  4. Scroll to the Emoji section.
  5. Pick your favorite emoji to set it as the theme.


This playful feature can add a fun, personalized touch to your chat window. However, it might be distracting for some users, depending on the emoji chosen.

Set the Scene with Photos

Using personal photos as a chat background adds a unique and special touch to your conversation, whether it’s a shared memory or a funny image.

Steps to Use a Personal Photo:

  1. While in a chat, tap on the conversation name at the top.
  2. Select “Theme.”
  3. Tap “Custom” to upload your photo.
  4. Choose an image from your device.


Setting a personal photo as your chat theme can make the conversation feel more intimate. The main drawback is that this might not be suitable for group chats or more formal conversations.

Seasonal Themes

Seasonal themes let you celebrate holidays and change the look of your chats to suit the season or upcoming events.

Steps to Apply Seasonal Themes:

  1. Open your chat in Facebook Messenger.
  2. Tap the contact or group name at the top.
  3. Choose “Theme.”
  4. Look for seasonal themes and select one that fits the occasion.


Seasonal themes can be an enjoyable way to commemorate holidays or changes in the season with your friends and family. One downside is that these themes are often temporary and may not be available year-round.

Night Mode

Night Mode provides a dark-themed background designed to be easier on the eyes in low-light conditions or to conserve battery life.

Steps to Enable Night Mode:

  1. Open a chat in Messenger.
  2. Tap the conversation name at the top.
  3. Select “Theme.”
  4. Choose “Night Mode” or a darker colored theme.


The Night Mode theme is not only stylish but also practical for reading messages in darker environments. However, it might make some sticker packs less visible.

Match with Your Partner

For those in a relationship, Messenger offers couple-themed backgrounds to symbolize the connection between you and your partner.

Steps to Match with Your Partner:

  1. Access the chat with your partner.
  2. Click on the name at the top to open the menu.
  3. Tap “Theme.”
  4. Pick the “Love” theme or any other that you both prefer.


The couple themes can make your chat feel more personal and romantic. The pitfall is that if the relationship status changes, the theme might need to be changed to reflect that.

Fun with Friendmojis

If you and your friends are fans of Bitmoji, the Friendmoji theme allows you to integrate these personalized avatars into your chat theme.

Steps to Use Friendmojis:

  1. Enter the conversation you want to customize.
  2. Tap on the name to bring up the menu.
  3. Go to “Theme.”
  4. Select the Bitmoji section and choose your favorite Friendmojis.


Friendmojis offer a playful and customized way to communicate. However, all participants need to have Bitmoji set up for it to work properly.

Express with Reactions

Change the reaction emojis used in chat to reflect the current vibe or inside jokes between friends.

Steps to Customize Reactions:

  1. Open the desired chat.
  2. Tap the conversation’s name.
  3. Click on “Customize Chat,” then “Reactions.”
  4. Choose the new reactions for your chat.


Custom reactions can add a personal touch and can be humorous. But they may be confusing for infrequent Messenger users who are used to the default reactions.

Activate Vanish Mode

Vanish Mode is for people who want messages in a chat to disappear after they’re seen.

Steps to Activate Vanish Mode:

  1. Go into the desired chat.
  2. Swipe up on your mobile device’s screen.
  3. A message will indicate that Vanish Mode is on.


This can be beneficial for sensitive conversations that you don’t want to keep a record of. The obvious downside is that you can’t revisit the conversation history.

Tips and Tricks for Organizer Lovers

If you like to keep things tidy, using chat archiving to manage your inbox can be a real game-changer. It’s not changing a theme, but it helps maintain the aesthetic.

Tips to Archive Chats:

  1. Swipe left on the chat you want to archive.
  2. Select the “Archive” option.


Archiving helps in decluttering your main chat screen, creating a cleaner look and perhaps a less stressful messaging environment. However, some might forget about archived conversations, potentially leading to missed messages.

In conclusion, customizing your Facebook Messenger chat theme is a straightforward process that lets you express your individuality and enhance your messaging experience. Whether you want to make your chats more fun with an emoji theme, more personal with a photo, or coordinated with your loved ones, there’s a theme option for you. Just remember that the goal is to make chatting enjoyable, so feel free to play around with different themes until you find the perfect one for your conversations.


  1. Q: Can I set a different theme for each chat in Messenger?
    A: Yes, each chat can have a unique theme. You can customize every conversation according to your preference or the nature of the chat.

  2. Q: Will changing my chat theme affect how the other person sees the conversation?
    A: Yes, when you change the theme, it changes for everyone in the chat.

  3. Q: Are themes in Messenger free to use, or do I have to pay for them?
    A: Most themes in Messenger are free to use. Messenger occasionally offers special themes or collaborates with brands, which may include paid options.

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