How to Create a Finsta Account and Why You Might Want To

In an era where social media is an open book to our lives, sometimes we crave a little privacy. That’s where a “finsta” — a blend of the words “fake” and “Instagram” — comes in. It’s a private, less filtered space where you can share content with a closer circle of friends without the pressure of curating a perfect image. Whether it’s to vent, post silly photos, or share personal moments, a finsta account serves as your personal retreat in the vast social media landscape.

how to create a finsta account and why you might want to

Create Your Private Space on Instagram

Many of us have come to a point where we desire a personal space to share our lives without the gaze of every follower. Setting up a finsta account is a popular way to enjoy Instagram’s features with a more intimate community.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Download the Instagram app: If you haven’t already, download the app from the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).
  2. Sign up for a new account: Tap on the app to open it. If you’re already logged in, go to your profile, access the settings, and scroll to log out. Once logged out, you’ll see the option to ‘Create New Account.’
  3. Choose a username: Select a username that doesn’t include your real name or other identifiers if you wish to keep your finsta as private as possible. The username should be unique.
  4. Create a secure password: Ensure the password is strong and not easily guessed. It’s essential for keeping your account private.
  5. Set your account to private: Before you start posting, go to your settings, tap on ‘Privacy,’ and enable ‘Private Account.’ This means only people you approve can see your posts.
  6. Add a profile picture: This can be any photo that you are comfortable with your close friends seeing. It doesn’t have to identify you if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.
  7. Follow friends: Think carefully about whom to invite and whom to accept follow requests from. This should be your trusted circle.
  8. Start sharing: Now that you’ve set up your finsta, you can begin to post content that feels too personal, silly, or unpolished for your main account.


Creating a finsta allows you to express yourself candidly without worrying about the wider public. The key benefit is privacy and the ability to control who sees your content. However, it’s essential to maintain the finsta’s privacy by being selective about followers and understanding that nothing online is completely private.

Curate Your Finsta Audience

Now that your finsta is up and running, it’s important to keep it exclusive. Maintaining a select audience preserves the account’s intimate nature.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Think before you accept: Only accept follow requests from friends you completely trust. Remember, once someone has access, they can see all your personal posts.
  2. Regularly review your followers: Check your follower list periodically to make sure you’re still comfortable with everyone on it.
  3. Consider creating rules: It might seem formal, but having rules about screenshotting or sharing content can help maintain your finsta’s privacy.


Curating your finsta’s audience helps maintain the freedom to post openly. However, even a trusted circle can change, so regular reviews of who has access to your finsta are crucial for maintaining its integrity.

Engage Responsibly

Even in a private space, online etiquette is important. Remain respectful and considerate with what is posted even on a finsta.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Post with intent: Even though a finsta is for a closer audience, always think about the potential impact of your posts.
  2. Respect the privacy of others: Just as you value your privacy, ensure you have consent before posting photos or sensitive information about friends.
  3. Stay kind: Maintain a positive environment, and avoid using your finsta to spread negativity.


Engagement on a finsta should still adhere to basic principles of respect and consent. While the platform offers more freedom, it doesn’t absolve one from the responsibility to be kind and considerate.

Manage Notifications

To keep your finsta activities discreet, managing notifications is key, so they don’t pop up when you aren’t expecting them.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Customize push notifications: Within Instagram settings, you can choose which notifications you receive as push alerts.
  2. Mute notifications at certain times: Consider using your phone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ features to silence notifications during specific hours.
  3. Turn off notification previews: In your phone settings, adjust notifications to hide message previews, so the content remains private even on your lock screen.


Effective notification management can prevent potentially awkward situations if your phone is in view of others. Reducing notifications also helps maintain the discretion of your finsta activities.

Balance Your Finsta and Main Account

Maintaining a finsta alongside your regular Instagram account should not feel like a chore. Find a balance that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Prioritize your time: Allocate specific times to check and post on your finsta, so it doesn’t distract from other responsibilities.
  2. Use different profile pictures: Ensure you can easily distinguish between your finsta and main account at a glance to avoid posting on the wrong one.
  3. Separate content: Decide on what content goes to your finsta and what is meant for your main account to avoid overlaps and maintain the unique purpose of each.


By effectively balancing your finsta and your main account, you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds. However, juggling two accounts can be demanding, so manage your time and content wisely.

Protect Your Finsta’s Privacy

Your finsta’s privacy is its core feature. Safeguarding it involves more than just setting the account to private.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Be selective with biographical info: Avoid giving out particulars that could make you easily identifiable.
  2. Audit your tags and mentions: Regularly check and remove any tags or mentions that could lead to your finsta’s discovery.
  3. Avoid linking to your main account: Don’t cross-post or mention your finsta on your public account to keep the two separate.


Protection of your finsta’s privacy is about constant vigilance. While privacy settings are a great first step, ongoing management is essential to ensure ongoing secrecy. But be aware, no measure is full-proof in the digital world, and there is always a risk when sharing online.

Content Curation on Your Finsta

The content on your finsta should reflect its purpose as a space for more personal and less polished posts.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Post freely: Share the thoughts and moments that are too raw or personal for your main account.
  2. Archive rather than delete: If you ever reconsider a post, you can archive it instead of deleting it, keeping your memories intact but private.
  3. Interact authentically: Comment and like posts as you would in a private conversation. It’s a space for genuine reactions, not curated responses.


Curating content for your finsta should feel liberating, not restrictive. There’s a certain joy in posting without overthinking. Nonetheless, always be mindful that anything posted can potentially be shared, even from a finsta.

Use of Other Media on Your Finsta

Your finsta isn’t just for photos. The use of videos, memes, and text posts can make your finsta an eclectic mix of media.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Use stories: Share short-lived content with Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours.
  2. Post memes: Memes can be a fun way to communicate feelings and jokes with your close friends.
  3. Text updates: Use the text tool in Instagram to share thoughts without the need for visual content.


Incorporating a variety of media on your finsta adds to the richness of your shared content. It can offer a more comprehensive view of your daily life or state of mind in a relaxed setting.

Keeping Up with Finsta Etiquette

Even in laid-back settings, etiquette is important. Finsta etiquette revolves around mutual respect and understanding of the account’s private nature.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Get consent for shared content: If you’re posting an image or information that features friends, make sure they’re okay with it.
  2. Don’t overburden followers: Be mindful of not over-posting and overwhelming your audience.
  3. Respect the finsta concept: Treat other’s finsta accounts with the same level of confidentiality and respect that you’d want for yours.


Following finsta etiquette ensures a comfortable space for everyone involved. It helps maintain trust in your inner circle and protects the relaxed atmosphere of your private space.

Reinventing Your Finsta

Remember, your finsta can evolve with you. As your interests and life circumstances change, so can your finsta.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Update your theme: As your interests shift, your finsta can reflect these changes in its content and aesthetic.
  2. Invite new followers: Your trusted circle may expand as you meet new people. It’s okay to allow new faces into your finsta as long as you trust them.
  3. Refresh your privacy settings: Periodically review your privacy settings to make sure they are in line with your current needs.


Embrace the fluidity of your finsta. It should be a platform that grows and changes just as you do, providing a continuous safe space for expression. However, with every change, reassess who has access to ensure continued privacy.

The Power of Unfollowing

Sometimes, your circle needs a change. Don’t hesitate to unfollow or remove followers who no longer fit into your finsta’s sphere.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Regular self-audits: Contemplate whether you still trust all your followers and whether their presence aligns with your finsta’s purpose.
  2. Take action if necessary: If someone no longer fits, remove them from your followers. It’s not personal; it’s about maintaining your space.
  3. Inform those affected: If you feel it appropriate, privately let the person know why they’re being removed to avoid misunderstandings.


A finsta should be a comfortable space, and sometimes that means making tough decisions about your followers. Regularly reevaluating who has access is a healthy practice, though it may not be pleasant.

In conclusion, a finsta can be your personal online sanctuary, where you are free to be your unfiltered self. While there are no set rules, following these suggested best practices will help you maintain a secure and enjoyable private space. Bear in mind that even within a trusted circle, discretion is key. Keep your content genuine, your audience curated, and your interactions respectful to get the most out of your finsta experience.


Q: Can I switch back and forth between my regular Instagram account and my finsta?
A: Yes, Instagram allows you to switch between multiple accounts easily. Just go to your profile, tap your username at the top, and select the account you want to switch to.

Q: Will my finsta followers know who I am if I don’t use my real name or photo?
A: If you choose not to use identifiable information on your finsta, your followers will only know you by what you share and divulge on that account. It’s up to you to maintain anonymity.

Q: What if someone screenshotted or shared my private finsta posts?
A: While you can set rules and expectations within your circle, there is always a risk of content being shared beyond your control. Always post with the understanding that what you share could potentially become public.

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