How to Do a Poll in Discord

Engaging Your Community with Discord Polls

In the vibrant world of Discord, interaction is key. Whether you’re a gaming guild leader, an online educator, or a digital social butterfly, engaging your community keeps it lively and strong. One fantastic way to interact with your members is through polling—this simple tool can harness the collective voice of your server, aiding in decisions or just sparking fun conversations. Creating a poll in Discord is straightforward, even for those new to the platform. Let’s explore the many avenues available to you for setting up polls and take your community engagement to the next level.

how to do a poll in discord

Simple Emoji Reactions

Discord offers a built-in, informal way of polling using emoji reactions. This method allows users to quickly express their opinions on a topic by reacting to a message.

  • Type out your poll question in the chatbox of your designated Discord channel.
  • Post the message to the channel.
  • Add emoji reactions to your own message by clicking on the smiley face with a plus () that appears when you hover over the message.
  • Choose emojis that represent the different poll options. For example, use for “yes” and for “no”.
  • Encourage members to click on the emoji reactions to cast their votes.

Although simple and quick, this method might not be suitable for polls requiring multiple choices or anonymity.

Discord Poll Bots

Poll bots can automate the polling process on Discord, providing more functionality than the default emoji reaction method.

  • Visit a bot directory, such as, to find a poll bot that suits your needs.
  • Install the bot by inviting it to your server, usually through an ‘Invite’ link provided on the bot’s page.
  • Follow the bot’s instructions for setting up a poll, which usually involves entering a specific command followed by the poll question and options.
  • Share the command in the designated channel to initiate the poll.
  • Members can vote directly through the bot’s interface, which often tallies and displays results in real-time.

Poll bots often offer additional features like timed polls, anonymous voting, and results tracking, but they do require some setup and familiarization with bot commands.

StrawPoll Integration

StrawPoll is a popular online polling platform that integrates well with Discord.

  • Go to the StrawPoll website and create a new poll by filling out the form with your question and answer options.
  • Set the poll preferences like allowing multiple answers or making the poll anonymous as needed.
  • Generate the poll and copy the provided link.
  • Paste the link in your Discord server, and pin the message to ensure it remains visible for members to participate.

StrawPoll integration offers a quick way to get a visual representation of your poll results but requires exiting Discord to vote, which might lead to reduced engagement.

Polls in Event Channels

Discord’s event channels can be utilized for creating interactive polls, especially when tied to specific events or meetings.

  • Create an event channel in your server settings under ‘Community’.
  • Schedule a new event that relates to your poll’s context.
  • Within the event, ask your poll question and use emoji reactions for collecting responses.

This approach is best for event-centric polls and can help gauge attendance or preferences for event specifics, although it might not suit general polling needs.

Utilizing Webhooks for Polls

For those with some technical know-how, webhooks can be used to integrate external polling services or custom poll apps into Discord.

  • Create a webhook in your server settings under ‘Integrations’.
  • Set up the external service or custom app to send poll questions and collect responses through the webhook URL.
  • Messages from the service will appear in a chosen Discord channel where users can interact with the poll.

This method can be quite flexible and powerful but requires technical skills to implement and maintain.

Embedding Polls in Discord

Advanced users can create rich embedded messages in Discord that contain poll information and instructions for voting.

  • Understand the Discord API or use a bot that supports message embedding.
  • Craft the embedded message with fields for the poll question, options, and instructions on how to vote.
  • Post the embedded message to your Discord channel.
  • Add reaction emojis to the message for simple interaction-based voting.

Embedding allows for a clean, visually appealing polling method but necessitates technical expertise or the use of specific bots.

Poll Channels

Dedicate a channel on your Discord server solely for polling to keep things organized.

  • Create a new channel and label it appropriately, like #polls.
  • Post your poll questions in that channel using emoji reactions or a poll bot.
  • Pin important polls to ensure they remain easy to find.

A poll channel centralizes where members can find and vote on polls but may clutter over time if not properly managed.

Utilizing External Polling Sites

Leverage the power of full-featured polling websites to create your Discord server polls.

  • Select an external polling site like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.
  • Create a detailed poll on the site.
  • Share the link to the poll in your Discord server for members to access and vote.

Though offering robust options, using external sites interrupts the Discord experience, which can hinder member participation.

Scheduled Polling

In channels where regular decisions are needed, setting up a schedule for polls can maintain engagement and anticipation.

  • Decide on a regular interval for polls, such as weekly or monthly.
  • Announce the schedule to your community.
  • Create and post polls in adherence to your predetermined schedule.

Scheduled polling ensures consistent engagement but requires continuous content creation and management.

Collaboration with Community Poll Suggestions

Involving your community in the polling process can increase engagement and ensure the polls are relevant to their interests.

  • Open a discussion thread for poll topic suggestions in your server.
  • Collect and curate the suggestions from your community members.
  • Create polls based on the most popular or intriguing suggestions.

Encouraging community involvement democratizes the polling process but may require moderation to keep suggestions appropriate and manageable.

Engaging your Discord community through various polling methods can significantly enhance interaction and provide valuable insights into the collective preferences of your members. While each method has its benefits, such as simplicity with emoji reactions or advanced features with bots and external integrations, it’s also important to consider potential downsides like reduced engagement with off-platform polls or the technical barrier of embedded polls. The key is to select the method that best aligns with your community’s size, technical savvy, and the context of the poll, ensuring an enjoyable and seamless experience for all members involved.


Creating polls in Discord empowers you to engage deeply with your community and make collective decisions. Whether you prefer the simplicity of emoji reactions, the advanced features of poll bots and webhooks, or the scheduled regularity of set polling times, there’s a method to fit your server’s culture and your own technical comfort. By exploring these options and involving your members in the process, you’ll foster a vibrant, participative community where everyone’s voice can be heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create a poll in Discord without using bots?
A: Yes, you can create informal polls using emoji reactions or integrate with external polling sites like StrawPoll.

Q: Do I need special permissions to create a poll on a Discord server?
A: You generally need permissions to send messages in a channel. For more advanced polling methods or bot integrations, you may need additional permissions to manage channels or configure bots.

Q: How can I ensure that the votes in my Discord poll are kept anonymous?
A: For anonymity, use external polling services that offer this feature, such as StrawPoll, or set up a poll bot that includes anonymous voting functionality.

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