How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Amazon, the colossal online marketplace, is a treasure trove brimming with an extensive range of products. From books and electronics to groceries and clothing, there’s scarcely anything you can’t find on this platform. What’s more, savvy shoppers know that with a bit of know-how, it’s possible to snag some of these goods without parting with a single penny. Yes, that’s right – free stuff! If you’re intrigued by the prospect of complimentary goodies and want to navigate through Amazon’s potentials for no-cost items, this guide is designed with you in mind. Let’s explore the various avenues and strategies you can employ to secure freebies from Amazon.

how to get free stuff on amazon

Amazon’s Free Sample Box Program

Amazon offers a program called “Amazon Sample Box”, which allows customers to try samples of products across different categories. These boxes typically come in a variety of themes, such as beauty, baby, or snacks.

To take advantage of this program:

  1. Go to Amazon’s Sample Box page.
  2. Select the box that interests you.
  3. Purchase the sample box.
  4. Receive credit equal to the price you paid for the box, which you can use towards a future purchase of select products related to the box theme.

The intrigue of the Sample Box program lies in the fact that essentially, your initial outlay comes back to you in credit, making the samples free. However, it’s important to note that this program is only available to Amazon Prime members, and not all boxes may be appealing or useful to every customer.

Subscribe and Save

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program offers a method to not only save money but occasionally score free products through introductory offers.

To utilize this program:

  1. Find a product with a Subscribe and Save option.
  2. Choose how regularly you’d like the item delivered.
  3. Review your subscription settings and make the initial purchase with a discount.
  4. Monitor for special promotions which may include a first-time subscription product for free.

Benefits include savings of up to 15% and free shipping. However, the downside is you’ll be subscribing to regular deliveries, so make sure it’s for products you need regularly.

Kindle First Reads

For book enthusiasts, Amazon has the First Reads program which allows early access to new books for free.

Here’s how to enjoy it:

  1. Sign up for Amazon First Reads if you’re a Prime member.
  2. Each month, choose a title from the editors’ picks.
  3. Download and enjoy it for free on any Kindle device or app.

While this is a fantastic perk for Prime members, if you’re not an avid reader or don’t have a Kindle device, this program might not be ideal for you. Remember, the selection of books is also limited to the editors’ picks.

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine invites the most trusted reviewers to post opinions about new and pre-release items, essentially offering free products for valuable feedback.

To become a Vine Voice:

  1. Create an Amazon account, if you don’t have one.
  2. Start writing reviews for products bought.
  3. Focus on providing helpful, honest, and detailed feedback.
  4. Hope to get noticed and invited to the Amazon Vine program.

The program is highly selective, and invitations are based on the trustworthiness of your reviews. There’s no guaranteed entry, but being active and thorough in your reviews ups your chances.

Amazon Giveaways

Previously, Amazon hosted giveaways that allowed customers to win free stuff. However, please note that as of October 2019, Amazon ended its giveaway program. It’s always possible that similar opportunities could resurface, so keep an eye on Amazon’s promotional announcements and sign up for their newsletters to stay informed on potential future events.

No-Rush Shipping Credits

Amazon offers No-Rush Shipping incentives that reward you with discounts or digital credits for future purchases when you don’t require immediate delivery of your orders.

To opt-in:

  1. Make a purchase on Amazon.
  2. Choose the No-Rush Shipping option at checkout.
  3. Receive the promotional credit after your item ships.

While the rewards are typically small, they can accumulate over time. The downside is you’ll have to wait longer to receive your orders.

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