How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft

Picture yourself exploring the lush jungles of the virtual world in Minecraft, where the shy and elusive ocelots roam. These yellow-spotted felines add a touch of wild beauty to the game, and with the right know-how, you can even make one your companion. Taming an ocelot is a unique challenge with its own set of rules, and this guide will walk you through the process in an easy-to-understand manner, making it simple even if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of Minecraft.

how to tame an ocelot in minecraft

Finding an Ocelot

Ocelots are a passive mob in Minecraft, meaning they won’t attack players. These creatures are found specifically in jungle biomes, so the first step is locating their natural habitat. Before you embark on your quest to tame one, there are a few key things you need to know about finding an ocelot.


  1. Create or find a jungle biome: Jungles are dense areas filled with tall trees and usually have a green and lush terrain.
  2. Search quietly: Walk gently and keep an eye out for the distinct spotted coat of the ocelots.
  3. Approach with caution: Ocelots are skittish and will run away if you move too quickly or accidentally startle them.


Finding an ocelot can be time-consuming, but being patient and moving slowly through the jungle increases your chances of encountering one. While this process may require some perseverance, the reward of gaining a new feline friend outweighs the potential frustration of the search.

Preparing Fish

Before you can tame an ocelot, you’ll need to have the right bait: fish. Ocelots are fond of raw cod or raw salmon, which can be fished from any body of water.


  1. Craft a fishing rod: You’ll need three sticks and two strings. Arrange the sticks in a diagonal line in the crafting grid, with the strings hanging down from the second stick.
  2. Find water: Locate a water source such as a river, ocean, or lake.
  3. Start fishing: Right-click with the fishing rod equipped to cast the line into the water. Wait for bubbles to approach your bobber, and right-click again as soon as the bobber dips to catch a fish.


Accumulating a good supply of fish is essential for taming an ocelot. Fishing itself is a straightforward task but requires attention and timing. Fishing can also yield interesting items and experience, adding to the benefits beyond merely securing bait for your venture.

Approaching an Ocelot

Getting close to an ocelot is a delicate task. These cats will flee if you move too quickly or abruptly, so patience is key.


  1. Hold the fish in your hand: Equip your raw fish to make it visible to the ocelot.
  2. Stand still: When you spot an ocelot, remain still. Let it see you with the fish.
  3. Wait for the ocelot to come to you: It may take several attempts, but eventually, curiosity will overcome caution, and the ocelot will approach.


This part of the taming process can be time-consuming because ocelots are naturally timid. By staying motionless, you increase your chances of success. The benefit of not scaring off the ocelot far outweighs the waiting time, so patience is extremely beneficial here.

Feeding the Ocelot

Once the ocelot has approached, the next critical step is feeding it the fish.


  1. Use the fish: Right-click on the ocelot with the fish to feed it.
  2. Don’t move: Stay still while feeding the ocelot to avoid frightening it away.
  3. Repeat if necessary: It might take several pieces of fish for the ocelot to trust you enough to become tamed.


Feeding the ocelot may require more than one fish, and there’s no guarantee it will become tamed with each feeding. However, once tamed, the ocelot turns into a cat that follows you, which is both a charming companion and a practical advantage, as cats can scare away creepers.

Patience Is Key

The most important element in taming an ocelot is patience. It can be a test of your ability to stay calm under pressure, but the payoff is worth it.

Steps: (Not applicable for this section)


There aren’t specific actions here, but the concept of remaining patient cannot be overstated. The success in taming an ocelot lies in how well you can stay composed throughout the process. While it can be a bit trying, the end result is incredibly rewarding when you see your patient efforts come to fruition.

Understanding the Ocelot’s Behavior

Knowing how ocelots behave in Minecraft will greatly assist your taming efforts. They are cautious creatures that will not approach if you look directly at them or if there are abrupt movements.

Steps: (Not applicable for this section)


While this part of the guide does not involve direct steps, understanding ocelot behavior is beneficial. By recognizing their need for a cautious approach, you’re more likely to succeed without downside, unless the ocelot’s wary nature tests your limits of patience.

The Right Environment

Creating a comfortable environment for the ocelot can facilitate the taming process. This means clearing out any potential threats and making sure the area is peaceful.

Steps: (Not applicable for this section)


Preparing the environment does not have direct actions but ensuring a peaceful setting where predators are not present is vital for taming the ocelot. The benefits are clear: a safer place means a higher chance of success in taming your new pet.

No Sudden Movements

Quick movements can scare the ocelot away. When taming an ocelot, it’s important to move slowly and sparingly.

Steps: (Not applicable for this section)


The importance of slow movements is a recurring theme in the taming process. Although no direct steps are involved, the potential to frighten the ocelot with sudden movement is a critical consideration. Keeping still and composed is key to success.

The Role of Weather

Surprisingly, weather can play a role in the taming process. For instance, during rain, ocelots seek shelter, and you might have a hard time finding them.

Steps: (Not applicable for this section)


While steps are not involved in weather control, understanding how weather affects ocelot behavior helps in planning the taming process. It underscores the importance of aligning your taming attempts with favorable weather conditions.

Celebrating Success

Once you have successfully tamed an ocelot, it’s important to acknowledge the achievement and understand the benefits.

Steps: (Not applicable for this section)


Taming an ocelot is a special achievement in Minecraft. Without direct steps, this final reflection on your success includes the recognition of your new companion that can add a lot to your gameplay experience by deterring creepers and being a loyal pet.

In conclusion, while taming an ocelot in Minecraft may seem daunting at first, following these steps can lead to a rewarding experience. The journey to taming your pixelated feline friend involves preparation, patience, and understanding animal behavior within the game. By carefully executing each step, you increase your chances of gaining a unique and valuable companion on your virtual adventures.


Q: Can I tame more than one ocelot?
A: Yes, you can tame multiple ocelots, provided you have enough fish and patience to complete the process for each one.

Q: Will a tamed ocelot follow me around like a dog?
A: Once tamed, ocelots turn into cats, which will follow you around to a certain extent, but they have a tendency to sit and stay rather than follow players consistently.

Q: Can the ocelots I’ve tamed breed?
A: Yes, once tamed, you can breed ocelots (now cats) with more fish. Feeding two tamed cats will put them into love mode, resulting in kittens.

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