How Many Episodes of One Piece Are on Netflix

Embarking on the grand adventure of “One Piece,” the epic anime that captures the thrilling exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his quest for the ultimate treasure, can be both exciting and daunting. With its expansive world and colorful characters, it’s become a global phenomenon. If you’re looking to dive into this animated odyssey on Netflix, you may be wondering just how much of this pirate’s journey you can access. While the availability of “One Piece” episodes on Netflix can vary by region, this guide is designed to help you navigate through the streaming platform and discover the scope of Luffy’s tale in the Netflix library.

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Solution 1: Check Netflix’s One Piece Show Page

For fans of the epic anime series “One Piece,” Netflix provides a convenient platform for following the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they search for the ultimate treasure. To find out how many episodes of this extensive series are available to watch on Netflix, you can directly check the One Piece show page on the Netflix platform. No technical expertise is needed to navigate through Netflix; with a few clicks, you can easily get the information you seek. Understanding the availability of episodes can help you plan your viewing and ensure you don’t miss any of the action. Let’s dive into the steps needed to accomplish this.

  1. Sign in to Netflix: First, you need to access Netflix. Open the Netflix app on your device or visit the Netflix website on your computer ( Enter your credentials (email address and password) to sign in to your account.
  2. Access the Anime Section: Once logged in, look for the ‘Menu’ or ‘Browse’ option, which could be represented by three horizontal lines or a dropdown arrow. Click on this to see different genre categories. Scroll down and find the ‘Anime’ section. If you’re using a smart TV or a device where scrolling is limited, you may have a search function instead, which we’ll cover in the next step.
  3. Locate One Piece: In the Anime section, browse through the available titles until you find “One Piece.” Alternatively, if you don’t see One Piece immediately, you may use the search feature by typing “One Piece” into the search bar usually located at the top of the page.
  4. Open One Piece Show Page: Click on the “One Piece” title to open its main page. The show page typically features promotional images or clips, a brief synopsis, and cast information.
  5. Check Episode Count: On the One Piece show page, Netflix will display the seasons available. Each season’s name is usually a clickable link. Click on any of the seasons, and you’ll see a dropdown or a new page displaying all the episode titles along with their sequential numbers for that particular season.
  6. Calculate Total Episodes: Review each season’s episode list, making note of the total number of episodes. You can manually tally these numbers together if you wish to know the grand total of episodes available for all the listed seasons.

By following these simple steps, you can easily determine how many episodes of “One Piece” are available to stream on Netflix without requiring any prior technical knowledge. One of the benefits of this method is that it provides you with the most recent and platform-specific information directly from the source, ensuring that you are up to date. However, the potential downside is that Netflix does not always have the complete series available, and their catalog may vary by country due to licensing agreements. Keep in mind that the available episodes could change if Netflix updates its library, so repeating this process periodically is a good idea to stay informed about newly added episodes.

Solution 2: Use the Netflix Search Function


Imagine a tool so convenient, it transforms the vastness of an ocean of content into a serene pond, making it simple to fish out exactly what you’re looking for: this is the Netflix search function. Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, Netflix’s search feature is akin to a digital librarian who knows precisely where every show and episode is shelved in the grand library of streaming content.

If you’re voyaging to discover how many episodes of “One Piece” are currently sailing on the Netflix platform, the search function is your trusty compass. By using a few straightforward keywords, you can quickly locate the series, and more importantly, determine the number of episodes it has to offer, all without the need to navigate through complex menus or face the dreaded sea of endless scrolling.

Netflix tailors its content library based on the location of its users due to licensing agreements. This means the number of episodes available can vary from country to country. Fear not, for the steps below will guide you to the exact count regardless of where you anchor.


  1. Sign in to your Netflix Account: Fire up your preferred device—be it a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer—and visit the Netflix website or open the Netflix app. Enter your login credentials to access your account. If you’re not yet a member, you’ll need to create an account before navigating the high seas of content Netflix has to offer.
  2. Locate the Search Bar: Once you’re securely logged in and you’ve reached the main screen, cast your gaze towards the magnifying glass icon—this is the beacon that will guide you to the search bar. Click or tap on this icon, which is typically located in the upper-right corner on web browsers, or at the bottom of the screen on the Netflix app.
  3. Enter the Treasure Hunt Query: With the search bar now in view, type in “One Piece” using your device’s keyboard or touchscreen. Take care to spell it correctly, for even the slightest error can lead you astray on this digital treasure hunt.
  4. Review the Search Results: After you’ve entered the query, press the “Enter” key or tap the “Search” button. Like a map unfurling, the results will display any content related to “One Piece.” Look for the iconic logo or the image of the beloved pirates that adorn the series’s title card.
  5. Open the One Piece Series Page: Click or tap on the “One Piece” title from your search results. This will bring you to the series’ main page, where you’ll have a broadside view of all things “One Piece” on Netflix, including a synopsis, the cast, ratings, and the much-coveted episode information.
  6. Locate the Episode Count: On the series page, you’ll find the seasons listed, usually just below the main title area or within the episodes drop-down menu. Netflix is considerate enough to provide the number of episodes in parentheses next to each season. If seasons are not broken down, the total episode count may be at the top of the episode list.
  7. Tally the Total Episodes: Should there be multiple seasons available, simply add together the number of episodes from each season to reach the grand total. No need to don a pirate’s hat and use an abacus; your device’s calculator will suffice, or you can note it down with pen and paper.


The Netflix search function is your golden key to swiftly unlock the mystery of how many “One Piece” episodes are at your disposal. It’s a direct approach that cuts through the potentially tumultuous waves of endless browsing, offering a quick and effective way to satisfy your curiosity. However, this method does rely on your ability to operate the search function, and occasionally, it may not reflect real-time updates if new episodes have been very recently added or removed.

Despite these minor potential drawbacks, the simplicity and speed of this solution make it a top choice, especially for anime enthusiasts eager to embark on a binge-watching voyage with the Straw Hat Pirates without any unnecessary detours.

Solution 3: Scroll Through the Episode List


Many Netflix subscribers prefer a more hands-on approach when seeking information about their favorite shows. For fans of “One Piece,” understanding how many episodes are available to stream on Netflix is part of keeping up with the beloved anime series. One of the most straightforward ways to find this information is by scrolling through the episode list on the Netflix platform. This method does not require any advanced technical skills and can be performed by anyone with basic knowledge of navigating the internet and using a streaming service. It offers a visual way to comprehend the show’s scope and can easily be performed on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.


  1. Open Netflix: Begin by opening your preferred web browser and visiting the Netflix website, or launch the Netflix app on your mobile device or smart TV. Make sure you are logged into your Netflix account.
  2. Locate “One Piece”: On the Netflix homepage, use the search function by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing “One Piece”. Alternatively, you may browse the anime category if available. Once the search results are displayed, click on the “One Piece” title to go to its main page.
  3. Access the Episodes List: On the “One Piece” main show page, you should see an overview of the show along with a prominent button that allows you to play the most recent episode. Below or close to this button, look for the option that refers to “Episodes” or “Seasons and Episodes” and select it.
  4. Count the Episodes: The platform will now display a list of seasons available. Click on each season to expand it and reveal the list of episodes it contains. Starting from the first episode in the first available season, manually count the episodes by scrolling through the list. Make sure to tally the episodes from each season to get the total number available on Netflix.
  5. Verify Complete Seasons: While you scroll through, double-check that the list includes all episodes from each season to ensure that your count will account for the entire collection available.
  6. Note Your Episode Count: After counting, jot down the total number of episodes for your reference. This might be handy if you want to keep track of your viewing progress or if you are discussing the series with friends.


Counting the episodes of “One Piece” by scrolling through the episode list on Netflix is a method that provides immediate and visual verification of the show’s content on the streaming platform. It is beneficial for those who prefer to see the information for themselves or do not trust secondhand sources. Additionally, it can give you a sense of satisfaction and control over your viewing experience.

However, the main downside of this method is that it can be quite time-consuming, especially for a show with many episodes like “One Piece.” This method could also be prone to human error; you may lose count or miscount if distracted. Lastly, if Netflix hasn’t updated their episode list recently or if the show has been partially removed from the library, your count may not represent the current total available.

By choosing to scroll through the episode list to count the “One Piece” episodes on Netflix, you bypass reliance on potentially outdated or incorrect forum posts, social media comments, or customer support information. You gain firsthand knowledge of what Netflix is currently offering, ensuring you have the latest, most accurate count of the episodes you can enjoy streaming.

Solution 4: Netflix’s “Details” Section

The “Details” section on Netflix’s streaming platform is designed to give viewers comprehensive information about the content they’re interested in. For a long-running and popular series like “One Piece,” this portion of the Netflix interface offers key insights into the scope of the series that’s available for viewing, including the total number of seasons and episodes, as long as Netflix provides this information.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore how you can navigate the “Details” section to find out the total number of “One Piece” episodes you have at your disposal through Netflix. This method is convenient because it doesn’t require you to count each episode manually, potentially saving you time and providing a quick reference for the breadth of content available.


  1. Sign in to your Netflix account using a web browser or the Netflix app on your device.
  2. Once you’re logged in, find the search bar (usually located at the top of the page in a web browser or magnifying glass icon in the app).
  3. Type “One Piece” into the search bar and hit the enter key or click/tap on the search icon to commence the search.
  4. From the search results, click or tap on the “One Piece” title to go to its main page.
  5. On the “One Piece” show page, locate and select the “Details” tab or section. This is typically found below the show’s synopsis and above the cast and crew information.
  6. In the “Details” section, look for the information labeled “Seasons” or “Episodes.” Sometimes, this section will provide a succinct summary stating the total number of seasons and episodes available.
  7. If the total count isn’t explicitly mentioned, take note of the season numbers listed—if they are named (e.g., Season 1, Season 2, etc.). This can give you an idea of how many sets of episodes, or batches, are accessible for viewing.

Using the “Details” section to find the number of “One Piece” episodes on Netflix is an efficient way to determine the scale of available content without having to scroll through extensive episode listings manually. It can provide a quick and easy reference to help you decide whether to start watching the series or continue with your viewing.

The potential downside of this solution is that Netflix’s “Details” section may not always provide the exact number of episodes or might not be up-to-date with the most recent content additions if a new season has recently been added. Therefore, while this method is generally convenient, it is beneficial to use it in conjunction with other methods, such as scrolling through the episode list or contacting customer support for the most accurate and current information.

Solution 5: Content Info on Netflix Mobile App


In today’s digital age, we’ve got a lot of content at our fingertips, especially with streaming services like Netflix. But with such a vast library, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to find specific details about our favorite shows. If you’re an anime fan, you might be asking: “How many episodes of ‘One Piece’ are currently on Netflix?” Luckily, Netflix has made it easy to find out this information through their mobile app. The app is user-friendly and widely accessible, and it provides detailed information about shows, including episode counts for each season. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to find the episode count for “One Piece” using the Netflix mobile app.


  1. Download the Netflix App: If you haven’t already, download the Netflix app from Google Play Store if you’re on Android, or from the Apple App Store if you’re using an iOS device.
  2. Log In to Your Netflix Account: Open the app, and you will be prompted to log in. Enter your Netflix email and password. If you’re not subscribed to Netflix, you’ll need to sign up and choose a subscription plan to access the content.
  3. Access the Search Feature: Once you’re logged in, locate the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen to access the search feature.
  4. Search for ‘One Piece’: Tap on the search bar, and type in “One Piece”. As you type, Netflix will auto-suggest titles. When you see “One Piece” in the suggestions, tap on it.
  5. Open the ‘One Piece’ Show Page: You’ll be taken to the “One Piece” series page. Here you’ll find a synopsis of the show, the maturity rating, and other relevant information.
  6. Find the Episode Count: Beneath the show’s title and the play button, swipe left on the seasons selector to find and select the specific season you are interested in. Just below the season selector, you can find the episode list for that season. At the very top of the episode list, you can see the total number of episodes available in that season.
  7. Count Episodes Across All Seasons: To find the total number of episodes available across all seasons, you will need to repeat the process for each season and add up the episode totals manually.
  8. Check for Updates: Netflix frequently updates its content library, so if you’re looking for the most current episode count, repeat these steps periodically to see if new episodes or seasons have been added to the app.


Using the Netflix mobile app to find out how many episodes of “One Piece” are available is a straightforward process. The benefits of this solution include convenience, ease of access, and up-to-date information provided directly by Netflix, ensuring accuracy. It also allows you to browse episodes and potentially discover other anime that may interest you.

However, some potential downsides include needing a Netflix subscription to access the information and the possibility of different content availability depending on your region due to licensing agreements. Additionally, if Netflix hasn’t updated their content list, the episode count might not reflect any very recent additions. Despite these considerations, for the majority of users, using the Netflix mobile app’s content information feature is a quick and reliable way to check the number of “One Piece” episodes available for streaming.

Solution 6: Netflix Customer Support


For many viewers who are not highly versed in navigating through the complexities of an online streaming platform, seeking out the exact number of episodes of a beloved series like “One Piece” on Netflix can turn into a daunting task. Recognizing this hurdle, one of the most reliable and straightforward ways to obtain this information is by reaching out directly to Netflix’s Customer Support team. Netflix prides itself on its customer service, which is geared towards providing quick and accurate information to its subscribers. By contacting Netflix Customer Support, viewers can receive up-to-date details about “One Piece” directly from the source.


  1. Prepare Your Account Information: Before contacting Netflix Customer Support, make sure that you have your Netflix account information at hand. This might include your account email, name, or any other identifying detail that might be requested to verify your identity.
  2. Choose Your Contact Method:
  • Call: You can find the Netflix Customer Support hotline on their official website. Noting the hours of operation may also be helpful, as support lines may not be available 24/7 in every region.
  • Live Chat: Netflix often has a live chat feature available on their website. To access this service, visit the ‘Help Center’ and look for the ‘Start Live Chat’ option.
  • Email: If your query is not urgent, you might consider sending an email to the customer support team. However, response times for email queries might be longer compared to other methods.
  1. Reach Out with Your Inquiry: After choosing your method of contact, reach out to the Netflix representative with your question. Be as clear and concise as possible. For example, you might say or write, “Hello, I would like to know how many episodes of One Piece are currently available to watch on Netflix?”
  2. Await the Response: Depending on the method you chose, wait for the customer support representative to respond. They might ask for additional information to better assist you with your inquiry.
  3. Clarify Any Follow-Up Questions: Once the representative provides the information, make sure to clarify any doubts. For instance, you might ask if all the episodes are available in your country, as availability can vary by region.


Contacting Netflix Customer Support can yield several benefits; it is direct, often provides the most current information, and allows for immediate clarification of any follow-up questions or concerns you might have. One of the most significant advantages of this approach is the peace of mind that comes from receiving information straight from the source, eliminating the risk of relying on potentially outdated or inaccurate information from third-party websites or forums.

However, there are potential downsides to consider. Response times may vary, especially if you opt for email support or during peak hours for calls and live chat. Moreover, it may require more effort compared to simply browsing on the platform. But for those seeking a human touch and the assurance that comes with it, contacting Netflix Customer Support is a viable and effective solution to find out how many episodes of “One Piece” are on Netflix.

Solution 7: Online Forums and FAQs


In the digital age, one of the most reliable sources for specific information tends to be the collective knowledge of internet users. This is especially true for fan-fueled content like anime series, where dedicated communities actively discuss and share updates. For finding out how many episodes of the show “One Piece” are available on Netflix, turning to online forums and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be an incredibly valuable strategy.

Enthusiasts and fans of “One Piece” often gather on various online platforms to discuss the latest episodes, character developments, and availability of the series across streaming services, like Netflix. These platforms can include general discussion forums like Reddit, specific anime forums, or even the FAQs section on community-driven websites.


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to navigate online forums and FAQs to figure out the number of “One Piece” episodes available on Netflix:

  1. Identify Popular Forums and FAQs Websites: Start by searching for websites and forums that are known for anime discussions. Websites such as Reddit, MyAnimeList, and Anime-Planet often have threads or comments discussing streaming services and the availability of shows.
  2. Use Search Function: Once on a forum or FAQ website, utilize the search function. Enter terms like “One Piece episodes on Netflix” or “One Piece Netflix availability.” By doing so, you are likely to find threads where this information has already been discussed.
  3. Read Existing Discussions: Filter the search results by relevance or date to read the most pertinent discussions. Be on the lookout for posts from users who have recently discussed the number of “One Piece” episodes on Netflix. There might be references to the number of seasons and episodes currently available.
  4. Ask the Community: If after reading through the existing discussions you still haven’t found a clear answer, don’t hesitate to ask the community yourself. Make a new post or comment on an existing thread, politely asking for the information you need. Remember to check if the forum has rules about posting guidelines and ensure you adhere to them.
  5. Cross-Reference Information: Take the information you’ve gathered and cross-reference it with a few different sources to confirm its accuracy. If multiple users from various forums confirm the same number of episodes, it’s likely correct.
  6. Bookmark the Discussion for Future Reference: Once you’ve found a reliable source of information, bookmark the page. This way, you can easily check back for updates or ask follow-up questions if Netflix adds more episodes.


By utilizing online forums and FAQs, you harness the power of a large, enthusiastic community that stays up-to-date on their favorite show’s status on Netflix. The main benefits of this method are that it is often current, as fans are quick to share updates, and it allows for interaction with others who share your interests. You can both learn from and contribute to the community’s collective knowledge.

On the downside, it can sometimes be difficult to find accurate information if the thread is outdated or if Netflix has released new episodes since the last discussion. Moreover, relying on user-generated content means there is always a chance of encountering misinformation, necessitating cross-referencing and verification.

In summary, while this method may require a bit of searching and sifting through conversations, it offers a way to stay in-the-know through a community-oriented approach that can often yield quick and accurate answers.

Solution 8: Social Media Inquiry


In a modern, connected world, social media has become a powerful tool for information gathering and community engagement. With millions of users and real-time communication, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit have established themselves as vital sources for sharing news, asking questions, and receiving feedback on various topics, including the specifics of streaming service catalogs. To find out the number of “One Piece” episodes available on Netflix, you can leverage these social networks by directly inquiring about it. This method could lead to rapid responses not only from Netflix’s official accounts but also from the wider anime and streaming communities who are up-to-date with the latest content information.


  1. Choose the Right Platform: Identify which social media platforms you’re most comfortable using and which are most likely to yield results. Twitter and Facebook are good starting points as they are widely used and have official Netflix customer service presence.
  2. Find Official Accounts: Follow or locate the official Netflix accounts on these platforms. They are usually verified with a checkmark, confirming their authenticity.
  3. Craft a Clear Inquiry: Write a concise and polite message asking how many episodes of “One Piece” are currently available on Netflix. Clarity is key; ensure the question is straightforward to increase the chances of a direct answer.
  4. Use Hashtags: Incorporate hashtags related to One Piece (#OnePiece), Netflix (#Netflix), and anime in general (#Anime) to extend the reach of your post.
  5. Tag Official Accounts: When posting your question, tag the official Netflix account to direct the question to them specifically and increase visibility.
  6. Check for Existing Answers: Before posting, search the platform for similar inquiries and responses to avoid redundancy – your question may already have been answered.
  7. Post at Optimal Times: Share your question during peak social media hours when more users are online, which can vary depending on the platform and your region.
  8. Engage With the Community: Respond to any answers or suggestions provided by other users and thank them for their help.
  9. Monitor Your Post: Keep an eye on your post for any responses or direct messages from both Netflix and the community.
  10. Follow Up: If you haven’t received an answer in a reasonable time frame, consider following up with a secondary post or contacting Netflix through alternative methods, like customer support.


Utilizing social media to inquire about the number of “One Piece” episodes on Netflix is an interactive and communal solution. The benefits of this approach include potential real-time responses, engagement with a knowledgeable community, and direct assistance from the streaming service’s official accounts. It can also introduce you to a broader discussion concerning “One Piece” and its availability, which might be beneficial for future queries.

However, one potential downside of using social media is the uncertainty of receiving a definitive response, as it relies on the availability and willingness of others to provide the information you seek. Moreover, the accuracy of information from unofficial sources can be variable. Therefore, while this approach is valuable, it should perhaps be used in conjunction with other solutions from the guide for the best results.

Solution 9: Netflix Release Announcements

The excitement around updates to your favorite shows is understandable. When it comes to keeping up with a long-running series like One Piece, it can sometimes be challenging to know exactly how many episodes are available at your fingertips on Netflix. One of the most accurate ways to get this information is through Netflix’s own release announcements. These announcements are the official source from Netflix regarding new content releases, including batches of episodes for TV series being added to their streaming service. By following these, you can get information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, ensuring that what you learn about the availability of One Piece episodes is current and accurate.


  1. Visit Official Netflix Media Center:
  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to Netflix’s official Media Center website (
  • This is where Netflix shares press releases and announcements.
  1. Search for One Piece Announcements:
  • Utilize the search bar on the Netflix Media Center page.
  • Type in “One Piece” and hit enter to view any press releases related to the anime.
  1. Sift Through the Results:
  • Look for press releases that discuss new episodes or additional seasons of One Piece added to Netflix.
  • These articles will often provide dates and the number of episodes being released.
  1. Read the Announcement Articles:
  • Once you find a related announcement, click on it to read through the details.
  • Focus on sections that talk about the release dates and episode counts.
  1. Sign Up for Press Release Alerts:
  • If available, you can sign up for email alerts from the Netflix Media Center site to receive updates.
  • This ensures you get the newest information promptly as it’s released.
  1. Verify on Netflix Platform:
  • After reading the press release, log into your Netflix account.
  • Search for “One Piece” and check if the new episodes or seasons are reflected on the show page.
  1. Cross-Reference with Show Availability:
  • Compare the information from the press release with what’s currently available on Netflix.
  • This helps you understand if the announced episodes are part of the content you can stream right away.
  1. Additional Sources:
  • Besides the Media Center, also check Netflix’s social media channels, as sometimes announcements are made there first.
  • Follow Netflix on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

This approach provides a reliable and official source of information regarding One Piece episodes on Netflix. By following Netflix release announcements, you can stay informed about the latest additions to the platform. This method ensures you have the most up-to-date information and can even provide additional insights, such as upcoming releases you can look forward to. One potential downside is that press releases are not published as frequently as episodes are updated on the platform, so if you’re looking for real-time updates, this might not be the most immediate method. However, for most users, who simply want to know if new batches of episodes have been added, this is an excellent way to stay knowledgeable.

Solution 10: Third-party Episode Guides


When trying to determine how many episodes of the anime series “One Piece” are available to watch on Netflix, using third-party episode guides can be a reliable method. Websites like IMDb (Internet Movie Database) or various anime-focused platforms often provide comprehensive listings of TV shows and the number of episodes released, including where they can be streamed or viewed. These platforms are maintained by communities of enthusiasts and professionals alike, who ensure the data is up-to-date. By resorting to such guides, you can usually find the information you’re looking for without having to navigate through Netflix’s interface, which might not always display the total episode count directly.


  1. Choose a Reliable Third-party Guide: Start by selecting a well-known third-party website such as IMDb, MyAnimeList, or AniList. These sites are frequently updated and are known for their accurate databases of shows and episodes.
  2. Search for One Piece: Use the search function on the chosen third-party website. Enter “One Piece” into the search field and confirm by clicking the search button or pressing enter on your keyboard.
  3. Access the One Piece Page: From the search results, click on the correct entry for “One Piece” to navigate to its main page on the site. This page should contain detailed information about the show.
  4. Find the Episode Information: Once on the One Piece page, look for a section labelled “Episodes,” “Episode Guide,” or something similar. This section will provide a list of episodes and their details.
  5. Check Streaming Availability: Some third-party guides also include information about where each episode is available to stream. Look for a “Watch on Netflix” indication or similar phrases that confirm the availability of episodes on Netflix.
  6. Count the Episodes: Take note of the number of episodes listed as available on Netflix and consider checking a few consecutive episodes to ensure the listing is up-to-date and accurate.


Using third-party episode guides presents a convenient way to find out the number of “One Piece” episodes available on Netflix without having to navigate through the streaming platform itself. These sites are user-friendly and designed to provide detailed information quickly and accurately. One of the main benefits of this method is that these guides may offer additional context, such as episode summaries, air dates, and viewer ratings, which can enhance your understanding of the show.

However, it’s important to be aware of potential downsides. The accuracy of third-party sites depends on the timeliness of their updates, so there is always a small risk that the episode list might not reflect very recent releases or removals on Netflix. Also, for regions with different Netflix libraries, the episode availability might differ, and not all third-party guides specify regional availability. Thus, while using third-party episode guides is quite helpful, it’s recommended to confirm the information with Netflix directly if possible, to ensure you’re getting the most current data.

Wrapping up, finding the precise number of “One Piece” episodes available on Netflix can fluctuate due to licensing and regional differences. It’s crucial to note that Netflix may not have the entire series due to these constraints. For the most accurate count and to enjoy the grand adventure of Luffy and his crew, regularly check Netflix’s library or consider other platforms that specialize in anime to ensure you’re getting the full experience.


  1. Why aren’t all episodes of “One Piece” available on Netflix?
    Licensing agreements and regional restrictions dictate the availability of “One Piece” episodes on Netflix, leading to a varying catalogue in different countries.
  2. How can I find out which episodes of “One Piece” are on Netflix in my country?
    The best way to check is by searching for “One Piece” within the Netflix app or website while logged into your account. The listed episodes are the ones available to you.
  3. Will Netflix add more episodes of “One Piece” in the future?
    It’s possible. Netflix updates their library periodically. Keep an eye on their announcements for any news about additional “One Piece” episodes being added to the platform.
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