How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook

Facebook is a social platform that holds a myriad of personal information, with your birthday being a piece of data that helps friends commemorate your special day. Whether you initially entered the wrong date or your preferences have evolved over time, modifying your birthday details can be done with just a few steps. Let’s explore the diverse methods to update your birthday on Facebook so that it reflects accurately in your profile, ensuring you receive those timely and heartfelt birthday wishes from your online community.

how to change your birthday on facebook

Via Facebook’s Website

Updating your birthday on Facebook’s website is a straightforward process. Perhaps you’ve had a change of heart about sharing your birth year, or you simply want to update it to reflect the correct date – whatever your reasons, the steps to alter this detail are easy to follow.

Detailed Steps

  1. Log in to your Facebook account on a computer by visiting and entering your email and password.
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top right of the home screen to go to your profile.
  3. Once on your profile, click on ‘About’ located below your cover photo.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Contact and Basic Info’ section on the left-hand menu.
  5. Scroll down to find your birth date and birth year. There you’ll see ‘Edit’ on the right side.
  6. Click ‘Edit’ and adjust your birth date, month, and year to the correct information.
  7. After making the changes, scroll down and select ‘Save Changes’.


This method through the Facebook website is easily accessible and straightforward. It offers the added benefit of using a larger screen, making the information clearer and easier to edit. However, one potential downside is that changes to your birthday can only be made a limited number of times, so make sure your details are accurate before saving.

Using Facebook Mobile App

For those who frequently use their smartphones, changing your birthday using the Facebook mobile app is a convenient option. This method allows you to make quick changes while on the go.

Detailed Steps

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines (menu button) in the bottom right corner (for iPhone) or top right corner (for Android).
  3. Scroll down and select “See Your Profile” at the top of the menu.
  4. Once on your profile, tap on ‘Edit Profile’ just below your profile picture.
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Edit Your About Info’ section and tap.
  6. Find your birth date under the ‘Basic Info’ section and tap ‘Edit’.
  7. Change your birth date, month, and year as needed.
  8. Once the correct date is set, tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner.


This mobile approach is particularly convenient and user-friendly. The mobile app is designed for ease of use, which is beneficial for users not comfortable navigating the desktop version. On the downside, editing on a smaller screen might be less comfortable for some users, and the repeated steps might be seen as tedious.

Requesting Help from Friends

If you’re finding it tricky to change your birthday by yourself, a tech-savvy friend can be a lifesaver. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t make mistakes if you’re uncomfortable with the process.

Detailed Steps

  1. Ask your friend to log into their Facebook account.
  2. Have them follow the same steps as described above for changing a birthday on Facebook’s website or mobile app.
  3. Ensure they log out after the changes have been made to protect your privacy.


Receiving assistance can be a relief, especially for those who are less confident in their digital skills. The advantage of this method is the confidence that the task is completed correctly. The obvious downside is the need to share personal information with someone else, which may not be preferred by everyone.

Double-checking Privacy Settings

When you change your birthday, you might also want to adjust who can see this information. Privacy settings are essential to control your digital footprint.

Detailed Steps

  1. After editing your birthday, you’ll see the option to alter the privacy settings next to your birth date and year.
  2. Click on the dropdown menus to select who can see your birth date and year.
  3. Choices include ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Only me’, and custom options.
  4. Once you’ve made your selection, click ‘Save Changes’.


The benefit of this step is maximized control over your personal information. It’s easy to customize who sees your birthday and prevents unwanted attention. However, keep in mind that making your birthday private might result in fewer birthday wishes from your friends.

Reverting Back to the Old Facebook Layout

At times, users find it challenging to navigate the new Facebook layout. There are options to revert to the classic version, which can be more familiar for performing tasks like changing your birthday.

Detailed Steps

Unfortunately, as of my knowledge cutoff in early 2023, Facebook has fully transitioned to the new layout, and users are no longer able to switch back to the classic version. Therefore, familiarizing oneself with the new layout is necessary.


While previously it was a possible solution, this is no longer an option. Users must adapt to the new interface, which may be a downside for some. However, the new design aims for a more streamlined experience.

Checking for Errors and Glitches

Sometimes, an inability to change birthday information can be due to an error or glitch in the system.

Detailed Steps

  1. Check for any error messages that might explain why the change can’t be made.
  2. Ensure your internet connection is stable.
  3. Try refreshing the page or restarting the app.


Identifying errors and addressing glitches is practical as it prevents unnecessary frustration. The downside is the unpredictability of technical issues, which can sometimes be out of the user’s control.

Waiting Period After Recent Changes

Facebook imposes restrictions on how often you can change your birthday to help protect user data from misuse.

Detailed Steps

  1. If you’ve recently changed your birthday and cannot do it again, you might have to wait a few days before trying once more.


This waiting period exists for security reasons, reducing the risk of fraudulent behavior. The limitation is that users must be patient and may not be able to correct errors immediately.

Verifying Age Restrictions

Facebook has age restrictions in place, and changing your birthday to reflect a younger age could lock you out of your account.

Detailed Steps

  1. Be sure that the new date you input does not imply that you are younger than 13 years old, as this contravenes Facebook’s age policy.


The benefit here lies in avoiding potential account restrictions, but it means users must be mindful when selecting their birth year.

Contacting Facebook Support

If you’re unable to change your birthday after numerous attempts and ensuring all requirements are met, reaching out to Facebook support may be necessary.

Detailed Steps

  1. Visit the Facebook Help Center and submit a request for assistance.


This solution is crucial when all else fails and you need professional assistance. However, response times can vary, and it may require patience.

Avoiding Frequent Changes

It’s wise not to change your birthday information on Facebook too frequently as this can raise flags on your account.

Detailed Steps

Limit birthday changes to when they are absolutely necessary.


This precaution maintains the credibility of your account but can be restrictive if legitimate changes need to be made.

Updating personal details like your birthday on Facebook ensures that your profile is an accurate reflection of you. By following the outlined solutions and considering the tips, you can make the necessary changes with confidence and control who has access to this piece of your personal information.

In conclusion, changing your birthday on Facebook is not just about ensuring your friends and family remember to send their best wishes on your special day. It’s also a matter of personal data accuracy and privacy management. While Facebook has certain restrictions to prevent misuse, the platform does offer flexibility to update your information, ensuring your comfort with the personal data you choose to share.


  1. How often can I change my birthday on Facebook?
    You can change it a limited number of times, so ensure that you enter the correct information to avoid being locked out from making further changes for a while.

  2. What should I do if I cannot change my birthday on Facebook?
    Double-check if you’ve changed it recently, as there might be a waiting period. Check for any errors, ensure you meet age requirements, and consider contacting Facebook Support for further assistance if needed.

  3. Can I hide my birthday on Facebook?
    Yes, you can easily adjust your privacy settings to hide your birthday from everyone or make it visible to only a select group of friends.

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