How to Control Apple TV With Your Android

Apple TV brings a world of entertainment to your living room, but what if you’re an Android user? The good news is that even without an iPhone or iPad, you can still harness your Android device’s capabilities to control your Apple TV. This guide will walk you through the various methods to bridge the gap between your Android and Apple ecosystems, whether you’re using third-party apps or alternative connectivity options. Let’s explore how to seamlessly integrate your Android with your Apple TV for a unified entertainment experience.

how to control apple tv with your android

Using Infrared (IR) Blasters

Some Android devices come equipped with an infrared (IR) blaster, which can mimic an Apple TV remote. This can be a convenient way to control your Apple TV if your Android has this feature.

  1. Check if your Android device has an IR blaster.
  2. Download an Apple TV remote app that utilizes the IR blaster.
  3. Open the app and follow the setup instructions to pair your Android with your Apple TV.

Summary: Using an IR blaster is a direct way to control your Apple TV. It doesn’t rely on network connections and there’s no need for additional hardware. However, many new Android devices no longer include IR blasters, so this option may not be available to everyone.

Bluetooth Keyboards and Game Controllers

Connect a Bluetooth keyboard or game controller to your Apple TV for an alternative way of navigation.

  1. Put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode.
  2. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth.
  3. Select the device from the list to connect.

Summary: Bluetooth peripherals can enhance your Apple TV experience, especially for gaming or typing. On the downside, they may not offer the full functionality of a traditional remote.

Third-Party Remote Apps

There are several apps available on the Google Play Store that can transform your Android device into an Apple TV remote.

  1. Search the Google Play Store for Apple TV remote apps.
  2. Install a reputable remote app.
  3. Connect your Android to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  4. Launch the app and follow the setup instructions to control your Apple TV.

Summary: Third-party remote apps offer the convenience of a virtual remote. While they can be feature-rich, they may also display ads or require in-app purchases for full functionality.

CEC-Enabled Devices

Use the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature if your TV supports it, allowing you to control your Apple TV through your TV remote.

  1. Enable CEC on your TV settings (this feature might have a different name depending on the brand).
  2. Use your TV remote to navigate the Apple TV interface.

Summary: CEC simplifies your remote collection by using just one remote, but setup can vary widely between different TV manufacturers.

Wi-Fi Remote Apps

Some Android apps don’t require an IR blaster and work over Wi-Fi to help you control your Apple TV.

  1. Download a Wi-Fi-based Apple TV remote app on your Android device.
  2. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  3. Open the app and pair it with your Apple TV following the provided instructions.

Summary: Wi-Fi remote apps are convenient and often provide a full remote experience. They do, however, require a stable network connection.

AirPlay-Compatible Apps

Use AirPlay-compatible Android apps to cast content to your Apple TV.

  1. Install an AirPlay-compatible app on your Android.
  2. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  3. Use the app’s casting feature to play content on your Apple TV.

Summary: This method focuses on content sharing rather than full control of the Apple TV but is incredibly user-friendly for streaming music, photos, or videos.

DLNA Streaming Apps

DLNA apps can stream content from your Android to your Apple TV if they’re on the same network.

  1. Install a DLNA app on your Android device.
  2. Connect your Android and Apple TV to the same network.
  3. Use the app to stream content to the Apple TV.

Summary: DLNA apps are excellent for media streaming but do not control other TV functions.

HDMI Adapter

Connect your Android device directly to your Apple TV through an HDMI adapter.

  1. Purchase an HDMI adapter compatible with your Android device.
  2. Connect the adapter to your device and link it with an HDMI cable to your Apple TV’s HDMI port.
  3. Select the correct input source on your TV.

Summary: This wired connection is stable and doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi, but it won’t allow you to control the Apple TV interface remotely.

Universal Remote Systems

Invest in a universal remote system that includes both hardware and an app to control various devices, including Apple TV.

  1. Purchase a universal remote system suitable for Apple TV.
  2. Install the accompanying app on your Android.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the system.

Summary: Universal remote systems can control multiple devices seamlessly, but they often require additional cost and setup.

Screen Mirroring Apps

Some apps enable screen mirroring from Android to Apple TV, albeit with limitations.

  1. Find and install a screen mirroring app that supports Apple TV.
  2. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Follow the app’s instructions to mirror your Android screen.

Summary: This offers a visual way to share content, but interaction with the Apple TV through the Android device is limited.


While being an Android user in an Apple-centric area may seem daunting, these solutions prove that interoperability is not only possible but can also be achieved with ease. From IR blasters and third-party remote apps to CEC utilization and HDMI adapters, there are numerous ways to control your Apple TV and enjoy a seamless stream of entertainment. Remember, the key to successful integration lies in understanding the capabilities of your devices and picking the method that best suits your needs.


  1. Can you use your Android device as a remote for Apple TV without any additional hardware?
    Yes, you can use several remote apps that work over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without needing extra hardware.

  2. Do all Android devices have an IR blaster to control Apple TV?
    No, not all Android devices have an IR blaster. You’ll need to check your device’s specifications to confirm if it includes this feature.

  3. Will using a third-party app to control my Apple TV pose any security risks?
    While third-party apps generally follow standard security protocols, you should always download apps from reputable developers and keep them updated to minimize security risks.

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