How to Defeat a Lynel in Zelda Botw

Lynels are among the toughest enemies in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, famed for their ferocity and high health. These centaur-like beasts pack a serious punch and are daunting to even seasoned adventurers. But with the right strategy and preparation, you can turn these fearsome foes into just another notch on your sword. This guide is crafted to help you champion over a Lynel, offering practical step-by-step methods to overcome these creatures, enabling even those who are not well-versed in the ways of Hyrule to stand a fighting chance.

how to defeat a lynel in zelda botw

Understanding Lynel Behavior

Before confronting a Lynel, you need to understand their behavior. Knowing their attack patterns and tells is crucial in planning your strategy to defeat them.

  1. Watch the Lynel from a distance to learn its patrol route and behavior.
  2. Notice the different types of attacks it uses, such as charges, fireball blasts, and melee swings.
  3. Pay attention to the Lynel’s roar and body movements, as they often signal an impending attack.


By studying Lynels, you can predict their moves, giving you the upper hand in battle. The drawback to this approach is that it requires patience and time spent observing rather than engaging.

Effective Equipment

Going into battle well-equipped can make all the difference. Here are the key items to have:

  1. Equip your strongest weapons and armor. The Barbarian set boosts attack if you have it.
  2. Make sure to have a sturdy shield to block attacks, and a bow for distant strikes.
  3. Stock up on arrows, particularly Bomb Arrows, which are very effective against Lynels.


Better gear means you’ll deal more damage and have better defenses. However, acquiring top-tier equipment might be challenging for newer players who haven’t progressed far in the game.

Stealthy Approach

A successful first strike can provide an early advantage. Here’s how to approach a Lynel without being detected:

  1. Approach the Lynel from behind or from high ground.
  2. Use stealth-boosting armor or elixirs to stay unnoticed.
  3. Aim for the Lynel’s back with an arrow to start the battle with a critical hit.


A stealthy approach can give you a crucial edge, but it requires careful movement, and failure might result in a tough head-on confrontation.

Stasis+ Strategy

Utilizing the Stasis+ Rune from the Sheikah Slate can buy you valuable time. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Upgrade the Stasis Rune via the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
  2. During the fight, use Stasis+ on the Lynel at the opportune moment.
  3. While the Lynel is frozen, attack aggressively before it breaks free.


Stasis+ offers a brief respite from attacks, although its short duration means you must act quickly and decisively.

Perfect Dodge and Flurry Rush

Mastering the art of dodging can turn the tide of battle with a flurry rush. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Stay focused on the Lynel and watch for its attack.
  2. Dodge at the right moment to activate a slow-motion effect.
  3. During this slow-motion, unleash a flurry of attacks.


This technique lets you deal significant damage without being hit, though it requires precise timing.

Mounting Maneuver

Lynels can be mounted for powerful attacks. Follow these steps to mount one:

  1. Wait for an opportunity when the Lynel is stunned or recovering from an attack.
  2. Run up to its back and press the appropriate button to mount it.
  3. Attack rapidly while mounted before the Lynel bucks you off.


While highly effective, this maneuver is risky as it puts you in close proximity to the Lynel’s devastating attacks.

Bomb Arrows

Bomb Arrows can significantly damage a Lynel. Here’s the best way to use them:

  1. Equip Bomb Arrows with a bow that fires multiple arrows at once.
  2. Aim for the Lynel’s face to stun it.
  3. Use the window of opportunity to land additional attacks or retreat for a breather.


Bomb Arrows inflict heavy damage, but they’re expensive and can be dangerous to use in close quarters or during thunderstorms.

Parry Technique

Deflecting a Lynel’s attacks can save you and deal damage:

  1. Equip a shield and lock onto the Lynel.
  2. Just as the Lynel attacks, press the parry button to deflect the hit.
  3. Counterattack while the Lynel recovers from its failed strike.


Parrying is a potent defensive move, but mis-timing your parry can leave you vulnerable.

Elemental Advantages

You can exploit elemental weaknesses to your advantage. Here’s how:

  1. Choose elemental weapons or arrows opposite to the Lynel’s elemental type, if it has one.
  2. Strike the Lynel with these weapons to deal extra damage and potentially stun them.
  3. Follow up the elemental attack with a series of hits.


This strategy can maximize your damage output. However, elemental weapons can be scarce and choosing the wrong element will be ineffective.

Healing Tactics

Staying alive is paramount in any fight. Keep these healing tactics in mind:

  1. Cook up meals and elixirs that restore health and provide temporary buffs.
  2. Keep an eye on your health bar and consume these items when needed.
  3. Create ‘hearty’ dishes, which grant temporary bonus hearts.


This approach ensures you can withstand more damage, but it relies on your ability to disengage from the fight to heal when necessary.


While Lynels are intimidating adversaries in “Breath of the Wild,” they can be overcome with careful preparation and strategy. Patience, observation, and quick reflexes are the key. Whether you choose to rely on stealth or face them head-on with perfect dodges and flurry rushes, each successful encounter with a Lynel will hone your combat skills and inch you closer to mastering the wilds of Hyrule.


Q: Can I avoid fighting Lynels altogether?
A: Yes, it is possible to sneak around Lynels or run away from them if you’re not ready for combat.

Q: What’s the best weapon to use against a Lynel?
A: The best weapon is the one that deals the most damage in your arsenal, ideally combined with a multi-shot bow for ranged attacks.

Q: How can I tell which elemental weapon to use against a Lynel?
A: Observe the Lynel’s attacks or appearance. For instance, a Lynel that breathes fire would be weak against ice weapons.

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