How to Make a Pipe From a Soda Can

In a pinch, creativity can turn everyday items into practical tools. A perfect case in point is transforming a simple soda can into a DIY pipe—a quick and inventive solution when traditional means aren’t available. This guide will walk you through the process, providing easy-to-follow instructions for those unexpected moments when resourcefulness is your best friend.

how to make a pipe from a soda can

Make-Do Bowl

While not intended for this use, a soda can’s concave base can serve as a makeshift bowl for a pipe. Understanding how to manipulate a can safely is paramount to prevent any accidents or inhalation of harmful substances.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Gather Your Materials: Find an empty soda can, a sharp object for puncturing (like a nail or a screwdriver), and water for cleaning.
  2. Clean the Can: Rinse the can thoroughly with water to remove any residual soda and possible contaminants. Dry the can completely.
  3. Form the Bowl: Gently push the can’s concave base inwards to deepen it. This will hold your smoking material.
  4. Puncture Holes: Using your sharp object, carefully poke small holes in the center of the indented base. These will act as the airflow for your DIY pipe.
  5. Make a Carburetor: If desired, create a carburetor by poking a hole in the side of the can for airflow control.


The Make-Do Bowl is quick to craft and requires minimal materials. However, the aluminum can potentially release harmful chemicals when heated. Use with caution and only as a last resort.

Sidewall Chamber

Innovative use of the can’s side can quickly turn it into a serviceable smoking device.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Clean the Can: Ensure the can is empty and rinsed out.
  2. Flatten the Side: Find a spot on the side of the can and press down to create a flattened area for your materials.
  3. Puncture Holes: Pierce small holes in the flattened area for airflow.
  4. Use and Hold Carefully: When heating, keep the flame away from painted areas to minimize inhalation of fumes.


Creating a Sidewall Chamber leverages a flat space for easy use, but again, heating metal can release fumes, so always proceed with caution.

The Drinking Nozzle Spout

The opening where you’d usually sip your drink can double as a mouthpiece for a pipe.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Clean and Dry: After disposing of the soda, clean and dry the can.
  2. Create the Bowl and Airflow: Follow the steps for the Make-Do Bowl or the Sidewall Chamber to prepare the can.
  3. Align the Spout: Position the can so that the drinking nozzle can be used as the mouthpiece when lighting your material.


The Drinking Nozzle Spout method is intuitive, using the can almost as intended, but the closeness to the bowl might not be comfortable for all users.

Can Rotation

Maximizing a can’s entire surface area can lead to innovative pipe designs beyond the traditional methods.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Select an Area: Rotate the can and find a suitable surface area that feels comfortable to use.
  2. Form the Bowl: Indent the area slightly and then puncture for airflow as previously described.
  3. Heat Management: When lighting, rotate the can to find the best position that keeps your hands away from the heat.


Rotation allows for more comfortable handling, but the unconventional positioning might confuse some users.

The Squished Can

Flattening the can partially can offer you more control over the surface you want to use as a bowl.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Flatten Carefully: Partially squish the can on one side while keeping the other rounded for the bowl.
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