How to Charge a Lenovo Laptop Without Its Charger

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where your Lenovo laptop’s battery is running low, but you don’t have the original charger on hand. Whether you’re at the office, traveling, or at home, there are alternative ways to charge your laptop when the standard charger is not available. With a bit of know-how and some items you might already have, keeping your Lenovo laptop powered up can be easier than you think. This guide will walk you through various methods to charge your laptop without its dedicated charger, step by step, ensuring you stay connected and productive.

how to charge a lenovo laptop without its charger

USB-C Charging

Many modern Lenovo laptops come equipped with a USB-C port, which is capable of handling power delivery as well as data transfer.

  1. Identify if your Lenovo laptop has a USB-C port that supports charging. Look for a small lightning bolt symbol next to the USB-C port.
  2. Use a USB-C charger, such as one from a smartphone or tablet that supports USB Power Delivery (PD). The charger should have a sufficient output, usually starting at 30 watts.
  3. Connect the USB-C end of the charger to the USB-C port on your laptop.
  4. Plug the other end of the charger into an electrical outlet.
  5. Check if the charging indicator on your laptop is on or if the battery icon shows that it’s charging.

Summary: Charging with USB-C is convenient and universal. However, it may be slower than your original charger if the output wattage is lower.

Universal Laptop Charger

Universal chargers are designed to be compatible with several laptop models and brands, including Lenovo.

  1. Purchase a universal charger compatible with Lenovo laptops. Make sure it comes with various tip sizes.
  2. Select the tip that fits your Lenovo laptop’s charging port.
  3. Connect the tip to the universal charger’s cable.
  4. Adjust the charger’s output voltage to match your Lenovo laptop’s requirements, which can usually be found on the bottom of the laptop or the original charger.
  5. Plug the charger into your laptop, then into an electric socket.
  6. Check the laptop for any signs of charging.

Summary: Universal chargers are versatile and can be used with multiple devices. However, incorrect voltage settings can damage your laptop, so you must ensure the settings are accurate.

External Laptop Battery Charger

An external battery charger can charge your laptop’s battery outside of the laptop if it has a removable battery.

  1. Remove your Lenovo laptop’s battery carefully by releasing the latch or switches holding it in place.
  2. Insert the laptop battery into the external charger, aligning the contacts.
  3. Plug the external charger into an outlet.
  4. Wait for the battery to charge, which is indicated by the external charger’s lights.
  5. Once charged, insert the battery back into your Lenovo laptop.

Summary: External charging allows you to use the laptop with another battery while the drained one charges. However, this method only works with laptops that have removable batteries.

Power Banks

Portable power banks that support laptop charging can be a lifesaver when you have no access to power outlets.

  1. Ensure you have a power bank with a high enough output for your Lenovo laptop, usually between 65 to 100 watts.
  2. Connect the power bank to your laptop using a compatible cable or adapter, typically a USB-C cable if your laptop has a USB-C charging port.
  3. Turn on the power bank if necessary.
  4. Verify that your laptop has begun to charge.

Summary: Power banks are extremely portable and useful for charging on the go. However, they need to be pre-charged and may not offer as many charges as a traditional outlet.

Car Charger

Car chargers can charge your Lenovo laptop using the cigarette lighter port in vehicles.

  1. Purchase a car charger with the correct output for your Lenovo laptop.
  2. Start your vehicle, or turn the ignition to the accessory position to activate the cigarette lighter port.
  3. Connect the car charger to the cigarette lighter port.
  4. Connect your Lenovo laptop to the charger using the appropriate cable or adapter.
  5. Monitor the laptop to ensure it begins charging.

Summary: Car chargers can be a handy charging method when traveling. They require a running vehicle and may charge slower compared to standard chargers.

Charging Docks

Charging docks can offer a way to charge your Lenovo laptop as well as additional peripherals.

  1. Check if there’s a compatible charging dock for your specific Lenovo laptop model.
  2. Connect the charging dock to a power source.
  3. Dock your Lenovo laptop as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Ensure the connection initiates charging, indicated by the laptop’s charging LED.

Summary: Charging docks are convenient and charge additional devices. However, they can be expensive and are not as portable as other options.

AC Adapter Cable Replacement

If your charger cable is damaged, you may be able to replace just the cable rather than the entire charger.

  1. Determine if your Lenovo charger has a detachable AC adapter cable.
  2. Obtain a replacement AC adapter cable that is compatible with your Lenovo charger.
  3. Detach the old cable from the charger and connect the new one.
  4. Plug the charger in and connect it to your Lenovo laptop.
  5. Verify that the laptop starts charging.

Summary: Replacing just the cable is cost-effective and reduces waste. However, it’s not a solution if the issue lies with the charger itself and not just the cable.

Solar Chargers

  1. Purchase a solar charger with the necessary output for your Lenovo laptop.
  2. Set the solar panels in a sunny location to maximize energy absorption.
  3. Connect your laptop using compatible cables.
  4. Monitor the laptop’s charging process.

Summary: Solar chargers are eco-friendly and great for outdoor charging. They rely on weather conditions, which may not always be favorable.

Charge with Another Laptop

If you have access to another similar Lenovo laptop that is charging or has a full battery, you may be able to transfer power.

  1. Connect a USB-C cable from the charging laptop to the USB-C port of the laptop that needs to be charged (if both support this feature).
  2. Ensure the host laptop is connected to its charger to prevent depleting its battery.
  3. Check for any signs of charging on the second laptop.

Summary: This method allows for sharing a single power source but requires compatible laptops and diminishes the host laptop’s battery life.

Superpower Charging Pads

Some compatible Lenovo laptops can charge wirelessly via specific charging pads.

  1. Ensure your Lenovo laptop is compatible with wireless charging pads.
  2. Place the laptop onto a compatible charging pad.
  3. Make sure the charging pad is connected to a power source.
  4. Wait as the laptop charges wirelessly.

Summary: Wireless charging pads offer a cable-free experience but may charge slower and are not universally compatible.

In conclusion, although losing or forgetting your Lenovo laptop charger can be inconvenient, you still have various alternatives to power it up until you can get your hands on the original charger. Whether it’s through a USB-C connection, a universal or car charger, with a power bank, via a charging dock, or even with solar power, these methods can provide you with the needed flexibility to keep your laptop operational. Remember to always match the specifications such as voltage, current, and connectors appropriately to avoid damaging your device.


Q: Can I charge my Lenovo laptop with a phone charger?
A: Yes, if your Lenovo laptop supports USB-C charging and you have a phone charger with USB Power Delivery (PD) that meets the laptop’s power requirements.

Q: How do I know if my Lenovo laptop can charge via USB-C?
A: Check the laptop’s specs or look for a USB-C port with a small lightning bolt symbol next to it, indicating that it supports charging.

Q: Is it safe to use a universal charger with my Lenovo laptop?
A: Yes, it is generally safe as long as you use a universal charger that is compatible with Lenovo laptops and you set the correct voltage for your laptop model.

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