How to Make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

In the enchanting world of Minecraft, players are constantly exploring vast new terrains, both on land and underwater. However, your adventure may hit a snag when you find your oxygen depleting rapidly beneath the waves. Fear not, for there is a special potion that allows you to take the plunge and explore the aquatic depths without worry—the Water Breathing Potion. This concoction is a must-have for underwater endeavors, allowing you to breathe as if you were on land. Embarking on the journey to create this potion doesn’t require a Ph.D. in witchcraft; simply follow these straightforward steps to unlock the secrets of the sea.

how to make a water breathing potion in minecraft

Gathering Ingredients

Before you can craft a Water Breathing potion, you need to gather the necessary ingredients. Each component plays a crucial role in the potion-making process, and obtaining them is an adventure in its own right.


  1. First, you’ll need a Crafting Table. If you don’t have one, simply open your inventory and place four Wooden Planks in the 2×2 crafting grid to create one.
  2. Then, you’ll need to craft a Brewing Stand to concoct your potion. To create a Brewing Stand, mine some Blaze Rods from Blazes in the Nether, and combine one Blaze Rod with three Cobblestones in the Crafting Table.
  3. Next, you will need to collect Water Bottles. To make these, gather some Sand to create Glass Blocks using a Furnace. Then, arrange three Glass Blocks in a V-shape on the Crafting Table to make Glass Bottles. Finally, fill these with water by right-clicking on any water source with the bottles in hand.
  4. The essential ingredient for this potion is the Pufferfish. You can obtain it by fishing in any body of water with a fishing rod. Luck plays a part here, so be patient—it might take a few tries to snag one.
  5. For the potion’s final effect to last longer, you’ll need Redstone, which you can mine with an iron pickaxe or better.


By gathering these crucial ingredients, you’re laying the groundwork for your potion. While obtaining a Pufferfish might be a matter of luck, and venturing into the Nether to get a Blaze Rod can be dangerous, these steps are fundamental in creating a Water Breathing potion. The benefits of diving into underwater adventures without the worry of your oxygen running out are invaluable, although preparation requires time and a touch of bravery.

Brewing the Potion

With the ingredients collected, it’s now time to brew the potion. Detailed steps and precise timing will lead to the successful creation of the Water Breathing potion.


  1. Start by placing your Brewing Stand on the ground and right-clicking it to open the brewing interface.
  2. Place your Blaze Powder, made by inserting a Blaze Rod into the crafting grid, into the fuel slot to power the brewing process.
  3. Put up to three Water Bottles in the bottom three slots of the brewing interface.
  4. Add the Nether Wart to the top slot. Nether Wart is an important ingredient that turns your water bottles into awkward potions, the base for all enhanced potions. You can find Nether Wart in Nether fortresses.
  5. Once the awkward potions are ready, don’t remove them; instead, add the Pufferfish to the top slot. The brewing process will start once again, and the water’s magic will work its way through the previously awkward mixture.
  6. At this stage, you have a Water Breathing potion, but it only lasts for 3 minutes. To extend the duration, add the Redstone to the top slot for the final brewing cycle.
  7. Wait for the progress bar to complete. Voilà! You now have Water Breathing potions that last for 8 minutes each.


The brewing process transforms standard ingredients into a potent underwater aid. The process is methodical and requires attention to detail during each brewing phase. Successfully creating a Water Breathing potion not only unlocks the full potential of underwater exploration but also gives you an edge in underwater combat against foes like the Drowned or Guardians. The only downside is that your potion slots are limited, so you must use them wisely during your ventures.

Utilizing the Potion

Understanding when and how to use your newly crafted potion will maximize its benefits.


  1. Carry the Water Breathing potions in your inventory when planning an underwater expedition.
  2. Before diving in, right-click with the potion selected in your hotbar to consume it and activate the effect.
  3. Notice the bubbles icon above your health bar, indicating the effect is active and its remaining duration.
  4. Dive and explore freely, as you will not lose oxygen for the duration of the potion’s effect.


The proper usage of the Water Breathing potion enables you to undertake prolonged underwater explorations safely. Remember that while its effects are temporary, planning your activities within the given timeframe ensures a productive and uninterrupted experience.

Potion Variants

Consider experimenting with potion variants to customize your underwater experience.


  1. Brew other potion types like the Potion of Night Vision to see better underwater.
  2. Combine effects by drinking multiple potions, but manage the duration carefully.


Mixing and matching potions can enhance your underwater capabilities, giving you flexibility on your adventures.

Brewing Tips


  1. Organize your brewery with labeled chests containing ingredients.
  2. Craft multiple Brewing Stands to brew different potions simultaneously.


Efficiency in brewing means more time for exploration and less time preparing.

Advanced Brewing Equipment

Consider creating an Alchemy Lab with advanced equipment for quick potion brewing.


  1. Set aside a room in your base dedicated to potion-making.
  2. Install several Brewing Stands along with storage for ingredients and finished potions.


An organized Alchemy Lab can streamline potion production and encourage experimentation.

Mixing Brews: The Mundane Potion

Broaden your knowledge by crafting other potion types such as the Mundane Potion.


  1. Add different ingredients to Water Bottles, like Redstone, to create a Mundane Potion.
  2. Use it as an ingredient for other potion types, expanding your brewing knowledge.


Understanding more potions allows for mixing brews and discovering new effects useful in various situations.

Secure Ingredients Storage

Keep your ingredients safe and organized to ease the brewing process.


  1. Use Chests or other storage options near your Brewing Stands.
  2. Label the storage for quick identification of ingredients, such as “Pufferfish” or “Redstone.”


Good organization minimizes time spent searching for ingredients and maximizes time spent on adventure.

Enchanting for Efficient Fishing

Enhance your fishing rod with enchantments like Lure and Luck of the Sea to increase your chances of catching Pufferfish.


  1. Use an Enchanting Table with Lapis Lazuli and a fishing rod.
  2. Select enchantments that increase catch rates and quality.


Enchanting your fishing rod not only makes ingredient gathering more efficient but also adds fun to the fishing experience.

Automatic Brewing Systems

For advanced players, consider setting up an automatic brewing system to save time.


  1. Use Redstone and Hoppers to automate ingredient addition and bottle transferring.
  2. Construct a contraption based on tutorials for precise movements and timings.


While building an automatic system requires a deep understanding of Minecraft mechanics, it greatly enhances potion production efficiency.

Exploring for Rare Ingredients

Venture into different biomes or structures like underwater temples to find rare potion ingredients.


  1. Prepare for the journey with gear and potions.
  2. Map out potential areas where rare ingredients might be located.


Exploring for ingredients can be as thrilling as using the potions themselves, but be aware of the dangers that lie in unknown territories.

In conclusion, crafting a Water Breathing potion in Minecraft is not just about the end product but about the journey it represents—a blend of exploration, combat, alchemy, and strategy. As you master these brewing techniques and tips, you’ll find yourself more equipped for the rich aquatic experiences that Minecraft offers. Whether seeking treasure, marveling at the underwater world, or engaging in combat with sea-dwelling creatures, the Water Breathing potion is your key to tapping into the game’s full potential.


Q1: Can I stack Water Breathing potions in my inventory?
A1: Yes, Water Breathing potions can be stacked up to a certain number, allowing for efficient inventory management.

Q2: Do I need to keep drinking Water Breathing potions to stay underwater?
A2: No, one potion effect lasts for its entire duration, but you’ll need to drink another potion or resurface before it runs out to avoid drowning.

Q3: Can I brew potions without going to the Nether?
A3: While you can brew basic potions, ingredients for advanced potions like the Water Breathing potion require materials found in the Nether.

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