How to Update Apps on Fire Stick

Keeping applications up-to-date on your Fire Stick is crucial to ensure peak performance, added features, and security improvements. Much like a well-oiled machine, your Fire Stick requires regular maintenance to deliver the smooth streaming experience you cherish. Updates can refine your apps, potentially introducing new content, enhancing user interfaces, and fixing bugs that might have been interrupting your binge-watching sessions. Let’s walk through several methods to update your apps on the Fire Stick, providing you with not only the “how-to” but also some tips and tricks to make the process seamless and straightforward, regardless of your technical background.

how to update apps on fire stick

Check for Updates Manually

The Fire Stick doesn’t always update apps automatically, so it’s beneficial to know how to initiate updates manually. This ensures you’re always using the latest versions with all the new features and security patches.


  1. From the Fire Stick home screen, navigate to the top menu.
  2. Select “Apps” to enter your application library.
  3. Highlight the app you want to update and press the “Menu” button on your remote (three horizontal lines).
  4. Look for an “Update” option; if it appears, select it to initiate the update process.
  5. The app will download the latest update and install it automatically.


Manual updates let you control when and which updates to install, ensuring you don’t disrupt your streaming during peak times with automatic updates. However, the downside is you need to remember to check for them regularly.

Automatically Update Apps

Turning on automatic updates can save you the hassle of manually checking for new app versions.


  1. Go to the Fire Stick home screen and select “Settings”.
  2. Scroll and choose “Applications” followed by “Appstore”.
  3. Find “Automatic Updates” and turn the option to “ON”.


While automatic updates can save you time, they might use bandwidth or occur at inconvenient moments, such as in the middle of streaming.

Reboot Your Fire Stick

At times, updates require a fresh reboot of your device to take effect. Restarting your Fire Stick is simple and can help updates to install properly.


  1. Hold down the “Select” and “Play/Pause” buttons simultaneously for about five seconds.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to “Settings” > “My Fire TV” and select “Restart”.


Rebooting your device is generally safe and can solve various issues. However, you might need to pause your streaming activities briefly.

Clear App Cache and Data

Sometimes, updates don’t go through because of cluttered cache or data within apps. Clearing these can help updates to install without a hitch.


  1. Navigate to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage Installed Applications”.
  2. Choose the app with the pending update.
  3. Select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” to free up space.


Clearing cache and data might resolve update problems, but you’ll potentially lose your app preferences and login details.

Update Fire Stick Firmware

Your Fire Stick’s firmware should be up-to-date to support the latest app versions.


  1. Head to “Settings” > “My Fire TV” > “About”.
  2. Select “Check for System Update” and install any available updates.


Updating the firmware can improve overall functionality but might require a significant amount of time for the update process to complete.

Free Up Space

Lack of space can prevent app updates. Removing unused apps can make room for updates.


  1. Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage Installed Applications”.
  2. Select any apps you don’t use and choose “Uninstall”.


Freeing up space allows for smooth updates but means you’ll have to reinstall apps if you want them back later.

Use ADB to Update Apps

Advanced users can use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to update apps via a computer.


  1. Enable ADB debugging on your Fire Stick under “Settings” > “My Fire TV” > “Developer Options”.
  2. Install ADB on your computer and connect to your Fire Stick using its IP address.
  3. Download the desired app update on your computer and push it to your Fire Stick using ADB commands.


ADB provides a direct way to update apps, suited for tech-savvy users. It’s complex and could cause issues if not done correctly.

Troubleshoot Network Issues

If updates don’t download, your network connection might be at fault.


  1. Check your internet connection speed and stability.
  2. Restart your modem/router or connect to a different network to try again.


Troubleshooting helps resolve update issues but might require you to understand your home network setup.

Contact Customer Support

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t update apps, reach out to Amazon’s customer support for further assistance.


  1. Go to the Amazon support site or use the “Help” feature on your Fire Stick.
  2. Provide details about your issue and follow guidance from support staff.


Customer support can often resolve your problems, but it may require time and patience to seek help and follow instructions.

Check Third-Party Apps Regularly

For apps not sourced from the Amazon Appstore, update procedures may vary and need to be done manually.


  1. Visit the app’s official website or trusted third-party source for downloading the latest APK file.
  2. Install the app using the APK file and allow any necessary permissions.


Third-party apps can offer more variety but come with security risks and may require manual updates.

In conclusion, keeping your Fire Stick apps up-to-date ensures a stable, secure, and feature-rich streaming experience. While the process is largely straightforward, it requires occasional manual oversight. By understanding how to manage updates, troubleshoot common issues, and optimize your device’s performance, you can enjoy a seamless viewing experience without unnecessary interruptions.


  1. Will updating apps on my Fire Stick cause me to lose any data?
    Generally, updating apps will not cause you to lose data or settings. However, if you need to clear the app’s cache or data during troubleshooting, you might lose some saved information within the app.

  2. How often should I check for updates on my Fire Stick apps?
    If you have automatic updates enabled, your apps should stay up-to-date without your intervention. However, if you’ve chosen to update your apps manually, checking for updates every few weeks is a good habit.

  3. What should I do if an app update fails to install?
    Try restarting your Fire Stick, checking your network connection, or freeing up space. If the issue persists, clear the app cache and data or contact Amazon customer support for further assistance.

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