How to Watch the Movie Greyhound Without Apple TV


Imagine settling in for a movie night and deciding you want to watch the thrilling war drama “Greyhound” starring Tom Hanks. However, there’s a catch – you don’t have access to an Apple TV. Not to worry! With today’s plethora of streaming options and a little tech know-how, there are various ways to enjoy your chosen movie. This guide will explore the alternatives available to you, ensuring that regardless of your device or service, you’ll be prepared to dive into the action aboard the USS Keeling.

how to watch the movie greyhound without apple tv

Using Streaming Services Subscriptions

Streaming services are the cornerstone of modern entertainment, offering vast libraries of content at our fingertips.

  1. Check for Availability on Other Streaming Platforms – Occasionally, movies like “Greyhound” could be available for rent or purchase on platforms other than Apple TV.
  2. Use a Friend or Family Member’s Apple ID – If someone you know has an Apple TV+ subscription, ask if you can watch the movie using their account.

Casting Devices

Casting devices offer a practical approach to watching content on your TV without requiring built-in support from the TV itself.

  1. Utilize a Chromecast – Google’s Chromecast allows you to stream “Greyhound” from your phone or laptop directly to your TV.
  2. Try Amazon Fire Stick – Fire Stick devices may have the Apple TV app available, letting you watch “Greyhound” with a subscription.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are not just for gaming; they also serve as comprehensive entertainment systems.

  1. PlayStation and Xbox – Newer models of these consoles have access to the Apple TV app, where you can watch “Greyhound” with or without a subscription.

Smart TVs and Other Devices

Many Smart TVs and devices come with various streaming apps, including Apple TV.

  1. Through the Apple TV App on Smart TVs – Check if your Smart TV has the Apple TV app available for download from the TV’s app store.

Digital Rental or Purchase

Just because “Greyhound” is an Apple TV+ film doesn’t mean it’s not available elsewhere for digital rent or purchase.

Public Libraries

Public libraries have evolved with technology and may offer the ability to borrow digital content.

Hardware Solutions

If streaming is not an option, using hardware solutions can be a practical alternative.

  1. External Media Players – Devices like Roku boxes or Blu-ray players might carry the Apple TV app.
  2. Connect Your Laptop to the TV – Use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV, accessing “Greyhound” via the Apple TV website or through a rented digital copy.

Internet Browsers

Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as using a web browser.

  1. Apple TV on Web Browsers – You can stream “Greyhound” through the Apple TV+ website on browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Alternative Viewing Methods

When the traditional methods don’t pan out, consider alternative viewing methods.

Viewing Parties

Joining a viewing party can be a social and enjoyable way to watch “Greyhound.”

Wait for Broader Availability

Content exclusivity is not forever; “Greyhound” might become available on other platforms in the future.


With these approaches in hand, there’s no reason to miss out on “Greyhound” just because you don’t own an Apple TV. Whether it’s through streaming services, hardware solutions, or even more creative methods, the high seas adventure awaits your screen. Dive into the options best suited for your needs and enjoy the thrilling journey.


Q: Can I rent “Greyhound” on other digital platforms?
A: It depends on the current distribution agreements. Check platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, or YouTube Movies for rental options.

Q: Do I need a smart TV to use Apple TV+?
A: No, you can also access Apple TV+ on compatible streaming devices, gaming consoles, or simply on your computer through a web browser.

Q: What if I encounter technical difficulties while trying to watch the movie?
A: Check your internet connection, update your streaming device’s app or browser, restart your device, or reach out to customer support for the platform you are using.

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