Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow How to Obtain All Hms

Embarking on a journey through the classic Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow games entails not just catching Pokemon but also navigating the world with the help of Hidden Machines, or HMs. These special items grant your Pokemon abilities that can be used outside of battle to cut trees, surf across water, and more, making them essential for progress. For newcomers and nostalgic fans alike, understanding how to acquire all HMs can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock all areas in the Kanto region.

pokemon red blue and yellow how to obtain all hms


To carve your way through obstructive trees, you’ll need the HM for Cut. This move can be obtained fairly early in the game and is essential for accessing new areas.

  1. Make your way to the S.S. Anne in Vermilion City, which requires first defeating the Cerulean City gym leader to obtain the Cascade Badge, enabling Pokemon up to level 30 to obey.
  2. Board the S.S. Anne with the ticket you receive after delivering Oak’s Parcel from the Pokemart in Viridian City.
  3. Navigate through the ship until you find the Captain, who is seasick at the time of your arrival.
  4. Interact with the Captain to help cure his seasickness.
  5. In gratitude, the Captain will gift you HM01, which your Pokemon can learn to cut down small trees.

Cut is pivotal for reaching gym leaders and uncovering hidden paths. Its downside is occupying a move slot for a battle with possibly less useful moves in combat situations.


Soaring through the skies with Fly drastically reduces travel time, enabling quick navigation between previously visited towns.

  1. After earning the Thunder Badge in Vermilion City, head north towards Route 11.
  2. At the far end of Diglett’s Cave, you’ll find Route 2. Find the house with a small tree in front of it.
  3. Use Cut to remove the tree and speak to the woman inside to receive HM02 for Fly.

Fly offers the convenience of fast travel across the Kanto region, although it requires a Pokemon with wings or similar characteristics to learn.


To cross bodies of water, your Pokemon will need to know Surf, which opens up previously unreachable areas.

  1. Win the Soul Badge from the Fuschia City gym leader, which will allow Pokemon up to level 70 to obey.
  2. Enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia City and find the Secret House, which is located deep within the area.
  3. Upon reaching the Secret House, the Warden will be inside and will reward you with HM03, Surf.

Surf is vital for exploring and is a powerful Water-type move in battles; however, each use in the Safari Zone counts towards your step limit.


Moving large boulders requires the power of Strength, which also serves as a useful Normal-type move in battles.

  1. Retrieve the Gold Teeth lost by the Safari Zone’s Warden, found near the Secret House in the Safari Zone.
  2. Give the Gold Teeth back to the Warden, who is located in a house to the east of the Safari Zone entrance.
  3. As a token of gratitude, the Warden will give you HM04, Strength.

Strength allows you to clear pathways and reach new areas, although like Cut, it requires sacrificing a move slot.


Navigating dark caves without hesitation is facilitated by Flash, although it has limited utility in battles.

  1. Capture 10 different species of Pokemon to demonstrate to Professor Oak’s Aide on Route 2.
  2. Make sure you have the Boulder Badge, and then visit the Aide in the gatehouse north of the TM5 Megaton House, which is connected to Route 2 via Diglett’s Cave.
  3. Show your Pokedex with at least 10 captured species to the Aide to receive HM05, Flash.

With Flash, dark areas like Rock Tunnel become easier to traverse. However, not all Pokemon can learn it, and it is not powerful in combat.

Tips & Tricks

Level Up Wisely

Balance your team’s levels to ensure they obey you when using HMs in the field.

Choose the Right Pokemon

Opt for Pokemon that can learn multiple HMs to save on move spaces.

Manage Your Move List

Replace less useful moves with HMs as they can be powerful in battle, but remember that HMs can’t be unlearned without the Move Deleter.

Plan Your Route Ahead

Knowing which HMs are needed for specific areas can prevent backtracking.

Carry a Dedicated HM User

Having a Pokemon specifically for HMs can be helpful, though it reduces the diversity of your team during battles.

Utilize Fly Smartly

Set strategically placed ‘Fly points’ by visiting towns to make the most out of this HM’s travel benefits.

These HMs not only enable you to explore every corner of the Kanto region but also provide strategic advantages in battles. Remember that they are permanent until you visit the Move Deleter, so choose wisely which Pokemon will learn them and consider the balance between their use in exploration and in combat.

In conclusion, acquiring all the HMs in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow is essential for a complete exploration of the game’s world. By following these guidelines, you’ll be equipped to overcome obstacles, reach new areas, and enjoy a smoother journey throughout your Pokemon adventure.


Q: Can HMs be used more than once?
A: Yes, HMs can be used an unlimited number of times to teach moves to your Pokemon.

Q: Do I need to keep the Pokemon with HMs in my party?
A: You need the Pokemon in your party to use the HMs’ abilities outside of battle.

Q: What happens if I teach an HM to a Pokemon and then want to remove it?
A: You’ll need to find the Move Deleter, who can remove the HM move from your Pokemon, making room for other moves.

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