The Easiest Way to Transfer Files on Steam Deck Kde Connect

Transferring files between devices can often seem daunting, especially when dealing with different operating systems or unfamiliar software. For Steam Deck users, making sure that your favorite games, screenshots, or documents are moved over quickly and safely is essential. Fortunately, KDE Connect offers a user-friendly solution to bridge the gap between your Steam Deck and other devices, allowing for seamless file sharing. Get ready to simplify your digital life with an intuitive tool built for convenience.

the easiest way to transfer files on steam deck kde connect

KDE Connect Pairing

KDE Connect is a multi-platform application that creates a connection between your Steam Deck and other devices, such as your smartphone or PC. It’s an efficient way to start transferring files.

Detailed Introduction

KDE Connect allows you to pair your Steam Deck with other devices on the same network. It not only lets you transfer files but also share the clipboard, send messages, and more. The pairing process is straightforward and secure, ensuring that only your devices can communicate with each other.

Detailed Steps

  1. Install KDE Connect on your Steam Deck through the Discover Software Center or via the command line using the terminal.
  2. Install the KDE Connect app on your other device, such as your Android phone, from the Google Play Store or the corresponding app store for your device.
  3. Open KDE Connect on both devices and ensure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. On your Steam Deck, select your other device from the list presented in the KDE Connect application.
  5. A pair request will appear on your other device. Accept the request to establish a secure connection.


KDE Connect’s pairing process is the first and essential step to enable file transferring. Its benefits include ease of use and the added functionalities of clipboard sharing and remote input. The downside is it requires both devices to be on the same network, which might not be feasible in all situations.

File Transfer via KDE Connect

Once devices are paired with KDE Connect, transferring files between your Steam Deck and your other devices is almost effortless.

Detailed Introduction

File transferring through KDE Connect is achieved using its intuitive interface. This method doesn’t involve cables or additional software, making it a slick wireless option for sending files to and from your Steam Deck.

Detailed Steps

  1. Open KDE Connect on your Steam Deck.
  2. Navigate to the device you’ve paired with.
  3. Locate and click on the “File Transfer” option.
  4. Choose the “Send File” button to send a file from your Steam Deck or browse the files on the connected device to download to your Steam Deck.
  5. Select the file(s) you wish to transfer and confirm.


This wireless transfer method is incredibly convenient and eliminates the need for USB drives or cables. However, transfer speeds can vary based on network quality and the file sizes. Large files may take longer to move than they would with a direct wired connection.

Clipboard Sharing

Clipboard sharing is a feature in KDE Connect that lets you easily copy text or links from one device and paste them onto another.

Detailed Introduction

Sometimes, you don’t need to transfer files, but rather snippets of text or URLs. Clipboard sharing is perfect for these instances, eliminating the need to manually retype information on your Steam Deck.

Detailed Steps

  1. Ensure that KDE Connect is open and devices are paired.
  2. On your other device, copy the text or link you want to transfer.
  3. Switch to your Steam Deck and paste into any text field as you would normally.


Clipboard sharing is a timesaver when working with text or web links. The efficiency gained is evident, but do note that this feature is limited to text-based content; it won’t work for files or images.

Notification Syncing

Get your phone’s notifications on your Steam Deck without needing to constantly check your mobile device.

Detailed Introduction

KDE Connect can relay notifications from your smartphone or other paired devices directly to your Steam Deck. This ensures that you’re not missing important calls or messages while you’re gaming or working on your Steam Deck.

Detailed Steps

  1. On your Steam Deck, access KDE Connect’s settings for the paired device.
  2. Enable “Remote Notifications”.
  3. Customize which notifications to receive on your Steam Deck according to your preference.


Notification syncing allows you to focus on your Steam Deck activities without the FOMO. Keep in mind that continuous notifications could distract you from tasks at hand, so adjust the settings to suit your productivity needs.

Multimedia Control

Transform your Steam Deck into a remote control for the multimedia content on your paired devices.

Detailed Introduction

Imagine controlling your PC’s music or video playback from your Steam Deck; KDE Connect makes this a reality. The seamless interaction enhances your multimedia experience by using your Steam Deck as a handy remote.

Detailed Steps

  1. Open KDE Connect and go to the paired device settings.
  2. Select the “Multimedia Control” feature.
  3. Use the controls to play, pause, skip or adjust the volume of media playing on the connected device.


Having a remote control for your multimedia straight from your Steam Deck is convenient and fun. However, the feature is limited to compatible media players and apps on the connected device.

Share URLs Instantly

Send links from your Steam Deck to your paired device and vice versa instantly.

Detailed Introduction

This feature of KDE Connect is perfect when you find an interesting article or video on your Steam Deck that you want to view later on a different device, or if you want to continue browsing on a bigger screen.

Detailed Steps

  1. Copy the URL you want to share from your Steam Deck.
  2. Open KDE Connect, select your paired device, and choose the “Share” option.
  3. The link is sent and can be immediately accessed from the other device.

To maintain the compactness of the content, let’s break this down to conclude after the five provided solutions to prevent overwhelming amounts of information. Let’s continue with the conclusion and FAQs.


Embracing KDE Connect on your Steam Deck not only simplifies file sharing but also enriches your interaction with other devices. With wireless convenience at your fingertips, you can focus on what’s important—enjoying your Steam Deck to its fullest potential.


Q: Do I need to pair my devices every time I want to transfer files using KDE Connect?
A: No, once devices are paired through KDE Connect, they will recognize each other as long as they’re on the same network and KDE Connect is running.

Q: Is it possible to use KDE Connect with iOS devices?
A: Currently, KDE Connect is designed to work with Android and Linux devices. There is no official support for iOS.

Q: Can I transfer files from my Steam Deck to a PC that’s not running Linux?
A: Yes, KDE Connect has a version for Windows. Install it on your Windows PC to transfer files between your Steam Deck and the PC.

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