3 Ways to Freak a Black Mild Cigar

When it comes to enjoying a Black & Mild cigar, aficionados often seek ways to enhance the smoking experience. Whether you’re new to cigars or looking to refine your technique, there are various methods to prepare a Black & Mild for smoking. Each approach might tweak the flavor or the draw of the smoke, offering a unique experience. Below, we delve into various techniques to ‘freak’ a Black & Mild cigar—industry slang for customizing your smoke. We’ll cover how to properly execute these methods to personalize your smoking session while keeping in mind a focus on safety and enjoyment.

3 ways to freak a black mild cigar

Hollowing the Black & Mild

Hollowing out a Black & Mild can modify the taste and smoking experience. This method involves removing the inner tobacco and replacing it with another smoking substance or adjusting the tobacco for a different draw.

  1. Remove the Black & Mild from its packaging without damaging the cigar.
  2. Gently roll the cigar between your fingers to loosen the tobacco.
  3. Tap the cigar on a hard surface, allowing the tobacco to fall out.
  4. Optionally, mix the removed tobacco with another substance or modify it according to preference before repacking it into the cigar casing.
  5. Repack the cigar carefully, ensuring an even distribution to avoid lopsided burning.

This approach alters the cigar substantially and can offer a customized flavor profile. However, be cautious as this changes the original manufacturer’s intended experience and may also impact the structural integrity of the cigar, sometimes leading to an uneven burn or draw.

The ‘Wood Tip’ Modification

Black & Mild’s wood-tip cigars provide a unique mouthfeel and taste. Modifying the wood tip can slightly alter these aspects.

  1. Start by removing the cigar from the package.
  2. Examine the wood tip and determine if any adjustments can be made, such as sanding it down for a smoother feel or carving a design for airflow.
  3. Using fine-grain sandpaper, gently sand the mouthpiece or inner tip.
  4. Blow through the tip after modification to remove any wood particles or dust.

The wood tip modification offers a more personalized smoking experience, sometimes enhancing comfort or changing the intensity of the cigar’s draw. Still, take care not to damage the structure of the tip, which might affect the overall use of the cigar.

The Tight Draw Solution

At times, a Black & Mild may have a tighter draw than desired. Improving the airflow can create a smoother experience.

  1. After unpacking the cigar, identify if the draw is tighter than preferred by taking a test puff.
  2. Find the areas on the cigar where the wrapper seems to be bunched or overly tight.
  3. Gently massage these areas with your fingers to loosen the tobacco inside without tearing the wrapper.
  4. Take another test puff to see if the draw has improved.

Adjusting the tightness can dramatically improve your smoking pleasure, making it easier to draw the smoke. However, be careful not to loosen the tobacco too much, which could lead to an overly loose draw and a quicker burn.

The Flavor Twist

Enhancing the natural flavor of a Black & Mild can be accomplished with infusions or by adding other natural elements.

  1. Unwrap the cigar and consider what flavor profile you’d like to introduce.
  2. Consider options like honey, fruit peels, or essential oils that can complement the tobacco flavor.
  3. Apply a small amount of the chosen flavoring to the outside of the cigar, if appropriate, and let it sit.
  4. If using a peel or another solid substance, insert it within the cigar or place it within the storage container with the cigar, letting it sit for a few days.

Introducing new flavors can bring an exciting twist to your Black & Mild experience, but ensure that the substances used are suitable for smoking and consumed in moderation to prevent overpowering the original flavors or causing unwanted reactions.

Channel Cutting

This method is about improving the airflow by creating small channels.

  1. Find a thin, sharp object like a toothpick or a needle.
  2. Gently insert the object into one end of the cigar, creating a small channel through the packed tobacco.
  3. Repeat the process to create 2-3 channels evenly spaced throughout the cigar.
  4. Draw on the cigar to check if the airflow has improved without lighting it.

Channel cutting fosters better airflow, possibly leading to an evenly distributed heat and a more pleasant draw. However, too many channels or too deep a puncture can ruin the cigar’s integrity, so proceed with a light hand.

Condensation Control

Controlling moisture within the Black & Mild can affect both flavor and burn rate.

  1. Before unpacking the cigar, notice if there is excess moisture by feeling the wrapper.
  2. If it feels damp, allow the cigar to dry at room temperature for a short time before smoking.
  3. Ensure that the cigar doesn’t dry out completely, as this can make it brittle and affect the burn quality.

Balancing moisture levels can lead to a smoother draw and an even burn. Nevertheless, too dry or too moist can result in an unpleasant smoking experience, so aim for a happy medium.

The Tip Reshaping

Altering the mouthpiece of the plastic-tipped Black & Mild can change the way you experience the smoke.

  1. Start by cautiously removing the plastic tip.
  2. Using a small knife or scissors, reshape the tip’s opening to your preferred size or shape.
  3. Ensure that any adjustments made are smooth and free of sharp edges.
  4. Reattach the tip and test it with a dry puff.

Reshaping the tip might enhance personal comfort during smoking or alter the concentration of the smoke. However, be aware that a poorly modified tip can detract from the experience or even render the cigar difficult to smoke.

Pre-smoking Aeration

Some smokers prefer to aerate the cigar before lighting it to enhance the smoking experience.

  1. Remove the cigar from the package.
  2. Roll it gently between the fingers to ensure it’s not too tightly packed.
  3. Use a pin or toothpick to aerate the cigar by poking a few holes in the wrapper.
  4. Test the draw of the cigar to ensure it meets your desired level of airflow.

Aerating the cigar pre-smoking can make the draw easier and the smoking session more relaxing. Too much aeration, though, can lead to a fast burn and a less enjoyable taste.

Slow-Burning Technique

For those who enjoy a leisurely smoke, there are ways to slow down the burning process of a Black & Mild.

  1. Refrigerate the cigar briefly before smoking it to cool down the tobacco.
  2. Light the cigar evenly and smoke it slowly, taking your time between puffs.
  3. Rotate the cigar occasionally to ensure even burning on all sides.

This technique can prolong the smoking experience, allowing you to savor the flavors. However, if the cigar is overly chilled, it may affect the lighting process and the initial draw.

Humidity Control

A consistent level of humidity can improve the longevity and flavor of a Black & Mild.

  1. Store your cigars in a humidor if available, or in a sealed bag with a damp paper towel to maintain humidity.
  2. Check the cigars regularly to ensure they’re not too damp or dry.
  3. Adjust the humidity as needed for your personal preference.

Correctly managing humidity levels preserves the Black & Mild cigars, ideally balancing the flavor and burn rate. Excessive humidity, on the other hand, can lead to mold growth or an uneven burn.

Understanding and utilizing these techniques can greatly enhance your smoking sessions, allowing for a tailored experience to your personal preferences. Each modification comes with its benefits, like a smoother or more flavorful smoke, but it’s equally important to recognize potential downsides, such as an uneven burn or a less authentic taste. Experiment cautiously and in moderation to find the right balance that works for you.

In conclusion, personalizing your Black & Mild smoking experience through various techniques can be a rewarding and entertaining journey. Whether you choose to hollow the cigar, modify the tip, control humidity, or adjust the draw, each method offers a different benefit that can elevate your enjoyment. Remember that while experimentation can lead to discovery, always prioritize safety and respect the craftsmanship of the cigar. Find what works best for you and appreciate the time-honored tradition of cigar smoking.


Q: What does it mean to ‘freak’ a Black & Mild?
A: ‘Freaking’ a Black & Mild typically refers to customizing the cigar before smoking it to alter the flavor, burn rate, or draw. This can include techniques like removing or altering the inner tobacco, adjusting humidity, or modifying the cigar’s physical structure.

Q: Is it safe to modify a Black & Mild?
A: While minor modifications can be made safely, it is important to be cautious as changes can affect the smoking experience and potentially introduce health risks, particularly if modifying the cigar to include substances not intended for smoking.

Q: Can these techniques be applied to other types of cigars or smoking products?
A: Some techniques, like controlling moisture or modifying the draw, can be applied to other cigars. However, it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of different products and that results can vary. Always research and proceed with caution when applying these techniques to other items.

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