How to Change the Email and Phone Number on Your Facebook Account

In an age where our digital presence is as significant as our real-life one, keeping contact information up to date is crucial for staying connected. Facebook, serving as a hub for personal and professional interactions, makes this a priority by allowing users to update their contact details with ease. Whether it’s to reflect a change in email address or phone number, ensuring these details are current is essential for secure account recovery and receiving timely notifications. This guide navigates the straightforward process of updating your contact details on Facebook, ensuring you remain reachable in your online social sphere.

how to change the email and phone number on your facebook account

Updating Your Email Address

Changing the email address associated with your Facebook account is a smart move whenever your primary email changes. This is the address where you receive notifications, password reset links, and it’s commonly used for logging in. Here’s how to update it:

  1. Log in to Facebook: Access your account by entering your current login credentials on the Facebook website or mobile app.
  2. Access Settings: Click on the down arrow at the top right of the Facebook page (web) or tap on the three horizontal lines (app), then scroll down to ‘Settings & Privacy’ and select ‘Settings’ from the submenu.
  3. Edit Contact Information: Navigate to the ‘General’ tab on the Settings page, and find the ‘Contact’ section. Click on ‘Edit’ next to your email.
  4. Add New Email Address: Enter your new email address and click ‘Add’.
  5. Confirm via Email: Facebook will send a confirmation email to the new address. Open it and click the link provided to confirm the change.
  6. Set as Primary Email: Once confirmed, return to the ‘Contact’ section and click on ‘Edit’. Next to your new email address, click ‘Make Primary’.

This email change process keeps your account secure and functional, ensuring you don’t miss important notifications. However, remember to use an email address you actively check, as it will be vital for account recovery purposes.

Adding a New Phone Number

Regularly updating or adding a new phone number to your Facebook account enhances security and assists in account recovery if you ever forget your password. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Open Facebook Settings: Log into your account and access the settings as described in steps 1 and 2 from the previous section.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Settings: In the settings menu, select ‘Mobile’.
  3. Add a Phone Number: Click on ‘Add a Phone’ to input your new number.
  4. Verify Your Number: Facebook will send a verification code via SMS to the number provided. Enter this code in the field provided to complete the verification.
  5. Adjust Notifications: If desired, configure your notification settings to determine how Facebook uses your number for updates.

Adding a new phone number makes it easier for friends to find you and offers an added layer of account security. However, if you are privacy-conscious, be aware that your phone number, depending on your privacy settings, may be searchable within Facebook or across apps within its ecosystem.

Checking Your Primary Email or Phone Number

It’s a good practice to periodically check which email address and phone number you have set as primary. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings: As always, start by logging in and navigating to your account settings.
  2. Check Contact Information: Under the ‘General’ and ‘Mobile’ tabs respectively, you can view your primary email and phone number.
  3. Make Necessary Changes: If the information is outdated, follow the previous steps to update your details accordingly.

By regularly reviewing your primary contact details, you ensure proper communication and safeguard access to your account.

Securing Your Account After Updating Your Contact Details

Whenever you change sensitive information, such as your email or phone number, enhancing your account security is advisable:

  1. Change Your Password: Go to ‘Security and Login’ settings and choose to ‘Change password’. Enter your current password and then your new one twice for confirmation.
  2. Setup Two-Factor Authentication: In the same settings section, enable two-factor authentication for an additional security layer. You’ll now require a special code (sent to your email or phone) in addition to your regular password to log in.

Linking or Unlinking Your Phone Number from Messenger

Your Facebook phone number may also link to Facebook Messenger. To manage this:

  1. Access Messenger Settings: Open the Messenger app, access your profile by clicking your picture, and go to ‘Phone Number’.
  2. Add or Remove Number: Here, you can add a new number or remove an existing one linked to your Messenger.

Updating Notifications Preferences After Changing Contact Info

Changing your email or phone number could also mean modifications to your notification preferences are in order:

  1. Go to Notification Settings: From the settings menu, select ‘Notifications’.
  2. Customize Your Preferences: Adjust how and where you receive your Facebook notifications, be it through email, text, or push notifications.

Review Privacy Settings

It’s also advisable to review your privacy settings after updating contact details:

  1. Visit Privacy Settings: In your account settings, select ‘Privacy’.
  2. Customize Your Contact Visibility: Decide who on Facebook can see your email address and phone number, ranging from ‘Only Me’ to being publicly visible.

Recovering an Account with Updated Details

Should you ever get locked out of your account, updated contact information is invaluable:

  1. Attempt Account Recovery: On the Facebook login page, click ‘Forgotten password?’ and follow the prompts using your new contact information.
  2. Follow Recovery Process: You’ll be guided through a step-by-step recovery process using your updated email or phone number.


As social media platforms become intertwined with daily life, keeping your contact information on Facebook current is vital. Updating your email address and phone number not only secures your account against unauthorized access but also ensures that you won’t miss out on important communications. Moreover, accurate contact details can be a lifesaver in account recovery situations. Modifying this information is a straightforward process, and this guide ensures you can do so easily, even without deep technical know-how. Simple steps can go a long way in maintaining your online presence effectively and securely.


  1. What if I can’t access my old email or phone number to verify the changes?
    If you no longer have access to the email or phone number on file, you can still use an alternate recovery method, such as answering security questions or requesting help from friends, depending on how your account is set up.

  2. Can I have multiple email addresses or phone numbers linked to my Facebook account?
    Yes, you can link multiple email addresses and phone numbers, but you must designate one as the primary contact method for logins and notifications.

  3. Should I update my Facebook password after changing my email or phone number?
    Updating your password after changing major account details like your email or phone number is recommended as it adds an extra layer of security to your account.

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