How to Claim an Inactive Instagram Account and What to Do When You Cant

Have you ever stumbled upon an Instagram account that seems abandoned? No new posts, no activity, yet the username is exactly what you’re looking for. It strikes you as the perfect match for your new brand or personal portfolio. But, there’s a snag: that dormant account is holding your ideal username hostage. You wonder if there’s a way to claim it for yourself. While Instagram has policies in place to maintain active user engagement, they also recognize that some accounts naturally fall inactive. Here’s a guide to walk you through the process of potentially claiming an inactive Instagram account, along with some tips on what you can do if you hit a dead end.

how to claim an inactive instagram account and what to do when you cant

Contacting Instagram Support
Instagram does not have an explicit process for claiming inactive accounts. However, there may be times when Instagram will review and potentially release a username, especially if the account appears to be inactive. Here’s how you might start this process.

  1. Navigate to the Instagram Help Center (you can find this through the Instagram app or website).
  2. Select ‘Privacy and Safety Center.’
  3. Click on ‘Report Something.’
  4. Follow the prompts to report the inactive account, explaining your interest and providing any necessary information.

While this approach does not guarantee success, contacting Instagram Support can initiate a review process, and sometimes that might lead to releasing a username. It’s a straightforward step without any direct downsides, though it can be time-consuming and there’s no guarantee of a resolution in your favor.

Trademark Enforcement
If you hold a trademark for a name that’s being used by an Instagram account, you might have grounds to claim it.

  1. Go to the Instagram Help Center’s ‘Trademark Policy’ section.
  2. Thoroughly read the policy to understand if your situation qualifies.
  3. Follow the instructions to fill out a trademark report and submit it to Instagram.

Using trademark enforcement can be a powerful method if you have the legal backing. However, this can be costly and complex, demanding a legitimate trademark claim, which can exclude many users from this option.

Checking Username Availability
Sometimes, you don’t have to claim an inactive account; the username might be available after all.

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Tap ‘Edit Profile.’
  3. Try changing your username to the one you want.
  4. If it’s available, Instagram will allow you to claim it by saving the changes.

This is the simplest and most cost-effective method for claiming a username, though it relies wholly on the username being unregistered or released by Instagram without your intervention.

Creating a Similar Username
If the exact username isn’t available, consider using a variation that’s still representative of your brand or identity.

  1. Go to the ‘Edit Profile’ section of your Instagram.
  2. Input a variation of your desired username using numbers, underscores, or alterations.
  3. Save your changes.

This is a good fallback when claiming the exact name isn’t possible. It lets you have a username related to your preferred name without the hassle of dealing with inactive accounts. The downside is that it’s not the exact name you wanted.

Reach Out to the Account Holder
In some cases, you might try contacting the account holder directly for a transfer.

  1. Send a direct message to the account expressing your interest.
  2. If there is an email or other contact information in the bio, use that to reach out.

Direct contact can lead to a quick resolution if the account holder is willing to transfer the name. However, the success rate can be low, especially if the account is truly inactive.

Monitor the Account for Activity
Keep an eye on the account for any signs of activity.

  1. Visit the account periodically to check for new posts or changes.
  2. Set up Google alerts for the username to stay informed automatically.

The benefit of monitoring is that you’ll be the first to know if the username becomes available. The downside is this can be a lengthy and uncertain wait.

Using a Professional Service
There are services that specialize in acquiring inactive usernames.

  1. Look for reputable online services offering to claim inactive Instagram accounts.
  2. Reach out to them for details and pricing.
  3. Hire the service that best meets your needs and expectations.

Professional services can improve your chances but come at a cost and do not guarantee success.

Exploring Legal Options
Legal options should be a last resort after all other methods have failed.

  1. Consult with an attorney to assess your options.
  2. If you have a legal right to the name, your attorney can guide you through the next steps.

Legal action is costly and resource-intensive, and should only be considered if you have a strong legal claim to the username.

Establishing an Online Presence Elsewhere
Strengthen your brand’s presence on other social platforms or through a website.

  1. Register your preferred name on other social media platforms or purchase a domain.
  2. Link these to your Instagram account to create a cohesive online presence.

While indirect, this strategy helps solidify your brand identity across platforms. The downside is it doesn’t help you claim the Instagram username directly.

Patience and Timing
Sometimes, waiting while consistently checking back is the only real option.

  1. Periodically check if the username has become available.
  2. Stay active on Instagram to pounce on the username if it gets released.

This is a zero-cost option, but it requires patience and there’s no guaranteed outcome.

In conclusion, while there’s no foolproof method to claim an inactive Instagram account, a combination of persistence, creativity, and strategy can put you in the best position to acquire your desired username. Keep in mind that respecting the platform’s rules and other users is paramount. Meanwhile, building a strong personal or brand presence on Instagram doesn’t hinge on a single username. Keep developing your content and engaging with your audience, and your online identity will grow, regardless of the name under which it thrives.


  1. Can I claim an Instagram username that matches my registered trademark?
    Yes, if you have a registered trademark that matches an Instagram username, you may file a report for trademark infringement. If Instagram determines the claim is valid, they may release the username to you.

  2. How long does an Instagram account have to be inactive to be considered for username release?
    Instagram hasn’t specified an exact duration for when an account is considered inactive. It often depends on numerous factors, such as the presence of posts, login activity, and user engagements.

  3. Is it possible to purchase a username directly from Instagram?
    No, Instagram does not sell usernames. It’s against their policy to buy or sell usernames, and any transfer of a username for compensation is considered a violation of their terms of service.

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