How to Delete Google Voice

Google Voice is a convenient service for managing telephone communications, offering a range of features like voicemail, text messaging, and call forwarding. But for various reasons, you may decide you no longer need it and want to remove your Google Voice number or even delete your account entirely. Whether you’re simplifying your digital life, prioritizing privacy or just looking to start fresh, removing your Google Voice account is a straightforward process once you know the steps.

how to delete google voice

Deactivate Google Voice

Before completely deleting your Google Voice number, you may opt to deactivate your service if you’re not ready to fully commit to removal.

  • Go to the Google Voice website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the ‘Account’ section, click on ‘Google Voice number.’
  • Look for the option ‘Deactivate’ and click on it.
  • A confirmation dialogue will appear to ensure you want to deactivate your number; click on ‘Proceed.’

Summary: Deactivating your Google Voice account is a reversible step that prevents calls and messages from being received. It allows you a grace period in case you change your mind before permanent deletion.

Unlink Number

You might simply want to unlink your Google Voice number from your primary number without deleting your account.

  • Access Google Voice and sign in.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and find the ‘Phones’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘X’ next to your linked number to remove it.
  • Confirm the removal when prompted.

Summary: Unlinking your number is a preliminary step before full deletion, it stops incoming calls to your Google Voice number from ringing your primary phone. It’s easily reversible should you decide to relink it later.

Block Numbers

Before deciding to delete your Google Voice number, consider if blocking certain numbers might address your issues.

  • Open Google Voice and go to ‘Messages’ or ‘Calls.’
  • Click on the caller you want to block.
  • Choose the ‘More’ option (three dots) and then ‘Block number.’

Summary: Blocking unwanted callers can often provide relief from unwanted communications without the need to delete your entire account.

Export Data

Exporting your Google Voice data beforehand ensures you don’t lose any valuable information.

  • Visit Google Takeout.
  • Select ‘Google Voice’ from the product list.
  • Follow the prompts to export your data in your desired format.

Summary: Exporting data keeps a record of your communications and can be especially useful if you need past messages or call logs for reference or archiving purposes.

Cancel Google Voice with Number Porting

Porting out your number effectively cancels your Google Voice service.

  • Check if your desired carrier supports number porting from Google Voice.
  • Unlock your Google Voice number for porting by paying a small fee if required.
  • Initiate the porting process with your new carrier.

Summary: By porting your number to another carrier, you can keep your number active while discontinuing Google Voice service. This can be a good option if you’ve grown attached to your number.

Delete Google Voice Service

Proceed with deleting your Google Voice service when you are ready to part ways.

  • Go back to the ‘Settings’ menu in Google Voice.
  • Navigate to the ‘Account’ section.
  • Select ‘Delete Google Voice number.’
  • Confirm your choice to delete your number.

Summary: Deleting your Google Voice service is irreversible – once done, you lose your number and all associated data, which is something to carefully consider.

Review Billing Information

After deleting your account, ensure that your billing information is also removed.

  • Visit the Google Payments center.
  • Find any subscriptions or services related to Google Voice.
  • Follow the steps to remove your payment methods.

Summary: Reviewing billing information protects against unexpected charges and should be done following the deletion of any service.

Notification Settings

Adjusting notification settings can reduce unwanted disturbances without complete deletion.

  • In Google Voice settings, look for ‘Messages,’ ‘Calls,’ and ‘Voicemail.’
  • Uncheck any notifications you no longer want to receive.

Summary: If deleting your Google Voice service feels too final, adjusting notifications can be a temporary solution.

Provide Feedback

If you’re deleting Google Voice due to particular issues, consider leaving feedback.

  • Within Google Voice settings, find ‘Help & Feedback.’
  • Submit feedback about what led to your decision to delete.

Summary: Your input can help improve Google Voice and alert the developers to issues, potentially making it better for others in the future.

Consider Alternatives

Explore other services if Google Voice no longer meets your needs.

  • Research other VoIP services or communication platforms.
  • Evaluate features, costs, and privacy options.
  • Proceed with signing up for an alternative service if it suits you better.

Summary: If functionality is the reason for deletion, finding a more suitable service can provide the experience you’re looking for without sacrificing the benefits of having a virtual number.

In conclusion, whether you’re decluttering your digital footprint or simply moving on to different services, deleting your Google Voice account is a significant step that should be done thoughtfully. The options we’ve explored offer a range of alternatives, from temporary adjustments to complete account removal. Always remember to export crucial data before deletion, review any potential impacts, and ensure a smooth transition away from Google Voice.


  1. Can I reactivate my Google Voice number after deleting it?
    Once you delete your Google Voice number, you cannot reactivate it. However, you have a 90-day grace period in which you can recover your Google Voice number before it becomes unavailable to you permanently.

  2. Will deleting my Google Voice number affect my Google Account?
    Deleting your Google Voice number does not impact other Google services or your overall Google Account. It only removes the voice communication features.

  3. Is it possible to delete my Google Voice number but keep my texts and voicemails?
    Before deleting your number, you should export your texts and voicemails using Google Takeout. Once your number is deleted, you will lose access to these within Google Voice.

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