How to Get the Best Buy Student Discount

Are you currently chasing that degree and looking to shave off some expenses along the way? One thing that can help is trimming down the cost of tech gear you need for school, and Best Buy’s Student Discount offers a fantastic way to do just that. This guide will navigate through the ins and outs of securing these sought-after deals, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make your tech purchases lighter on your wallet. Let’s dive in and explore how you can maximize your savings as a student at Best Buy.

how to get the best buy student discount

Sign Up for the Student Deals Program

Best Buy provides an exclusive Student Deals program that offers discounts on various products, including laptops, tablets, and other tech essentials that can be incredibly useful for your studies.

Detailed steps:

  1. Visit the Best Buy website and locate the ‘Deals’ section.
  2. Look for the ‘Student Deals’ option and click on it; you may need to create or sign in to your Best Buy account if prompted.
  3. Provide your student information, including your school name and your enrollment status.
  4. Validate your eligibility for student discounts by submitting any requested documentation, such as a student ID or college acceptance letter.
  5. Once verified, you’ll receive personalized offers available only through the Student Deals program.

Signing up for Student Deals unlocks a variety of discounts. While benefits are significant, the discounts are selective and may not cover every item you need, so it’s wise to compare prices with other student programs.

Check Deal Availability Frequently

Best Buy’s student discounts are not constant and can change, so you need to keep an eye on them to secure the best deals.

Detailed steps:

  1. After signing up for the Student Deals program, regularly visit the Best Buy website or check your email notifications for new deals.
  2. Bookmark the Student Deals page on your browser for quick access.
  3. Enable email alerts to receive updates directly to your inbox as new discounts are released.

Regularly checking for new deals ensures you won’t miss out. However, it might be competitive – popular items can sell out quickly.

Combine Student Deals with Price Match Guarantee

Maximize your savings by combining the student discount with Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee if you find a lower price elsewhere.

Detailed steps:

  1. Before making a purchase with a student discount, search other retailers for a lower price on the same item.
  2. Present proof of the lower price to Best Buy, either online or in-store, following the guidelines of their Price Match Guarantee.
  3. Once confirmed, Best Buy will adjust your purchase price to match the competitor’s.

This strategy can lead to greater savings, but it requires extra legwork and strict adherence to Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee terms.

Subscribe to My Best Buy Program

Join ‘My Best Buy’, the store’s loyalty program, to earn points and get informed about exclusive deals that may stack with your student discounts.

Detailed steps:

  1. Sign up for the free My Best Buy program on their website.
  2. Fill in your personal details and preferences.
  3. Start earning points for each purchase, which can convert into rewards certificates for future discounts.

It’s free to join and offers additional perks, though it requires consistent purchasing through Best Buy to reap the benefits.

Follow Best Buy on Social Media

Social media is a treasure trove for deals. Best Buy often announces special promotions and unique discounts for followers.

Detailed steps:

  1. Follow Best Buy on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  2. Turn on notifications for posts to ensure you’re alerted about any time-sensitive deals.
  3. Engage with or monitor their social media regularly to spot potential student-exclusive promotions.

It’s a low-effort way to stay informed but may require sifting through many posts to find deals relevant to you.

Download the Best Buy Mobile App

Having the Best Buy mobile app at your fingertips makes deal-hunting and purchasing easier and can provide app-exclusive offers.

Detailed steps:

  1. Download the Best Buy mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Log in with your Best Buy account details.
  3. Enable push notifications for real-time alerts about new deals and discounts.

The app is convenient for shopping on the go and could present additional offers, though it might not always provide exclusive student deals.

Shop During Back-to-School Seasons

Back-to-school periods often come with heightened discounts, making them ideal times to purchase tech with your student discount.

Detailed steps:

  1. Keep track of back-to-school sale periods, usually around late summer.
  2. Plan your bigger tech purchases for this time to take advantage of increased discounts.
  3. Monitor both the Best Buy website and physical store for special promotions during this time.

Timely purchases can yield substantial savings; however, remember that this is also a peak shopping season, and items may sell out fast.

Ask for Recommendations

Best Buy employees can guide you toward the best available student deals and may know of upcoming promotions that haven’t gone public yet.

Detailed steps:

  1. Visit a Best Buy store and identify yourself as a student to the staff.
  2. Ask for recommendations on the best current or upcoming deals for students.
  3. Get insights from staff on how to combine discounts effectively.

Getting advice from staff can lead to informed purchases, although in-store deals may differ from online offerings.

Read the Fine Print

Understanding the terms and conditions of the Student Deals program will prevent any surprises and help you plan your purchases more effectively.

Detailed steps:

  1. Read through the details of each student discount offer on the Best Buy website.
  2. Take note of any exclusions, limitations, or expiration dates.
  3. Contact Best Buy’s customer service if you need clarification on certain offers.

It ensures you are well-informed, but could be time-consuming to analyze each offer’s specifics.

Refer Friends

Some programs offer referral bonuses. Inquire at Best Buy if they provide any bonus for referring fellow students to sign up for the Student Deals program.

Detailed steps:

  1. Ask an associate or check online for any current referral bonuses.
  2. Refer friends who are also looking for student discounts.
  3. If available, reap any benefits or bonuses that come with a successful referral.

Referring friends can be mutually beneficial, though referral programs are not always active or available.

In conclusion, securing the Best Buy student discount may seem like a task that requires diligence, but the potential savings make the effort worthwhile. By being proactive, periodically checking for updates, and understanding the best times to shop, you can make the most of the discounts offered. Cultivating the habit of staying informed on deals through various channels empowers you to maximize your student budget.


Q: Do Best Buy student discounts apply to all products?
A: No, student discounts at Best Buy are typically limited to select items, particularly ones that are useful for students, like laptops and other electronics.

Q: How often does Best Buy update their Student Deals?
A: Best Buy updates their Student Deals periodically, especially during back-to-school seasons. It’s important to check their website or sign up for email alerts to stay informed about the latest offers.

Q: Can international students avail of Best Buy student discounts?
A: Yes, international students can avail of Best Buy student discounts, provided they are enrolled in a qualifying U.S. educational institution and can provide proof of their enrollment.

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