How to Make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

In the imaginative world of Minecraft, players can combine elements to create useful items for their adventures. One such item is the fermented spider eye, an ingredient used to brew potions with various effects. Understanding how to craft this component can drastically change your gameplay experience, transforming the way you approach challenges and engage with the world around you. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make a fermented spider eye, including tips and tricks for efficient crafting.

how to make a fermented spider eye in minecraft

Finding the Materials

Before crafting a fermented spider eye, you need to gather the necessary ingredients. This detailed guide will help you locate each component with ease.


  1. Sugar: First, find sugarcane plants, usually along the banks of rivers and lakes. Break them and place them in your crafting area to convert them into sugar.

  2. Brown Mushroom: Search for brown mushrooms in dark areas, like caves or shady forests. You only need one so, once found, collect it by clicking on it.

  3. Spider Eye: Defeat spiders or cave spiders to collect spider eyes. These creatures spawn in dark areas and at night, so be cautious when approaching them.


Gathering these items allows you to craft the fermented spider eye, an essential item for potion-making. While hunting spiders may pose a risk, the potential for creating powerful potions is a considerable advantage.

Crafting a Fermented Spider Eye

After collecting all the components, follow these steps to combine them into the coveted item.


  1. Open your crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid.
  2. Place the sugar, brown mushroom, and spider eye in any configuration on the grid.
  3. Once the fermented spider eye appears in the result box, drag it into your inventory.


This process turns raw materials into a potent potion ingredient. Crafting may be simple, but it’s crucial to be near a crafting table and arrange the items correctly.

Potion Brewing Basics

Understanding the use of the fermented spider eye in potion brewing is fundamental for players looking to enhance their gameplay.


  1. Craft a brewing stand by combining a blaze rod and cobblestone in the crafting table.
  2. Place the brewing stand on the ground and interact with it to open the brewing interface.
  3. Add bottles of water into the stand and the fermented spider eye to begin brewing.


Brewing potions with your fermented spider eye can grant negative effects to enemies or modify existing potions for unique benefits.

Potion Modification

A fermented spider eye doesn’t just craft any potion; it specializes in corrupting existing potions to create new effects.


  1. Prepare a potion like Potion of Night Vision or Potion of Healing.
  2. Place it in the brewing stand with the fermented spider eye to modify its properties.


By altering potions, you can create concoctions with indirect strategies against foes. However, be aware of each potion’s modified effect to avoid self-sabotage.

Farming for Ingredients

To ensure a steady supply of fermented spider eyes, consider setting up farms to gather ingredients efficiently.


  1. Plant sugar cane near water to grow more for sugar conversion.
  2. Create a dark room to cultivate mushrooms and harvest them regularly.
  3. Build a spider spawner trap to farm spider eyes without the associated risks.


Farming makes ingredient collection safer and more reliable but requires initial time and resource investment.

Exploring Biomes for Ingredients

Different biomes within the game offer varying resources, including those needed for your fermented spider eye.


  1. Visit swamps for plentiful sugar cane and occasional mushrooms.
  2. Search for roofed forests, where mushrooms grow abundantly.
  3. Nighttime exploration increases chances of encountering spiders for their eyes.


Biomes exploration can yield high ingredient rewards but with increased danger from hostile mobs and challenging terrain.

Trading with NPCs

Sometimes, gathering resources can be challenging. Trading with NPC villagers can be an alternative method for obtaining ingredients.


  1. Locate a village and interact with its residents.
  2. Find villagers willing to trade you for sugar or brown mushrooms.
  3. Remember that spider eyes are usually not traded, so you may still need to collect those yourself.


While trading saves time and effort, it can be expensive and doesn’t cover all your needs for crafting the fermented spider eye.

Storing Ingredients

Proper storage of the ingredients and finished products ensures that you have a supply when needed without overexerting yourself.


  1. Craft containers like chests to store your collected items.
  2. Label or organize chests to keep track of your stock for quick access during crafting.


Storing preserves your hard-earned items but remember that excessive hoarding can lead to disorganization and confusion.

Understanding Potion Effects

Knowing the effects your fermented spider eye can impose will allow for tactical advantage during gameplay.


  1. Research the various potions that can be created with your ingredient.
  2. Test the potions in a secure environment to learn their effects firsthand.


This knowledge guides proper potion use, ensuring that each brew serves its intended purpose with minimal unintended consequences.

Brewing on the Go

Adventurers may need to craft potent brews while exploring. Setting up a portable brewing station can aid in this endeavor.


  1. Carry the necessary equipment, including a brewing stand and blaze powder for fuel.
  2. Ensure you have a portable stock of ingredients and water bottles for crafting sessions away from home.


Mobility adds flexibility to gameplay, allowing for potion prep in various environments, though careful management of inventory space is vital.

Staying Safe While Gathering

Collecting spider eyes can be dangerous. Employing strategies to reduce risk can save your in-game life.


  1. Gear up with armor and weapons before hunting spiders.
  2. Consider using ranged attacks or setting up strategic points for combat.


Safety measures mitigate the dangers of spider encounters but can also require additional preparation and resources.

In conclusion, the simple act of crafting a fermented spider eye unlocks a plethora of strategic gameplay options in Minecraft, from brewing potent potions to trapping unfriendly mobs. With adequate preparation, exploration, and clever use of resources, this single item can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Now, you’re ready to dive into the world and wield the power of potion-making effectively.


  1. Do I need to use a crafting table to make a fermented spider eye?
    Yes, to craft a fermented spider eye, you must use a crafting table because the personal crafting area in your inventory is too small for the recipe.

  2. Can I get spider eyes without fighting spiders?
    Spider eyes are primarily obtained through combat, but if you have a spider spawner nearby, you can create a contraption to harvest spider eyes without engaging in direct combat.

  3. Can I use any type of mushroom to make a fermented spider eye?
    No, you specifically need a brown mushroom. The red mushrooms cannot be used for this recipe.

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