How to Make a Furnace in Minecraft

In the vast world of Minecraft, mastering the basics is crucial for survival and progression. One essential item no adventurer should be without is the trusty furnace. This stone contraption is your gateway to turning raw materials into tools, cooking food to stave off hunger, and even creating glass to build your dream house with a view. Let’s embark on this journey to understand how anyone, regardless of their experience with Minecraft, can create their very own furnace and harness the power of smelting.

how to make a furnace in minecraft

Gathering Materials

Before you can build your first furnace, you’ll need to gather the necessary resources. Fortunately, the materials required are quite common and easily obtainable early in the game.

Detailed Introduction:
Every furnace starts with a simple, yet crucial ingredient: cobblestone. Cobblestone is the heart of the furnace and getting your hands on it requires some basic mining.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Collect Wood: Punch trees to gather wood. Convert this wood into wooden planks, then into a crafting table.
  2. Create a Wooden Pickaxe: Use your crafting table to turn some wooden planks into sticks. Combine these sticks with planks to make a wooden pickaxe.
  3. Mine Stone: With your wooden pickaxe, mine at least eight blocks of stone to get cobblestone. This is usually found just below the surface or in the sides of mountains.
  4. Collect the Cobblestone: Ensure you have picked up the cobblestone blocks. They automatically enter your inventory after mining.

Gathering cobblestone is a straightforward process. It teaches you basic mining and crafting that will be useful throughout your Minecraft experience. However, only mine what you need to avoid cluttering your inventory.

Crafting Your Furnace

With the necessary materials in hand, you can now craft your furnace, transforming those blocks of stone into a tool of creation.

Detailed Introduction:
A furnace in Minecraft isn’t just a block; it’s a utility that opens up a new realm of possibilities. Crafting it is your first step into the realm of metallurgy and cooking.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Open Your Crafting Table: Right-click on the crafting table you made earlier.
  2. Arrange the Cobblestone: Fill every slot of the outer perimeter of the crafting grid with cobblestone. Leave the center slot empty.
  3. Craft the Furnace: Once the cobblestone is in place, a furnace icon appears in the result box. Click on it to transfer the furnace to your inventory.

Crafting a furnace is a milestone in Minecraft. It allows for smelting ores into metal, cooking food for sustenance, and crafting items that advance your gameplay. Remember, your crafting table is essential for this step, and the process could be slightly different depending on game updates or mods.

Basic Smelting

Smelting is the process of heating and melting your raw materials to create new items.

Detailed Introduction:
Understanding smelting is crucial for using the furnace effectively. It’s the process by which you can turn iron ore into iron ingots or cook raw food to replenish more hunger points.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Fuel Your Furnace: Right-click the furnace to open its interface. Place fuel (like wood, planks, coal, or charcoal) in the bottom square.
  2. Smelt an Item: Place the item you want to smelt, such as iron ore, in the top square.
  3. Wait for the Process to Complete: A flame icon will show that smelting has begun. A progress arrow fills up to indicate the time left.

Smelting is necessary for obtaining various resources that are needed for advancing in the game. One downside is that it can be resource-consuming as you’ll need continual fuel sources to smelt items consistently.

Efficient Smelting Tips

To get the most out of your furnace, consider efficient smelting strategies to conserve resources and time.

Detailed Introduction:
Efficiency is key in Minecraft, especially when dealing with finite resources. Here’s how to optimize your smelting processes.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Use Efficient Fuel: Some fuels burn longer than others. For instance, coal or charcoal is more efficient than wood planks.
  2. Smelt in Batches: Smelt multiple items at once to avoid wasting fuel, as the furnace will continue to burn for a short while after smelting is finished.
  3. Use Hoppers for Automation: As you become more advanced, consider using hoppers to automate the input of items to be smelted and the output of the finished products.

Becoming efficient at smelting can save you time and resources. However, setting up automated systems requires additional materials and a bit more understanding of Minecraft mechanics.

Fuel Alternatives

As you venture further, you’ll find different materials that can serve as furnace fuel.

Detailed Introduction:
Beyond coal and wood, there are several alternative fuels to consider for smelting. Exploring these options can help when you’re in a pinch or looking to use resources more wisely.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Lava Buckets: One of the most potent fuel sources. However, they consume the bucket when used, making it costly.
  2. Blaze Rods: Offer good fuel efficiency and can be farmed from Blaze monsters.
  3. Dried Kelp Blocks: Can be crafted from dried kelp and serve as a renewable, albeit less effective, fuel source.

Exploring fuel alternatives can provide flexibility in how you manage your resources. It can introduce a strategic element to resource gathering, as some fuel sources are more sustainable or efficient than others.

Advanced Furnace Usage

Once comfortable with basic smelting, you can explore advanced uses for your furnace.

Detailed Introduction:
The furnace has more advanced applications, including ore doubling and serving as a work-station for certain villager NPCs to improve their profession level.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Ore Doubling: With certain mods, furnaces can be used to double the output of smelted ores.
  2. Villager Workstation: Place a furnace near an unemployed villager to turn them into an Armorer, who can offer unique trades.

Advanced furnace use can greatly amplify your Minecraft capabilities. It adds depth to your gameplay, though it often requires additional knowledge of game mechanics or exploring the world for new mods.

The Blast Furnace Alternative

The Blast Furnace is a specialized furnace you can craft for smelting ores and armor more quickly.

Detailed Introduction:
For those who value speed, the Blast Furnace is an alternative that offers double the smelting speed of regular furnaces for ores and armor.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Craft the Blast Furnace: Combine a regular furnace with three smooth stone and five iron ingots in the crafting table.
  2. Use the Blast Furnace: Just like the regular furnace, but it’s twice as fast when smelting ores or metal-based items only.

While the Blast Furnace is an efficient alternative for ore processing, it’s important to note that it uses fuel at double the rate. It’s also more resource-intensive to make.

Repairing Items with a Furnace

A lesser-known use of the furnace is to repair items with it, especially when an anvil is not available.

Detailed Introduction:
Item repair is essential to maintain your gear. With the furnace, you can combine two damaged items to create a new item with combined durability, plus an extra 5% durability bonus.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Place Items to Repair: Access the furnace’s crafting grid by right-clicking it and place two similar damaged items next to each other.
  2. Retrieve the Repaired Item: The items will combine into one with increased durability.

This repair method is a useful stopgap but not as efficient or effective as using an anvil, which can also add enchantments during repair.

Furnace as a Secret Storage

The furnace can also be used as a secret storage space, which can be especially handy in multiplayer environments.

Detailed Introduction:
Hiding your precious items from other players can be crucial. A furnace’s inventory isn’t often checked by others, making it an excellent spot for concealment.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Place Items in Furnace: Right-click your furnace and place the items you want to hide in the fuel or smelting slots.
  2. Camouflage Your Furnace: Place it among many others or in an inconspicuous location to avoid discovery.

Using a furnace for storage is clever, but remember it has limited space, and there’s always a risk someone could stumble upon your hidden treasures inadvertently.

Maintaining Your Furnace

To ensure your furnace lasts and serves you well, a bit of maintenance can go a long way.

Detailed Introduction:
Much like any tool, keeping your furnace in good condition ensures you won’t be caught off-guard by an untimely absence of this essential device.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Avoid Overloading: Don’t leave items in the furnace you’re not actively smelting, as it can clog up inventory space.
  2. Keep It Secure: Ensure your furnace is in a safe location to avoid it being destroyed by creepers or other enemies.

Proper maintenance helps you avoid any surprises and ensures your furnace is ready when you need it most. However, furnaces can be quickly remade if necessary.


Stepping into the role of a craftsperson in the blocky realms of Minecraft, building and using a furnace is an essential skill that sets the foundation for your journey ahead. Whether it’s for smelting ores into useful tools, cooking a feast to sustain your adventures, or experimenting with the laws of Minecraft physics, the furnace is a centerpiece of survival and ingenuity. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to construct and utilize this invaluable tool, the world is literally at your fingertips. Light the fire, and let the smelting begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I move a furnace after I’ve placed it?
A: Yes, you can break a furnace with a pickaxe, and it will drop as an item for you to recollect and place elsewhere.

Q: How do I know if I’m using the most efficient fuel for my furnace?
A: Generally, coal and charcoal are widely regarded as efficient fuels. You can experiment or consult Minecraft resources for a full breakdown of fuel efficiencies.

Q: Can I smelt multiple types of items at the same time in a furnace?
A: No, a furnace can only smelt one type of item at a time. However, you can queue up items, and they will smelt in sequence.

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