How to Make a Minecraft Potion of Weakness

In the intricate world of Minecraft, concocting potions is a craft that can turn the tides of your adventures. Among these elixirs is the Potion of Weakness, a brew that reduces the melee damage dealt by whoever consumes or is struck by it. This potion, particularly useful in combat scenarios, portrays the deep strategy layers within the game. Whether you aim to confront skeletons less fearfully or to create a safe passage through a horde of zombies, understanding potions can greatly influence your gameplay. Setting forth into the alchemic arts may seem daunting, but let’s simplify the process, step by step.

how to make a minecraft potion of weakness

Crafting the Brewing Stand

Before diving into potion-making, you’ll need a device called the Brewing Stand. This is where all your potions will come to life.


  1. Search for a Blaze, a fiery mob that resides in the Nether fortress, and defeat it to collect a Blaze Rod.
  2. Take the Blaze Rod back to your crafting area and combine it with three cobblestones to make the Brewing Stand.


Crafting the Brewing Stand is your initiation into alchemy. While facing Blazes can be dangerous, the ability to brew potions is a powerful reward. Just remember, always approach a Blaze with the right equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Gathering Ingredients

Potions of Weakness require specific ingredients to brew. The main component is a fermented spider eye.


  1. Locate and defeat a spider to obtain a spider eye.
  2. Search for brown mushrooms in the forest biomes and collect them.
  3. Harvest sugar canes typically near water sources to obtain sugar.
  4. Combine these items in your crafting table to make a fermented spider eye.


In your quest for ingredients, stay vigilant as spiders are less friendly at night. Brown mushrooms and sugar canes, on the other hand, can be gathered with ease. Gathering these resources is safe during daylight, but always be prepared for dusk when the creepers come out to play.

Obtaining Water Bottles

Any potion starts with water, and the Potion of Weakness is no exception.


  1. Craft a glass bottle by utilizing three pieces of glass in a V shape on your crafting table.
  2. Approach a water source with a glass bottle in hand and right-click to fill it.


Glass bottles are the basis of every potion. They’re thankfully straightforward to produce and fill, relying on abundant resources like sand (for glass) and water.

Brewing the Awkward Potion

Contrary to its name, brewing an Awkward Potion is rather simple, even though it’s not required for a Potion of Weakness.


  1. Place up to three water bottles in the Brewing Stand.
  2. Use Blaze Powder as the fuel for the stand.
  3. Place a Nether Wart in the ingredient slot to brew the Awkward Potion.


This step isn’t necessary for creating a Potion of Weakness, but understanding it may facilitate your mastery over other potion recipes. Awkward Potions serve as the base for most potions, a testament to the game’s depth.

Brewing the Potion of Weakness

Now, we combine the ingredients to craft the Potion of Weakness.


  1. Place your water bottle(s) in the Brewing Stand.
  2. Add the fermented spider eye on the top slot.


With no need for an Awkward Potion as a base, you’ve skipped a common step in the brewing process, making the Potion of Weakness both unique and simple to concoct. It’s perfect for beginners to dip their toes into the world of Minecraft alchemy.

Enhancing the Potion

You have your basic Potion of Weakness, but maybe you want its effects to last longer.


  1. Add Redstone Dust to the potion in the Brewing Stand to extend its duration.


Enhancing your potion can greatly benefit your strategic endeavors. The extended effect can make your journey safer or your combat encounters more manageable, though resource collection adds an additional task.

Converting a Zombie Villager

One practical use for the Potion of Weakness is to convert Zombie Villagers back into regular Villagers.


  1. Throw the Potion of Weakness at a Zombie Villager.
  2. Offer them a Golden Apple right after.


This act of healing rewards you by restoring Village populations and improving trades. However, the risk of confronting these afflicted villagers can be perilous without proper preparation.

Potion Storage and Management

Storing and organizing your potions ensures they’re accessible when needed.


  1. Designate chests or racks specifically for your potion collection.
  2. Label or sort them for quick identification during pressing moments.


Organization may sound mundane, yet in a panic, having potions neatly stored and labeled could mean the difference between life and defeat.

Creating Splash Potions of Weakness

Perhaps you prefer a throwable potion for more tactical applications.


  1. Add Gunpowder to the Potion of Weakness in the Brewing Stand.


Converting your potion to a splash version adds versatility in applying its effects, particularly in combat or healing situations. However, acquiring gunpowder entails braving explosive Creepers.

Application in Player vs. Player (PvP)

In PvP, using potions can shift the balance. Weakness Potions are particularly effective.


  1. Conceal the potion in your hotbar.
  2. Utilize it tactically in combat to reduce your opponent’s melee damage.


In PvP scenarios, potions can provide significant tactical advantages, but they also require foresight and rapid reflexes. Misusing a potion can be detrimental, wasting both the brew and a strategic moment.

Master the Timing of Potion Use

Timing is crucial for maximizing the efficacy of potions.


  1. Observe patterns in mobs or players.
  2. Deploy the Potion of Weakness when its effects can be fully utilized.


Mastering potion timing can empower you to traverse dangerous territories or turn the tides in combat. Much like in life, timing in Minecraft can be everything.

Expanding your Minecraft expertise to include potion brewing enriches your overall experience, providing you with tactical advantages and a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics. Embracing this skill set not just enhances gameplay but also cultivates a strategic mind. Just remember, while potions offer extraordinary powers, they are but one tool in your arsenal. Use them wisely and judiciously, and you will find your Minecraft adventures all the more fulfilling.


Q: Can the Potion of Weakness be thrown?
A: Yes, by adding Gunpowder to the Potion of Weakness in the Brewing Stand, it becomes a Splash Potion that can be thrown at players, mobs, or yourself.

Q: How long does the Potion of Weakness effect last?
A: The basic Potion of Weakness lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds. However, by adding Redstone Dust, you can extend the duration to 4 minutes.

Q: Is the Potion of Weakness useful for enhancing other potions?
A: No, the Potion of Weakness does not enhance other potions. Its primary use is to weaken mobs or other players, or to convert Zombie Villagers back into normal Villagers with the help of a Golden Apple.

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