How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Venturing into the blocky realms of Minecraft, you’re bound to encounter the terrors of the night or the dark corners of the underground. To repel the darkness and monsters that lurk, a torch is your best friend. It’s a staple for exploring, mining, and settling in this virtual sandbox. Luckily, making a torch is a simple task, even for a newcomer. Here’s how you can light up your Minecraft world with some basic instructions.

how to make a torch in minecraft

Crafting a Basic Torch

In the world of Minecraft, creating a basic torch is one of the first skills you need to master. It’s essential for lighting up dark areas and preventing hostile mobs from spawning.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Gather wood from trees by left-clicking on the wood block till it breaks.
  2. Open your inventory with ‘E’ and place the wooden block into the crafting area to create wooden planks.
  3. Use the wooden planks to create sticks by placing one plank on top of another in the crafting area.
  4. Mine coal by finding a stone block with black specks and breaking it with a pickaxe.
  5. Open the crafting menu again.
  6. Place a stick in the bottom row of the crafting grid and coal above it. This will give you four torches.

Basic torches are simple to make and are crucial for exploration and safety. They’re easy to create in large quantities but do require that you have coal, which sometimes involves a bit of mining.

Charcoal Torch

If you’ve just started a new game and coal isn’t readily available, you can make charcoal for your torches by smelting wood.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Create a crafting table by converting wooden logs into wooden planks and arranging them in a 2×2 pattern in the crafting section of your inventory.
  2. Craft a furnace by surrounding the center space of the crafting grid with eight cobblestones, which you mine from stone blocks with a pickaxe.
  3. Place the furnace on the ground by right-clicking and open it.
  4. Use wooden planks as fuel by placing them in the bottom slot of the furnace.
  5. Smelt wooden logs (not planks) by placing them in the top slot of the furnace. This creates charcoal.
  6. Open the crafting menu and make torches by using the charcoal just like you would use coal.

Charcoal torches are an excellent alternative when coal is scarce. The process requires a bit more effort and time since you need to smelt charcoal first but ensures that you have a reliable source of light early in the game.

Soul Torch

For those venturing into the Nether, crafting a soul torch not only provides light but also keeps away a certain type of mob—piglins.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Gather Soul Sand or Soul Soil from the Nether using a shovel.
  2. Mine coal or create charcoal as described previously.
  3. Make sticks from wooden planks.
  4. Open the crafting table and place a stick at the bottom middle slot.
  5. Place either Soul Sand or Soul Soil directly above the stick in the middle slot.
  6. Place coal or charcoal on top of the Soul Sand/Soul Soil.

Soul Torches are a variation that emits a lower light level but can be used to create soul lanterns or keep piglins at bay. They give off a blue light and can add an eerie aesthetic to your base or surroundings.

Redstone Torch

When you delve into Redstone engineering in Minecraft, the Redstone torch becomes a fundamental component for building circuits.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Mine Redstone dust by using an iron pickaxe or better on Redstone ore.
  2. Create sticks from wooden planks.
  3. Open your crafting table.
  4. Place a stick in the bottom center slot of the crafting grid.
  5. Place Redstone dust directly above the stick on the crafting grid.

Redstone torches serve as a power source for many Redstone-based contraptions, but they emit a very dim light that’s not suitable for keeping mobs away. They’re pivotal in your journey into Minecraft’s electrical side of gameplay.

Using Torches to Keep Mobs Away

Torches not only light up dark places but are also essential in creating a safe area free from hostile mobs, which require a light level of 7 or less to spawn.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Craft multiple basic torches as previously described.
  2. Scatter torches around your base or along paths at no more than 12 blocks apart.
  3. Pay particular attention to covering all sides of your structures and the roof, as mobs can spawn on top and drop down.

Regularly placing torches around your habitat ensures a safe zone from nighttime threats and provides visibility. This may not be a “crafting” solution but is an essential use of the torch.

Torch Placement Tips

Effective torch placement maximizes light coverage and conserves resources. Here’s how to do it efficiently.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Place torches on every tenth block in a grid pattern for balanced light distribution.
  2. To light up caves, place torches on one side as you walk (for example, always on the right wall). This helps you find your way back by ensuring that the torches are on your left.
  3. Use torches to mark points of interest, like the entrance to your mine or important crossroads.

Strategic placement of torches not only conserves them but can also assist in navigation. This makes it an invaluable tip, especially for those prone to getting lost in expansive cave systems or dense forests.

Automated Torch-Making Machine

For advanced players, an automated torch-making machine using hoppers and Redstone can streamline your torch production.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Gather enough iron to create at least 3 hoppers by mining iron ore and smelting it in a furnace.
  2. Craft a small Redstone circuit that triggers a dispenser filled with sticks.
  3. Create adjacent hoppers that feed coal and sticks into the dispenser.
  4. Connect a button/lever to the Redstone circuit to dispense the torch components directly to the player or a chest.

While this is a more advanced tool, an automated torch-maker can save time and provide you with torches on-demand. However, setting it up requires some knowledge of Redstone mechanics.

Decorating with Torches

Not just functional, torches can be part of your decorative arsenal to create ambiance or highlight certain areas in your Minecraft builds.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Create basic or soul torches.
  2. Alternately place torches around the perimeter of a room or along pathways.
  3. Use item frames to place torches at specific points on your walls for a more polished look.
  4. Combine torches with fences by placing the torch on top of a fence post for a tiki torch effect.

Decorating with torches adds life and character to your constructions. Though they’re simple, they can be an essential part of your decorative theme.

Conservational Use of Torches

For survival mode players, conserving resources is key. Torches can be part of your sustainability strategy in Minecraft.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Only light up essential areas thoroughly, like around your base or important pathways.
  2. In less frequented areas, use minimal lighting to prevent mob spawning without wasting torches.
  3. Reclaim torches from abandoned areas or places you no longer frequent.

Conserving torches is a way to be efficient with your resources, especially early in the game or if you’re playing on a harder difficulty where resources are scarce.

Maximizing Torch Utility

Understanding the light levels that torches emit is crucial to their strategic placement and conservational use.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Remember that torches emit a light level of 14.
  2. Light diminishes by one level for every block distance from the torch.
  3. Place torches strategically to maintain the optimum light level (above 7) to prevent mob spawning without excess.

By understanding the mechanics of light levels, players can use torches strategically, avoiding the unnecessary expenditure of resources and the risk of unwanted mob appearances.

In conclusion, mastering the creation and use of torches in Minecraft is pivotal to your survival and success in the game. Whether used for their utility value in exploring and securing your environment or their aesthetic value in decorating your space, torches are a versatile item that can serve a myriad of purposes. By following these solutions and tips, you will brighten your journey through the blocks, ensuring that you don’t get caught in the dark.


  1. Q: Can torches burn wood or other flammable materials in Minecraft?
    A: No, torches in Minecraft do not ignite fires or burn flammable materials, making them safe to use for lighting around any construction materials.

  2. Q: How do I make torches last underwater in Minecraft?
    A: Torches cannot be placed underwater and will break if water touches them. For underwater lighting, you would need to use other light sources such as sea lanterns or Glowstone.

  3. Q: Can I hold a torch to light my way in Minecraft?
    A: By default, holding a torch in your hand does not emit light. However, there are mods like OptiFine or the Dynamic Lights mod that allow handheld torches to cast light.

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