How to Play Black Magic 13 Steps

Imagine a game that combines the fun of a guessing game with a touch of magic. Well, that’s exactly what you get with the playful and intriguing party game often referred to as “Black Magic”. This delightful activity is perfect for groups, parties, or any casual gathering where laughter and camaraderie are on the agenda. It involves sleight of mind rather than sleight of hand and keeps everyone guessing the hidden secret that powers the ‘magic’. If you’re ready to be the life of your next get-together, read on to uncover how you can mystify your friends with this simple yet captivating game.

how to play black magic 13 steps

The Setup

Before you can wow your audience with Black Magic, understanding the structure of the game is key. It is a two-person act, usually performed by a ‘guesser’ and a ‘pointer’. The guesser leaves the room, and the rest of the group chooses an object. When the guesser returns, the pointer begins to show various items around the room. The magic happens when the guesser miraculously identifies the chosen object.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Choose a partner with whom you will perform the game. This person will play the role of the guesser while you will be the pointer.
  2. Gather your audience and explain that you will demonstrate a magical connection with your partner.
  3. Have the guesser leave the room so they cannot overhear or see how the object is selected.
  4. Your audience chooses any object in the room to be the one the guesser will have to identify upon their return.
  5. With the object chosen and the guesser out of sight, establish a secret signal, which is usually a predetermined color, like black. Any object immediately after something black will be the chosen object.
  6. Call the guesser back into the room.
  7. Begin pointing to various items in the room, at random, making sure to point to several different colored items before anything black.
  8. After you have pointed to something black, the next item you point to should be the selected object.
  9. Watch in delight as your guesser, seemingly using telepathic powers, picks out the correct object.
  10. Revel in the amazement and curiosity of your audience, as they try to figure out the secret.


This simple yet clever game is perfect for building rapport and excitement in a group setting. It fosters a sense of wonder and encourages people to think creatively as they try to solve the mystery. While there are no significant downsides, occasionally a discerning participant may decipher the secret, but this just adds an additional layer of challenge for you to vary the game and maintain its mystique.

The Secret Signal

A critical element in Black Magic is the establishment of a secret signal that only the guesser and the pointer know. This covert cue is what makes the ‘magic’ possible.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Before the game starts, agree with your guesser on a secret signal. Commonly, this is the color black.
  2. Practice with your partner to ensure you both can recognize the signal smoothly during the game.
  3. During the game, point to random objects, then at an item that contains the color black, and then the chosen object.
  4. Continue the process, periodically pointing at black items followed by random items, to avoid making the pattern obvious.
  5. Your guesser pretends to be in deep thought, pretending to sense the correct item through your hints.


Employing a secret signal cleverly is the linchpin here. It enables the illusion of mind reading and adds an element of surprise for your audience. The principal downside could be the possibility of making the signal too obvious, which can quickly unravel the mystery of the game.

… [More solutions can be inserted here following the format]

In conclusion, Black Magic is an endearing party game that is perfect for stirring up excitement and challenging the minds of participants. It reinforces team dynamics and provides endless entertainment through a seemingly mystical experience. Although the trick behind Black Magic is simple, the joy it brings when well executed can become a memorable part of any gathering.


Q: Can the secret signal in Black Magic be something other than a color?
A: Absolutely! While color is a popular choice for its simplicity, you can get creative and use any sort of consistent pattern as your secret signal.

Q: How many people can play Black Magic?
A: The game is best performed with at least three people — one guesser, one pointer, and an audience. However, there’s no upper limit to the number of people who can watch and be confounded by your ‘psychic’ abilities.

Q: Is it possible for someone to figure out the secret to Black Magic?
A: Yes, especially if they are very observant or have seen the game played before. To keep it interesting, you should occasionally change the secret signal or pattern.

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