How to See Your Product Viewing History on Amazon

Shopping online has become second nature to many of us, and it’s quite common to browse through countless products on platforms like Amazon, perhaps losing track of that perfect item you stumbled upon days ago. Fortunately, Amazon records your viewing history, allowing you to revisit previously viewed items with ease. Whether you’re trying to find that specific product you saw last week or you want to clear your browsing history for privacy concerns, understanding how to access and manage your product viewing history can enhance your shopping experience.

how to see your product viewing history on amazon

Viewing Your Amazon Browsing History

When shopping on Amazon, the platform keeps a record of the items you’ve looked at. This can be incredibly helpful when you want to return to a previously viewed product.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Log into Your Account: Go to the Amazon website and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Access Your Browsing History: Hover over “Accounts & Lists” at the top-right of the page, then select “Browsing History” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Review Your History: You’ll now see a list of products you’ve recently viewed on Amazon. You can scroll through this list to find the items you’re interested in.


Browsing your viewing history is a straightforward way to backtrack your steps and find products you’ve previously shown interest in. However, if multiple people use your account, this history may include items you have not personally viewed.

Using the Amazon App

If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, the Amazon app can provide access to your viewing history too.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Open the Amazon App: Tap on the Amazon app on your device to open it.
  2. Go to Your Account: Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines), then select “Your Account.”
  3. Find Your Browsing History: Scroll down until you see “Your Recently Viewed Items” and tap on it.


Using the app offers the convenience of checking your history on the go. However, the app might show a more limited history compared to the full website.

Clearing Your Browsing History

For privacy or to declutter, you may want to clear your history.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Navigate to Your Browsing History: Follow the steps from the first method to get to your browsing history.
  2. Remove Specific Items: To delete individual items, click “Remove” beside each product.
  3. Clear Entire History: To delete all browsing history, select “Manage history” then click “Remove all items from view.”


Clearing your history is beneficial for maintaining privacy. The downside is that you may have difficulty finding the same products again in the future.

Disabling Browsing History

You may prefer to disable the recording of your browsing history altogether.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Go to Your Browsing History: Use the steps provided in the first method to access this feature.
  2. Disable History Recording: Select “Manage history” and then toggle “Turn off browsing history” to the off position.


Disabling history recording allows for immediate privacy but at the cost of not being able to look back at products you viewed previously.

Email Reminders for Viewed Products

Sometimes, Amazon will send you emails based on your viewing history.


These emails can serve as an indirect viewing history, reminding you of items you’ve seen. However, some may find these emails to be clutter in their inbox and prefer to turn off related notifications.

Customizing Your Recommendations

Amazon’s recommendations are based on your viewing history and purchases.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Go to Your Account: Navigate to “Your Account.”
  2. Personalize Recommendations: Select “Your Recommendations” and then “Improve Your Recommendations” to refine what Amazon suggests for you.


Personalizing recommendations can help you discover new products tailored to your tastes, but it may also lead to a less diverse shopping experience.

Viewing History on Different Devices

Accessing your account from multiple devices might influence your browsing history.


It’s important to know that your viewing history is linked to your account, not your device. This means you can access your history anywhere, but it also means anyone with access to your account on any device can view this history.

Sharing Your Wish List

While not directly related to your viewing history, sharing your wish list can indirectly reveal what you’ve been looking at.


A wish list is a handy tool for keeping track of desired products and can be shared with friends and family. However, keep in mind what you add to your wish list may also reflect your viewing habits.

Amazon Household Sharing

With Amazon Household, you can share certain Amazon Prime benefits and digital content with another adult, teens, and children in your household.


This feature can be great for families but remember this may affect the items that appear in your browsing history.

History Across Multiple Amazon Websites

Amazon operates different websites for various countries, and each may have separate browsing histories.


For those who shop on multiple Amazon websites, this can lead to a segmented view of your browsing habits, requiring you to check each site individually for your history.

Maintain Account Security

Regularly updating your Amazon account password and enabling two-factor authentication can safeguard your browsing history.


Keeping your account secure is crucial, not only for your purchase history but also for privacy regarding the products you view.

In conclusion, your Amazon browsing history is a useful tool that reflects your online shopping journey. From finding items you’ve previously viewed to managing and protecting your browsing habits, understanding how to navigate your product viewing history is fundamental for a smooth and personalized Amazon shopping experience. These steps and tips aim to help you leverage your browsing history for convenience while maintaining control over your privacy. Remember to prioritize account security to keep your internet shopping experience both enjoyable and secure.


  1. Can I view my Amazon browsing history across all devices?
    Yes, your Amazon browsing history is linked to your Amazon account, so it’s accessible from any device as long as you’re logged into your account.

  2. Is it possible to retrieve an item from my browsing history after I’ve cleared it?
    Once you’ve cleared your browsing history, you cannot retrieve a specific item from it. It’s best to add items to your wish list or cart if you’re considering purchasing them later.

  3. How can I prevent others from seeing my browsing history on a shared device?
    You can disable your browsing history from being recorded, log out of your Amazon account after each use, or use features like Amazon Household to share benefits while maintaining private browsing histories.

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