How to Unhide a Post on Facebook

Facebook is an ever-evolving platform, connecting users and enabling them to share their thoughts, memories, and activities. Occasionally, in the swarm of online interactions, you may decide to make a post less visible to your audience by hiding it. Maybe you’ve had a change of heart about a particular post, or perhaps it holds sentimental value you now wish to resurrect. Whatever the reason, unearthing a hidden Facebook post is a common need amongst users. Despite its seemingly intricate web of privacy settings, unearthing a post that you’ve hidden is simpler than you might think. With a few clicks and a bit of navigation through the Facebook interface, you can bring these posts back into the light.

how to unhide a post on facebook

Unhiding a Post from Timeline

There are times when you may inadvertently hide a post from your Facebook timeline or do so intentionally, only to realize later that you want it back. Thankfully, Facebook makes it easy to reverse that decision.

  1. Log in to Facebook: Open Facebook and log in with your username and password.
  2. Go to your Profile: Click on your profile picture or name in the top right corner to go to your profile.
  3. Access the Activity Log: On your profile, click the three-dotted menu button under the cover photo and select ‘Activity Log’.
  4. Find the post: Use the ‘Filter’ option to select ‘Hidden from timeline’. Scroll through the list until you find the post you want to unhide.
  5. Unhide the post: Click on the ‘no’ symbol () or the dots to the right of the post and then select ‘Allowed on Timeline’.

After completing these steps, your post will reappear on your timeline for your friends or the public to see, depending on your privacy settings at the time it was first posted.

Summary: Unhiding posts from your timeline is a quick process that can help rectify a change of mind. The downside is that it may take some time to find the specific post if you have a long timeline or many hidden items.

Managing Posts through Settings

Sometimes, we might miss the option of unhiding posts directly from the timeline, but fear not; there’s another way.

  1. Go to Settings & Privacy: Click on the downward arrow in the top right corner, then select ‘Settings & Privacy’.
  2. View your Activity Log: Click on ‘Activity Log’.
  3. Locate Hidden Posts: Click on ‘Hidden from timeline’ under ‘Logged Actions and Other Activity’.
  4. Unhide the desired post: Find the post you wish to unhide and click the ‘no’ symbol () or the dots, then select ‘Allowed on Timeline’.

Summary: This route caters to those who find direct profile navigation challenging. It offers an alternative way to achieve the same end result, though it may seem more convoluted to some users.

Mobile App Unhiding

The Facebook experience is not limited to desktop users. Many interact with the platform via the mobile app, where unhiding posts is also possible.

  1. Open the Facebook App: Tap on the app icon to open Facebook on your phone.
  2. Visit Your Profile: Tap on the three horizontal lines, then tap on your name to visit your profile.
  3. Access Activity Log: Tap on the three-dotted menu button next to ‘Add to Story’, then select ‘Activity Log’.
  4. Find Hidden Posts: Tap on ‘Category’ then select ‘Hidden from Profile’ to see the list of posts you’ve hidden.
  5. Unhide Posts: Tap on the arrow next to the post you want to unhide, then select ‘Show on Profile’.

Summary: Unhiding posts on the mobile app is a straightforward process that mirrors its desktop counterpart, offering convenience for those on-the-go, but may be slightly fiddly on smaller screens.

From the Timeline Review

If a post is hidden because it was tagged and awaiting your review, you can unhide it directly from the Timeline Review feature.

  1. Access the Timeline Review: Go to your ‘Activity Log’ and find the ‘Timeline Review’ section.
  2. Select the Post: Look for the hidden post you want to approve.
  3. Unhide the Post: Click ‘Add to Timeline’ to unhide and approve it for your timeline.

Summary: Timeline Review gives control over tagged content, preventing unwanted posts from appearing on your timeline without consent. It can, however, be a repetitive process if you have many posts to review.

Tips and Tricks for Easier Post Management

  • User-friendly Interface: Utilize Facebook’s user-friendly interface to easily navigate through your activity.
  • Search Functionality: Use the search bar in the Activity Log to find specific posts.
  • Review Privacy Settings: Regularly review your privacy settings to maintain control over who sees your content.

Summary: By familiarizing yourself with Facebook’s interface and utilizing its features, you can manage your posts more efficiently, although it may take some time to get used to the various functions.

Using Browser Extensions

For those who prefer using Facebook on a browser, numerous browser extensions can assist in managing your Facebook experience more effectively.

  1. Install a Suitable Extension: Find a browser extension that offers post management features for Facebook and install it.
  2. Navigate to the Hidden Posts: Use the extension’s tools to navigate to your hidden posts quickly.
  3. Unhide Posts: Follow the extension’s process to unhide your desired posts.

Summary: Browser extensions can streamline the Facebook management process, although they require trust in third-party software and understanding of how to install and use browser extensions.

Enlist the Help of Friends

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help in finding hidden posts or navigating complex menus.

  1. Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family members who are more familiar with Facebook’s layout.
  2. Guide Them: Explain what you are trying to do so they can follow the steps to unhide your post.
  3. Review Together: Once the post is unhidden, review it together to ensure it meets your current privacy and visibility preferences.

Summary: This approach adds a human touch, though it may not be suitable for those who are protective of their account security or privacy.

Regular Review and Clean-Up

Create a habit of periodically reviewing your hidden posts and timeline. This can aid in avoiding the build-up of content you may want to unhide in the future.

Summary: Consistent review keeps you updated with your content’s status but requires discipline and time management.


Unhiding posts on Facebook, whether through the desktop, mobile app, or other tools, presents users with several straightforward options. Each method enables control over your online presence and history, reflecting the dynamic nature of how we share and manage our digital interactions. Your personal comfort level with the platform’s various aspects will guide which method best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I unhide a Facebook post if I’m not the original poster?
A: No, you can only unhide posts that you originally hid from your own timeline.

Q: Will my friends be notified when I unhide a post?
A: No, your friends will not receive a notification when you unhide a post, but they may see it in their newsfeed if it’s made public.

Q: Is there a limit to how many posts I can unhide?
A: No, Facebook does not impose a limit on the number of posts you can unhide.

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