How to Use Incantations in Elden Ring

Embarking on an epic journey through the world of Elden Ring offers a rich tapestry of experiences for the gamer. One of the most thrilling aspects is the use of incantations—powerful spells that can heal, protect, and obliterate foes. Navigating these magical abilities may seem daunting, but with the right guidance, anyone can become a master of the arcane. Let’s delve into how you can harness these ancient words of power to become a force to be reckoned with in the Lands Between.

how to use incantations in elden ring

Unlocking The Power of Faith

To wield incantations in Elden Ring, one must first understand the attribute of Faith. This characteristic is central to many incantations and your ability to cast them effectively. Like tuning an instrument to play a symphony, aligning your character with Faith is crucial.

  • Begin your Elden Ring adventure by choosing a character class that aligns with casting incantations, such as the Prophet or the Confessor.
  • Accumulate Runes, the game’s currency, by defeating enemies and discovering Rune stashes throughout the world.
  • Use these Runes to level up your Faith attribute at Sites of Grace—the serene checkpoints scattered across the map.
  • Equipping a Sacred Seal, a special item in-game, enhances your ability to cast incantations. Find or purchase one from merchants.

Selecting the Right Incantations

The myriad of incantations at your disposal can seem endless. Choosing the right spells according to your playstyle and the challenges you face is key.

  • Explore the world and interact with various NPCs who might sell or gift incantations.
  • Purchase spellbooks and scrolls that unlock new incantations and then take them to a learned NPC to learn the spells they contain.
  • Consider your journey ahead; healing incantations may prove invaluable during long excursions, while offensive spells enhance your combat prowess.

Equipping Incantations

Equipped with knowledge and spells, the next step is to ready them for use in the heat of battle.

  • Find a Site of Grace, these serene locations not only allow you to rest but are also where you manage your spells.
  • Access your inventory, and navigate to the ‘Memorize Spell’ menu.
  • Choose which incantations you want to have at the ready, keeping in mind that you can only memorize a limited number based on your character’s ‘Memory Slots.’

Casting Incantations in Combat

The true test of mastery is the application of incantations when facing the dangers of Elden Ring.

  • Engage an enemy and, when safe, switch to your Sacred Seal weapon.
  • Use the controller’s respective spell-casting button to unleash your chosen incantation.
  • Timing and enemy patterns are crucial; learning when to cast can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Managing FP (Focus Points)

Casting spells uses Focus Points (FP), a resource that governs the usage of incantations.

  • Keep an eye on your FP bar, usually displayed in blue, to ensure you have enough points to cast your incantations.
  • Use items like the Cerulean Flask to replenish your FP during combat.
  • Investing Runes in leveling up the Mind attribute will increase your maximum FP, allowing for more frequent spellcasting.

Incantations for Exploration

Incantations are not only for combat; they can aid in exploration as well.

  • Use light-generating incantations in dark areas to navigate treacherous paths.
  • Cast incantations that reveal hidden messages or illusions to uncover secrets throughout the game.
  • Enhance your mobility with speed-boosting incantations when traversing large areas.

Adapting to Enemy Weaknesses

To maximize your effectiveness in battle, it’s important to use incantations that exploit enemy weaknesses.

  • Study your adversary’s reaction to different types of incantations; some are more vulnerable to fire, lightning, or holy damage.
  • Keep a varied arsenal of incantations to handle different situations—rot spells can be particularly useful against certain foes.

Enhancing Incantations

Boost the power of your incantations with the right equipment and upgrades.

  • Locate talismans that enhance the effects of incantations, such as increasing their power or reducing their FP cost.
  • Upgrade your Sacred Seal at blacksmiths using collected materials to increase the potency of your spellcasting.

Alignment with Nature and Dragons

Some incantations draw from the forces of nature or the ancient dragons, each with unique implications.

  • Use nature-based incantations to summon creatures or harness the elements for offense or defense.
  • Dragon incantations are formidable and striking, capable of dealing massive damage with breaths of fire or other elemental forces.

Joining Orders for Exclusive Incantations

Elden Ring’s world is filled with Orders—factions that can bestow exclusive incantations upon members.

  • Pledge allegiance to Orders that resonate with your character’s faith and ambitions.
  • Complete tasks and missions to gain favor with these groups and unlock powerful, unique spells.


Using incantations in Elden Ring expands your strategic options significantly, offering ways to heal, attack, defend, and explore with magical prowess. Properly leveraging incantations involves understanding your character’s attributes, careful selection and memorization of spells, and managing your resources. While incantations can greatly enhance your capabilities, becoming too reliant on them without considering FP management or the need for close-combat skills can lead to challenging situations. Mindfully integrating incantations with other gameplay elements makes for a balanced and enchanting experience.


Incorporating incantations into your Elden Ring adventure elevates the dynamic of your journey, blending the thrill of swordplay with the allure of ancient magic. Whether it’s by illuminating dark caverns, healing grievous wounds, or raining destruction upon your foes, mastering the arcane is a fulfilling pursuit. While the path to becoming an adept spellcaster requires diligence, the benefits to be reaped in this mystical and treacherous world make it a worthy endeavor.


  1. Do I need to use a Sacred Seal to cast incantations?
    Yes, a Sacred Seal is required to cast incantations. Think of it as your conduit or wand to channel and wield these mystical forces.

  2. Can I change incantations during battle?
    You cannot change your memorized incantations mid-combat; you must plan and set your spells beforehand at a Site of Grace.

  3. How do I increase the number of spells I can memorize?
    To increase your Memory Slots, which allow you to memorize more incantations, you must level up your Intelligence attribute. Certain talismans and equipment may also affect your memory slots.

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