5 Best Cheap TVs for PS5 in 2023

Many game lovers are always in search of better-quality TVs so that they can enjoy their games in HD quality. However, many of them struggle to choose a budget-friendly and feature-rich TV for their gaming system like PS5. This mostly happens because a large number of TVs are available in the market, which gives you a wide range of choices according to your needs and pocket. 

That is why many people wonder about the specific price which TV they should choose with different specifications. Well, now there is no need to stress out much because, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best cheap TVs for your PS5 that you can consider buying.

best cheap tvs for ps5

5 Best Cheap TVs for PS5 Gaming in 2023

Choosing a cheap yet best TV for PS5 gaming can sometimes become tricky due to the list of several TVs that are available in the market. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the best gaming TVs below to reduce your effort and help you choose the right TV with specifications according to your needs. 

1. TCL 32-Inch Smart LED TV – 32S327

You might have heard that low-priced TVs don’t have many good specifications, due to which you should not buy them. However, in reality, it is a totally different case with TCL 32S327 Smart LED TV. It comes at an affordable price and has a 32-inch screen, providing you with 1080p resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. If you choose its other model, like S235, then you will get a lower resolution, around 720p. 

Therefore, before buying the TV, ensure you have selected the right model. Moreover, this TV also offers you smart functionality that gives you access to over 5,000 streaming channels. With its 60Hz refresh rate, many gamers prefer to use this TV to enjoy a smooth game experience.  

tcl 32 inches smart led tv 32s327
Connectivity TechnologyHDMI + Wi-Fi + USB
Screen Size32 Inch
Refresh Rate120Hz
Total HDMI Ports3
Weight9.40 lbs.
Display TypeLED
Wireless Connection802.11 2×2 Dual Band
Maximum Resolution1920 x 1080

2. Samsung UN32N5300 IPS TV

If you are a person who wants a reliable TV for PS5 gaming, this Samsung UN32N5300 IPS TV is the best fit for you. Samsung TVs are designed to provide users with the best graphics from multiple angles so they can enjoy their favorite shows and play games without any health issues. Moreover, this TV comes with a 32-inch screen and Full HD 1080p resolution that enhances your viewing experience by 2X from standard HD TVs. 

Furthermore, this big screen has quantum HDR+ that analyzes and enhances each scene to deliver excellent brightness and a wide range of contrast to its viewers. With this, it also offers fantastic sound quality that boosts your experience in the middle of a car chase with top-channel audio. Such outstanding features best-fit gamers who love to play action and racing games.  

samsung un32n5300 ips tv
Connectivity TechnologyEthernet
Screen Size32 inches
Refresh Rate60Hz
Total HDMI Ports2
Weight9.50 lbs
Display TypeLCD
Game ModeYes

3. TCL 49S405 49” Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

In case you are looking for a cheaper TV without compromising on the features for enjoying a good PS5 gaming experience, then choosing the TCL 49S405 Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV is a good option. This TV has a dimension of 43.7″ W x 25.4″ H x 3.0″ D without a stand, which gives it a classic look. Moreover, this TV has 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with contrast color and HDR detail, providing you with a realistic picture experience.

Besides this, for fast-moving action scenes to be seen clearly without any blur effect in movies and video games, it has a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, it has Audio Power with two channels of 8 watts to help you enjoy the smooth sound quality. Moreover, this TV has Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity, allowing gamers to connect their gaming systems like PS5 easily.

 tcl 49s405 49 ultra hd roku smart led tv
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi + HDMI
Screen Size43 Inch
Refresh Rate120Hz
Total HDMI Ports3
Weight24.9 lbs
Display TypeLED
Resolution4K UHD
Voice ControlSiri + Alexa + Hey Google
SeriesS Series

4. Hisense A4 43-Inch FHD Smart Android TV

Many gamers love to have a Full Array LED Backlight on their LCD to enhance their gaming experience. For this purpose, Hisense has introduced his A4 FHD Smart Android TV, which has a 1080p high-definition LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This TV allows you to experience sports, gaming, and other action movies without lag. 

In addition, this TV has a Game Mode, especially for gamers, to reduce the input lag. With this, you can better control the gaming console and give commands at high speed. Furthermore, you can also access Netflix, Disney, and many other streaming services on this TV without any network error.

hisense a4 43 inch fhd smart android tv
Connectivity TechnologyUSB + Wi-Fi + HDMI + Ethernet
Screen Size43 Inch
Refresh Rate60Hz
Total HDMI Ports2
Weight14.1 lbs
Display TypeLCD
Motion Rate120

5. TCL 40S325 40” Smart LED Roku TV

It has been observed in many cases that the bigger the TV screen you target, the higher the price. However, fortunately, it is not the same case with the TCL 40S325 Smart LED Roku TV due to its amazing features and competitive price. This TV comes in two different resolutions depending on the size that you want to purchase according to your needs. 

The one variant that helps gamers enjoy every second of their game without unnecessary delays comes with 1080p resolution. With this, it has 3 HDMI ports that allow you to connect your gaming system and other devices to a TV without any issues. You can also use the streaming from multiple channels option per your requirements.

tcl 40s325 40 smart led roku tv
Connectivity TechnologyHDMI + USB
Screen Size40 Inches
Refresh Rate120Hz
Total HDMI Ports3
Weight13.20 lbs
Display TypeLED
Brightness370 cd/m
Series3 Series

FAQs about Cheap TV for PS5

1. Which brands of TVs are best to use for PS5? 

There are a lot of TV manufacturing companies available in the market that offer the best technology and features that are compatible with PS5. However, recommending only one brand that provides the best TV for PS5 might not be fair. Therefore, if you want to buy a TV for PS5, you can choose it from big brands of TV series, including LG, Samsung, Hisense, and TCL. 

2. Why do you need a good TV for PS5 gaming? 

If you want to enhance your gaming experience with HD quality and smooth input, you will need a PS5 gaming TV. It is because gaming TVs are specially designed with different features that fulfill the gamer’s need for no input lag and high resolution to improve the graphics.

3. What quality should PS5 TV have? 

If you want to enjoy the latest games in HD quality, it is essential that your TV should have a 4K resolution and 120 HZ viewing rate. In addition, the best TVs that are specially designed for gaming also have Game Mode that allows image processing to happen faster without any noticeable delays. 


In search of a high-resolution TV with minimum input lag to enjoy your games at the next level, it is important to keep the budget in mind as well. It is because sometimes expensive TVs don’t justify their price with their specifications. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed some of the cheapest TVs with the best specifications that you can consider for your PS5 and other gaming systems.  

Moreover, while choosing a TV, make sure that you check out its resolution, HDMI port number, and speakers so that you can enjoy an exceptional gaming experience. With this, do check out whether a TV has Game Mode or not. This is because, with the help of Game Mode, you can reduce the input lag significantly and control your controllers in a better way.

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